Tidbits of Conspiracy News


Wow!  This was quite a week  - and not just from the standpoint of trying to dodge tornadoes - but also because the amount of great articles was almost overwhelming:

S.D. spotted this one about the USA's first conspiracy theorist: President George Washington:

Washington’s Warnings Against Partisanship Related to the ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Democratic Societies

Many people spotted this about the French senate prohibiting any rebuild of Notre Dame not aimed at restoring the original structure:

French Senate Says Notre Dame Cathedral Must Be Restored Exactly As it Was Before Fire — No Islamic Minarets or Swimming Pools

J.D. spotted this article indicating that I might be wrong about the British Crown's view of the European Union:

Queen Elizabeth said ‘future of Britain lies in EU’, declassified German diplomatic records show

V.T. passed along this important article examining a possible group behind the so-called Q-anon phenomenon:

Is This Intelligence Group Responsible For The Q Anon Conspiracy Theory?

And V.t. also spotted this one about a whole new method of vote-rigging:

Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future

S.D. found this article about an anti-fertility drug being discovered in a UN vaccine by the Government of Kenya  (and they say eugenics is dead... bah!):




  1. On Notre Dame: My engineering side was examining the inner-roof of the cathedral. That structure (concrete or stone) held up quite well to the burning roof-rafters falling upon it. It was only the inner-roof right-beneath the massive flèche (the timber spire over the crossing) that was punctured when the concentrated weight of those beams fell upon it.

    This ‘specific’ damage made me wonder if the original architects/engineers of Notre Dame did not envisage much of a spire for that cathedral. If the spire was not massive, the collapsing roof and spire would have done essentially zero damage to the interior. A good design. This really made me wonder if a ‘more than minimal’ spire was a later addition to the structure.

    “[In 1864, architect] Viollet-le-Duc remade or added decorations if he felt they were in the spirit of the original style. One of the latter items was a taller and more ornate spire, to replace the original 13th century spire, which had been removed in 1786.”
    “A €6 million renovation of the cathedral’s spire began in late 2018 and continued into the following year…”

    If the original design records indicate the spire was of minimal weight, the re-build may want to look at whether the spire should revert to the original builders’ intent…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Mass sterilization?
    I’m afraid we’re in for a more deadly form.
    One that extinguishes life, not only as we now it;
    but as we live it.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Notre Dame is gone.
    The best they can do is honor her living spirit is…
    by changing those conditions
    that eventually led to her physical destruction;
    and returning to those that manifested her creation.

    But it is the journey,
    not the destination.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    As far as rigged voting?

    Until one changes the global financial system
    to on based on living wealth…
    It just don’t F***ing matter!

  5. Robert Barricklow

    The Q Anon has not been the most effective
    and fascinating conspiracy theory.

    The geoengineering is right up there – literally!
    Plus, it’s true!

    But alas; officially, it’s a conspiracy theory.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    As far as the first article on Washington;
    I disagree w/the premise of the Declaration Of Independence & the French revolution. In both I think the people were striving for a representative government that would express the will of the people and NOT the elites as usual. In both cases; but to certain measures in each, the peoples’ will was breached by instruments like the U.S. Constitution and/or, taken over by other forces, not representative of the people’s will.

  7. The meeting with Elizabeth II where the pro-EEC (as it was then) comment was allegedly made, dates back to 1988. Lots of things have changed since then – such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Drang nach Osten by Germany to economically occupy much of Eastern Europe. And large slices of Western Europe too.

    1. nice catch. continuity and context are appreciated.

      doc, the honorable mentions are becoming a favorite.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Good point.
      A statement made in an 1988 geopolitical context; far remove from a 2019 context[31 years!]. Much has changed; but not the lengths to which the press will go to deceive.

      1. Well Robert on one day the royal dress is sky blue and that makes the British monarch pro-EU. On the days when it is yellow, the “journalist” might well say she is a Yellow Vest!

        1. Good point. Could that be why she seems to have stopped wearing that yellow-metal crown for the State Opening in recent years?! Or is it just too heavy?!

    3. I thought exactly the same thing.

      She did say that in 1988 and the Union was formed not much later. The future is now!

      I find it particularly interesting that ze Germans declassified their own diplomatic memo to somehow embarrass the Queen.

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