June 27, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

In today's tidbit we're going to have a bit of physics fun.

K.M. spotted these two things, and I thought long and hard about whether or not to blog about them. But it was suggested a more fun way to talk about them would not be in a full blog, but just to tickle the subject. So here we go. The first thing K.M. sent was a "batch" of papers, over 1600 in fact, archived at Cornell, all on the topic of wormholes, and in many cases, traversable wormholes. There there's a couple of odd things about these papers: see if you can can tell what it is:

Showing 1–50 of 1,695 results for all: Wormhole

Now, K.M.'s second offering was this:

Formation of Wormholes by Dark Matter in the Galaxy Dragonfly44

Again, there's a lot to notice, but see if you can spot what caught my eyes in the abstract:

I. INTRODUCTION: Today, one of the challenging questions in a theoretical physics is the question of the existence of traversable wormholes [1–21]. Other mysteries in physics is dark matter (DM) [22–24]. Like black holes there is another miraculous objects of our universe which are wormholes.After the prediction of Einstein-Rosen bridge in 1935 [1],with a lot of theoretical evidence researchers have pro-posed the existence of wormholes in space-time which acts like a shortcut path to travel between any two widely separated or infinite region of the universe or between an-other universes in multi universe model. Structurally it looks like a tunnel (called its throat) with two mouths(most likely spheroidal). Here most interesting thing is exotic matter needed to open its throat (violates null energy conditions [2–4]. The curiosity about wormholes physics has vigorously been increased since publication of Morris and Thorne’s research article where they pro-posed the prospect of the existence of traversable worm-holes, as a solution of Einstein’s field equations, that does not contain event horizon and traveler can easily move in both the regions in space-time through its straight stretch throat [2, 3]. By the existence of these hypothetical objects one can realize time machines or shortcut among faraway places of space. Maximum mass of the universe is made up by the most mysterious substance which do not interact with the electromagnetic force, i.e. can’t absorb, reflect or emit light are dark matter whose nature and composition remain an overall question mark [22, 23]. Researchers hypothesize the existence of dark matter only from the gravitational effect. Observation of the spiral galaxy rotation curves is an enthralling experimental evidence for the existence of dark matter. The dark matter candidate particles are generally classified into cold, warm and hot categories. Interaction of a scalar field whose energy density is dark energy may be caused of the dark matter particle mass. Over several decades it is openly accepted that almost every galaxy contain a large amount of non- luminous matter forming massive dark matter halos around the galaxy based on different lines of evidence like flat rotation curves of spiral galaxies [24] and strong lensing system [25]