February 22, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. M.W. spotted this one and passed it along, and it's one of those "quiet articles" that when one thinks about it, it turns out to be huge with implications, for there's something in here that caught my eye that I have to speculate about. (You know me by now: I never pass up an opportunity to walk off the end of the high octane speculation twig.) Here's the article

Neuroscientists Say They've Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication

What caught my eye was the opening paragraph, and a few other paragraphs that follow later in the article. Here's the opening paragraph:

Scientists think they've identified a previously unknown form of neural communication that self-propagates across brain tissue, and can leap wirelessly from neurons in one section of brain tissue to another – even if they've been surgically severed. (Emphasis added)

Later on, we get a bit more of an explanation that there is a kind of neural oscillation that takes place when we sleep, which conjured in my mind a kind of "longitudinal wave of information", rather like "zip" files flowing through the brain, being compressed and unzipped and compressed again. It's that "longitudinal wave" thing that captured my imagination when I read this:

What they found was that slow periodic activity can generate electric fields which in turn activate neighbouring cells, constituting a form of neural communication without chemical synaptic transmission or gap junctions.

"We've known about these waves for a long time, but no one knows their exact function and no one believed they could spontaneously propagate," Durand says.

"I've been studying the hippocampus, itself just one small part of the brain, for 40 years and it keeps surprising me."

This neural activity can actually be modulated - strengthened or blocked - by applying weak electrical fields and could be an analogue form of another cell communication method, called ephaptic coupling.

Electrical fields, a kind of "electrical coupling" and oscillations within the neurons, all capable of being modified by electrical fields. Now, if you're like me, the first thing you thought of was "mind manipulation", because the principle of many mind manipulation technologies involves precisely the manipulation of electrical fields around a brain. Additionally, as I pointed out in my last book Microcosm and Medium, the brain also broadcasts its brain wave activity, which can be "read" via means of what I called "electroencephalographic dictionaries" in the book.

But let's extend the speculation based on this new information. Might the brain be broadcasting some sort of longitudinal "information wave", and might ephaptic coupling actually be some biological form of quantum tunneling, or a kind of marco-quantum entanglement utilizing these types of "information waves"? If so, then this might form the basis for what the research of Dr. William Tiller discovered about the ability to imprint group intentionality not only upon material objects, but to imprint a field of information in a certain location. That would seem to open up all sorts of other possibilities that have long vexed researchers in the paranormal field, from remote viewing to telepathic phenomena. Finally, and most importantly, if all these speculations should bear fruit in relationship to this study, then it would appear that another step has been taken to distinguish the immaterial mind from the material and biological brain. We may in fact be looking at one of the mechanisms, or a part of the mechanism, joining the two.

Time, of course, will tell.

See you on the flip side...