1. There are so many reasons for no observable signals from a ‘constructed’ object – from dead to running silent to encrypted to advanced – that a radio search has no merit in determining whether or not it is a natural object…

    (I think that the Hawaiian name ‘Oumuamua – meaning ‘scout’ – was purposely chosen to ‘submerge’ the name for the mainstream population. Name it Scout or Searcher or Visitor, and more people would remember it…)

    1. yep. predictive programming.

      plus it puts that earworm surfer song on repeat. gotta think of something bach to erase it. jesu

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Doubtful they would use horse & buggy communications.
    If they wanted contact, nothing could stop them.
    Why are “they’re” being seen? Surely they could evade any spectrum probe including sight[visible spectrum]. So they either don’t care; or, they’re dead to the world; or, it’s natural; or, they want to be seen, but not heard; or, it’s man-made?

  3. They have “publicly” constrained their bandwidth to frequencies which would be unusable for interstellar communications limited by the speed of light, unless the “probe” was launched from a ship close by. Entanglement would be a much more sophisticated/secure form of communication with no such limits. There are possibly many other ways to transmit data which we have not yet “publicly” discovered. They are looking in the wrong place, I think, and at technologies insufficient for the task.

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