Tidbits of Conspiracy News


This was another of those weeks where it was difficult to make final selections, so here are some of the honorable mentions. Again, many thanks to all of you sharing articles helping to make this in a "community-driven" site of interests:

Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home

Democrats Block Voting to Stop Infanticide for the 6th Straight Time

French Schools Replace "Mother" And "Father" With "Parent 1" And "Parent 2"

The (Out)House of Saud and Nuclear War

Roundup: Global leaders discuss competition, cooperation at Munich Security Conference

New EVIDENCE Oumuamua is Part of Alien Spaceship REVEALED


  1. Robert Barricklow

    All interesting and whoppers in their own way.

    The kid doing fusion? There are several frames from which to view it. I prefer to think it’s basically true, meaning they’ve held real science back for God knows how long.

    Democract$ infanticide?
    Just another, in a long list of their crime$.

    Parent 1 & Parent 2?
    That they’d even consider shows how far off human center whatever it is they’ve become.
    Stay human and don’t be sleeping near any pods.

    5th generation nuclear devices used by S. A. ?
    And that’s what’s in print.
    Like small pox; inhuman weapons are out there
    and then there’s what we don’t know that will kill us.

    Global leader beefing-up they’re paramilitaries, monopolies/oligopolies, and working out going all digital: currencies & workers[robots]. The article doesn’t say it explicitly, but that’s the innuendo.

    A “real” scientist that does science & isn’t appreciated?
    Now that’s; new!

    Thanks again for these articles.
    The Parent 1 & Parent 2?

    1. yeh really? o is cigar shaped because um probably? we can’t see it because it’s too complex a shape so it’s cigar shaped.

      read a few defenses of that 9th month abortion thing. seems the best is that it’s almost never done and only for emergencies. isn’t that the same defense of any abortion? or should be? so why does there need to be a law? aren’t physicians and women going to do what they’re going to do? making it illegal just makes it more problematic and more frequent and more dangerous. almost as much as making the government pay for it to be done. pretty soon it won’t matter anyway. just keep cranking up those vaccine schedules – maybe get all 72+ doses in the first hour of no-immune-system life the way they do hep-b vaccine now.

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