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    Agree with you 1000%, Ramura. GeorgeAnn Hughes and those interviews with Dr. Farrell were absolutely Divine. And that poor dog she loved so much . . . have a tear in my eye just thinking about it….

  2. I always suppress a giggle when listening to JPF interviews with Greg Carlwood on (THC) (get it?) “The HigherSide Chats.”

    Greg is an unabashed stoner. It takes one to know one and I love his heart and Spirit. That said, he runs a REALLY tight interview and at no time have I ever felt that he was smokin’ while doing an interview. At least not any of his five with Joseph P. Farrell. He is stone-cold sober in those, IMHO.

    That said, I always enjoy these interviews because, shy of Daniel Liszt/Dark Journalist, there aren’t many others (any?) of Enquiring Minds who have found Farrell and are admiring and at least somewhat followers of his train of thought. Greg Carlwood falls into this category for me. Comfy, like loose knit jammies by the fireplace. But heady, like with glass of imbibement at hand.

    And I can’t help but ALWAYS be reminded of the INCREDIBLE interviews that the ever-amazing GeorgeAnn Hughes pulled out of our “dear Joseph.” That woman had a way of sliding into the background like she was invisible, then asking a question, in the softest and most respectful of voice, some ZINGER question that revealed not only intimate familiarity with JPF’s work but also a wide range of ancient, religious text, and current writings and opinions and news. Then she would let him take the ball and run. And run he did! Joseph is brilliant, and I love every interview I have ever heard with him, including his solitary posts. But I have got to say I DO miss GeorgeAnn. She was unique in her ability to pull the BEST out of Joseph P. Farrell.

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