Tidbits of Conspiracy News


April 6, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was another week that it was difficult to choose what articles to blog about. The problem was complicated, as you know, but computer problems last Sunday (my normal blogging and "scheduling" day), and as a result things and articles piled up. But here are some of the "close contenders":

Mr. R.M. contributed this article about DARPA and cryogenics:

DARPA Thinks Tardigrades Could Help Scientists 'Freeze' Injured Soldiers in Time

Mr. G.B. contributed this, about Costco's recent decision to ban sales of Mon(ster)santo's "Round Up":

Costco Drops Roundup Weedkiller After $80 Million Awarded In Second Cancer Case: Report

Mr. G.K. found this interesting article (and say it isn't so!):

GAO Finds Deficiencies in Systems for Handling National Debt

Mr. S.D. found this article tying Swedbank to Panama Papers firm Mossack-Fonseca:

Swedbank head office searched as money laundering allegations grow

Mr. G.l.R. saw this interesting article about the architectural flaws in China's one belt one road intiative:

Reminder: China’s Structural Economic Weakness – Why they Need “One-Belt, One-Road”…

Mr. V.T. spotted this article about possible CIA connections to the raid of the North Korean embassy in Madrid:

Judge Identifies CIA Related Man Who Led The Raid On North Korea's Embassy In Spain

And many saw this story about continuing BREXIT woes:

Brexit: No deal more likely but can be avoided - Barnier