1. The Saker has commented extensively on this ‘split’:

    “Poroshenko and the Ukrainian Rada have made an official request to the Patriarch of Constantinople to grant the Ukrainian Orthodox Church its full ‘autocephaly’ (i.e. independence from the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate).

    The reality is that in most Orthodox countries, including Russia and the Ukraine, the majority of the people are ‘Orthodox’ primarily in a cultural and even national sense. Centuries of subservience to the secular state have made many local Orthodox churches tools in the hands of politicians. There is an ugly competition for power and influence among many of the local Orthodox Churches, and especially between Constantinople and Moscow. Most putatively ‘Orthodox’ Churches and jurisdictions have been deeply infected by modernism, secularism, national (identity) politics and are now actors in political struggles in many countries. The words ‘my kingdom is not of this world’ (John 18:36) have been forgotten by many, if not most, Orthodox bishops.

    Still, the very real spiritual revival in Russia (and in other Orthodox countries) is still in its early stages and while things are generally heading in the right direction, there is a lot of ‘mental ground’ to be reconquered before most people return to the spiritual roots (or phronema) of the true, original, Christianity. Eventually, the Orthodox Churches will have to regain their full autonomy from the secular powers, not just in grand statements and words, but in reality. This is a long road, it will probably take many decades, if not more, to heal from the devastating consequences of the terrible events (and ideological dead-ends) of the 20th century. But as Russians (and others) rediscover the true history of their countries, I believe that this is bound to happen.”

    1. Perhaps he meant “decades” not centuries of subservience, regarding the communist era. Pre-1918 Eastern Europe could hardly be described as having secular governments.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Speaking of corporate efficiencies like Walmart’s just-in-time supply chain; now Pornostinko has a just-in-time religion delivered for [$]election succe$$!

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