Halloween Dialogue is Out: Old Gods vs. Renaissance Man

The new dialogue is out. If you care at all about traditional culture, scholarship, learning, history, you should see this one.

The Violence of the Old Gods

  • COSMOLOGY: Zero Sum Identity
  • ONTOLOGY: Drop in the Monos or Microcosm
  • ETHOS: Taxonomies of otherness - Value of others relative or ultimate
  • Blood, Soil, and Folk - a choice of cosmologies
  • “Invoking the old gods is invoking the old cosmology”
  • Christianity vs. paganism

Becoming the Renaissance Man

  • What’s going on with Shakespeare - analogical rhetoric
  • How to produce art that defies a set of instructions
  • Truman Capote - writing from life - the appeal to human nature, tradition
  • Aristotle: telos

Cultural Literacy & The Western Canon

  • E.D. Hirsch - “Cultural Literacy”
  • The Western Canon of Literature
  • The canon as a place of freedom
  • Is a common culture any longer definable?
  • The straw man of common core
  • The market driven teacher
  • Polarization: Traditionalism, Conservatism, Imperialism

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  • E.D. Hirsch Jr.'s "Cultural Literacy" in the 21st Century: Whate Every American Should Know - Defining common cultural literacy https://goo.gl/JQdkTs
  • Opinion: Faking Cultural Literacy https://goo.gl/Ux3pQC
  • Fiction vs. Non-Fiction - are modern standards creating a decline in cultural literacy https://goo.gl/1KcWcC
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