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This was another week that it was quite difficult to make "final calls", notwithstanding my excursion yesterday into "steampunk"!  So here are a few of the close calls, and again, my thanks to all of you who find such intriguing stories... I only wish I had the time to blog and comment about them all:

V.T. spotted this about the "hallucination machine":

Scientists Alter Consciousness Without Drugs Using 'Hallucination Machine'

K.M. found this on the Spanish elections (as I said, watch Spain too):

How a shift to the right prompted the PP’s worst election night in 30 years

K.M. also spotted this one about music and Alzheimer's:

Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia

H.B. shared this one about Lockheed's F-35 being rejected by Germany(implication: they're fed up with USA, and have determined it's an unreliable ally, and therefore, watch for Germany to expand its own military equipment manufacture base, including combat aircraft):

Lockheed Exec Blasts Germany's "Retrograde Step" Of Refusing F-35 Jet

A.M. found this additional article about "asteroid disaster planning":

NASA Prepares For "God Of Chaos" Asteroid To Arrive

Charges of formal heresy leveled against Pope Francis (article shared by S.D.):

Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in open letter


  1. This week we also had our first transgender mass shooting in Colorado by 16 and 18 year old students. It’s very sad because you know that they learned this behavior from news, movies, media. How confused these young people are, they don’t know that they are being bombarded with lies and social engineering. They will use this tragedy to pass new laws. Problem, reaction, solution.
    A few days ago there was a memorial for the student who died and a bunch of students got angry and walked out because they said it was too political. It gave me hope that they recognized the show being put on.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Pope & the Church.
    Another private business.
    Although, a big business with many interests, political, geopolitical, financial, and tied to Deep State policies.

    Now looking to the stars and business opportunities beyond Earth?

    1. anakephalaiosis

      My favorite anti-pope recipe is to steam cauliflower and broccoli together in a stew, and add salted butter.

      This vegetative version of snack food is a wonderful way to clean the system. It tastes marvelous.

      This cooking recipe I learned from listening to David the Duke show, so I call it Auschwitz – gassing the groceries.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    “We all remember when asteroid Apophis missed Earth by just 20,000 miles back in 2019…. However, these same asteroids also contain the raw materials we need to establish new, space-based industries.” – Delta-V: A Novel

    NASA & FEMA working on an exercise; but this time it won’t go live. What could go wrong?
    In 9/11, the only thing that could go wrong would be to abort, and no PATRIOT ACT, Towers still standing, no Iraq/Afghanistan war. etc., etc.?

    “Now it’s time to get down to business-because that is what space exploration must become: a business.
    …..A private business that would be the biggest single industry in human history.” – Delta-V: A Novel

    1. anakephalaiosis

      C. S. Lewis speaks of space between worlds, and means to travel are rings, suggesting cyclotrons folding space.

      Asteroid mining has one purpose only, and that is to build death star weapons, capable of blowing up planets.

      When not in Kansas, there is a yellow road to consider, melting witches by thaw of spring. Aslan was never a tame lion.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    The music article demonstrates that music is other worldly, more intrinsic to the fabric of the living universe.
    While Alzheimer’s probably has several manmade origins;
    all pollutants, like Chemtrails, pesticides, etc.

    1. anakephalaiosis

      My relationship to plant life is musical. When I find interesting humans, who have imagery of forest on the inside, my own forest starts to speak.

      Perhaps I could say, that I am just a vehicle for plant life communication. Experiencing living death causes plant life to take over in symbiosis.

      This process is caused by breaking the fifth seal into vegetative oratory. Bards are distinct species: Mammalia Arboris Symbiosis.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Many are now finding whole new worlds that exists in plant life. Not only are they co-evolving w/their environment, actively learning from it; but are communicating w/other living ent1ties w/in it[intelligence].
        By ingesting some plants[like hallucinogens] they interact w/other life forms[living spirits] in countless ways.

        1. anakephalaiosis

          Profesional yoga makes one more sensitive to what substances the flesh tent craves for balance.

          Iodine and nicotine clean out the fluoride, that clog up the pineal gland. Shape-shifting demands focus.

          Becoming a child again, is returning to a vegetative state of mind, seeing a world in a grain of sand.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    The political article on politics was another horse race article. More neck-and-neck action, than above the neck.
    Don’t really see ant party that addresses the issues for 99% of the population. If, & when “they’ touch on those issues it strictly lip service.

    1. anakephalaiosis

      There is only one politic that matters, and that is for lion to kick the hyenas, and take position as rightful ruler of animals.

      That defines brutal empathy, or what the Jesuits see as pious cruelty, in Machiavellian fashion.

      Loyola’s spiritual exercise facilitates the breaking of the seventh seal, without mushrooms.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    The illusionary algorithmic democracy/republic; using algorithmic science, that can’t answer why…
    algorithms have gone to the dogs.
    Notice all the students were on drugs. That’s normal. Now, the VR on drugs trip will become normalized?
    Group of 22 were still brainwashed; so, as far as the status goal goes:: Mission Accomplished!
    LSD like drugs have the ability to alter perceptions.

    1. anakephalaiosis

      I can hear the cauliflower sing, the broccoli hum, and the tomatoes laugh. That is why I eat them. It is a musical experience.

      Yes, the plants have hidden life. The Green Man, in Old British churches, is perhaps an ancient spiritual-vegetative connection.

      Perhaps Adam the tree is related to Christ the vine in a surprising manner, explaining why eternal life is vegetative, and thus Druidic.

        1. anakephalaiosis

          Breaking seven seals is removing seven protective layers. It happens naturally. Mushrooms are just an accelerator.

          Venturing solitary into the deepest forest, in the darkest night, to confront the unknown between the worlds, is a do or die thing.

          American skull and bones has no such courage, nor faith, that draws sword from stone. We have seen the fear in their eyes.

  7. “Visible phenomenology” – what do all those people wandering around staring into their hand-held screens actually see? And what are the after-effects when they momentarily put their devices aside?

    1. You think it’s bad now, think on how bad it will be after the IOT and 5G rollout when you are immersed in it 24/7 with no hope of escape.

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