1. Robert Barricklow

    “Self-Governance” is getting too expensive a façade to maintain at current levels. TPTB are working hard to replace it w/another system that is more magical[illusionary];. Perhaps internet voting[a bitcoin backdoor].

    1. Robert Barricklow

      In a few cases, that those selected, actually belief in democracy & start acting accordingly!
      That of course has to be handled by the tried & true alchemy: silver or lead?

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Far Right?
    Yes, but nit “our” far right.

    Yes, the systems works!
    Albeit, just for us.

    Complaints will become future targets.

  3. The puppetmasters of the world are corrupting elections on a planetary scale. No state is safe from their nefarious schemes voting has become a joke.

  4. Voter fraud is another ‘tip of the needle’ issue. It has always been with us, but never so blatant. Until we (worldwide) get a near-fraudproof election process in place, everything else is a sham… (And NO electronics anywhere in sight; paper trail everywhere…)

    I commented on Dan Rather’s true surprise that the Florida ‘official’ results so radically diverged from the exit polling (first time they were ‘caught’ doing it):

  5. The thing about voting fraud in a multiparty system is that it leaves numerous players disaffected, and not just the growing Swedish Democrats. It will be interesting to see whether people there have the backbone to contest possible fraud and not allow themselves to be bought off or intimidated.
    I wonder if the bizarre social engineering experiment being perpetrated against the Swedes also has an asset-stripping aspect (C.A. Fitts could say something about this) since the country is for the moment still wealthy and productive, despite years of socialist supertaxation.

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