June 1, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Wow!  This was quite a week  - and not just from the standpoint of trying to dodge tornadoes - but also because the amount of great articles was almost overwhelming:

S.D. spotted this one about the USA's first conspiracy theorist: President George Washington:

Washington’s Warnings Against Partisanship Related to the ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Democratic Societies

Many people spotted this about the French senate prohibiting any rebuild of Notre Dame not aimed at restoring the original structure:

French Senate Says Notre Dame Cathedral Must Be Restored Exactly As it Was Before Fire — No Islamic Minarets or Swimming Pools

J.D. spotted this article indicating that I might be wrong about the British Crown's view of the European Union:

Queen Elizabeth said ‘future of Britain lies in EU’, declassified German diplomatic records show

V.T. passed along this important article examining a possible group behind the so-called Q-anon phenomenon:

Is This Intelligence Group Responsible For The Q Anon Conspiracy Theory?

And V.t. also spotted this one about a whole new method of vote-rigging:

Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future

S.D. found this article about an anti-fertility drug being discovered in a UN vaccine by the Government of Kenya  (and they say eugenics is dead... bah!):

“Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine?