November 15, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

No sooner did I post last Tuesday's blogs about the strangeness surrounding the latest fires in California than I began to receive all sorts of emails from people who live there, and it seems plenty of people there also find their suspicion meters at least in the orange zone.  And one of the things they've been noticing is that the fires are (coincidentally, of course) aligned with the projected route of that state's high speed rail coorridors (and thanks to the many people that sent this in):

Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract

That was just one article of several, and I selected it both because of the date and it's succinctness. Another, which is more of a "visual aid" was sent in by scores of people, and in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words:

In spite of the graphic's caption that the wildfires "exactly" line up, which they do not, they do in my opinion line up in ways just a little too "coincidental" to be "coincidental."

And that raises all sorts of nasty implications. It was former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, who a year ago - as other areas of California were burning in suspicious wildfires - offered the hypothesis that people were indeed being deliberately burned out of their houses and homes. The reason? The Silicon Valley plutocrats and technocrats needed to expand, and make room for hundreds if not thousands of technicians being "reshored" into the country. And they had to do so cheaply and quickly. Given that those fires also demonstrated some high strangeness, like guardrails melting while nearby shrubbery and trees did not burn, the question was raised about the potential mechanisms for the fires, and who would have access to them. At the time, I speculated that there could be natural explanations, but that they were almost as weird as the fires themselves, and a little too weird to be plausible. The simpler though much more unpleasant hypothesis was that the fires were deliberately started by some sort of exotic energy weaponry in a kind of "arson by microwave interferometry".

In any case, it would seem to me that Ms. Fitts' hypothesis has gained, with these latest fires, more traction. The question of who would have access to such things is also easily answered: the government, of course, is one, but also the government's many defense contractors, many of whom are located - once again conveniently and coincidentally - in California.

There's another nasty implication, besides that of people in a hurry are willing to simply burn people out of their homes rather than waste time about eminent domain haggles and property purchases. (Besides, burned out property is a lot cheaper and people are in a hurry to unload it.) That "other nasty implication" is that if my hypothesis of reshoring manufacturing in a dispersed way so as to create greater security from potential interdiction is true, then those California fires may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

But hey, just in time, PG&E announced that there's nothing to be concerned about: they may have accidentally started the fires (this article shared by Ms. C.V.):

PG&E reports power line problem in Butte County near time and place where wildfire sparked Read more here:

And now, just as I write this blog, the news on the radio reports that a lawsuit has been filed against PG&E for defective power lines. That makes it official: Nothing to see here. Move along.

Perhaps they're testing the power lines all along the rail routes?

See you on the flip side...