July 15, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

(Today I resort to a very unusual procedure. I received such an inundation of articles and videos from readers of this website about the Epstein Affair, that I not only must blog about it, but in order to do so smoothly and without cluttering up the main text with article links, I have decided to compile all the articles that people sent me in today's "Tidbits", without commentary, and to reserve my commentary and high octane speculation for the blog itself. I should also add one note: for those of you unfamiliar with "The Amazing Polly" on You Tube, she has done yeoman's work in compiling an enormous amount of information on the matter, and added her own very thought-provoking ideas on what it might mean. The Amazing Polly does reference the Q material occasionally, but this is not the man focus of her work, and I do recommend that you familiarize yourself with her videos for a good overview. )

Trying to make any sense of the Epstein Affair is a bit like trying to walk through King Minos' labyrinth. There is, however, an Ariadne's thread that can be used to negotiate all the passages, culs-de-sac, and interconnected "rooms." And the "rooms" are interconnected. Among those known to have had some sort of connection to Epstein are Britain's Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, and current President Donald Trump, to name just a few. The Ariadne's thread is, of course, the clear footprints and handprints that Epstein has been "handled" by deep  American, and possibly British and Israeli intelligence connections from the outset.

And entering this labyrinth, we note a few anomalies right off the bat.

To name but a few: Epstein, as many articles have pointed out, started, but never finished, college. Nonetheless, without any college degree he was hired to teach mathematics and physics (!) at the prestigious Dalton school. Here already we are confronted by one example of the "high strangeness" (not to mention the "high odor") that surrounds the Epstein Affair, for the man who hired Epstein to teach at Dalton was allegedly none other than the father of the current U.S. Attorney General, William Barr. This fact, plus the fact that that one of the prosecutors involved in Epstein's arrest and current pending case is the daughter of former FBI director James Comey of "Yes Hillary committed crimes but there was no intention to do so, so we're not recommending prosecution" fame. Of course, these two facts alone have already caused some in the alternative research/media field to declare that "the fix is already in", and in some cases to opine that the whole Epstein Affair is more "distraction theater" while something far more serious might be going on behind the scenes.

Personally, I don't think that's  the case, but we'll get back to my reasons for not thinking this shortly.

Additionally, Epstein moved from teaching at the Dalton school to Bear Stearns, where he eventually became a limited partner, and then resigned to start his own company catering investment advice to those with a billion dollars or more to play around with, narrowing his clientele to the very rich and powerful. There are more problems here: it is not clear why he resigned, nor exactly how he made his money, nor what his exact worth really is.  Given the allegations that have swirled around the man, however, it is a safe assumption that much of this came from some sort of participation in human trafficking and all the associated "activity" - including possible blackmailing those prestigious clients of his, from the creation of "control files" in the form of recordings and so on. The pattern here is remarkably similar to the allegations that swirled around the Franklin scandal that rocked the administration of G.H.W. Bush: high society, rich and powerful people, participating in a variety of acts with underaged or young men and women, which activities are alleged to have included in some cases actual human sacrifice. The payoffs in both cases could have been almost anything, from actual cash payments to the much more lucrative trade in insider information, which information may have included further blackmailable material on other powerful people.

Epstein's connections themselves are a Who's Who of such people, from the Bronfmans, to connections to Harvard, and most unusual, Epstein has been tied to a number of researchers involved in some very interesting research. For example: Epstein funded the work of Harvard "mathematical biologist" Martin A. Nowak, founder of that school's "Program for Evolutionary Dynamics." The purpose of this institute was to investigate the mathematical properties guiding "evolution." As one of this site's members put it: "Their ambitious goals include curing the world of cancer, infectious disease, selfishness(!), and "fitness theory." Epstein was introduced to Nowak by one Nathan Myhrvold of Microsoft. (Thanks to K.X.S. for pointing out these relationships.) And lest it be overlooked, the mere connection to Harvard raises the possibility that there may even be connections to a host of other projects and celebrities: the Rape of Russia, the whole Magnitsky Affair and Magnitsky Act, Bill Browder, and his communist father.

These types of connections in the Epstein Labyrinth suggest that one motivation for the blacker parts of Epstein's alleged "activity" was as a covert source of funding for some very esoteric and exotic research projects. In my Covert Wars series of books, I pointed out that the term "gold" was often used as a code word in the underground of hidden financial systems to designate "drugs," and it takes little imagination to see that the code word's meaning might be expanded to include other covert sources of funding, including human trafficking of all sorts: sex slavery, organ harvesting, and so on. The money is then laundered by becoming a source of research grant funding, all the while the portfolio of "control files" grows and grows. Thus, with such an understanding of this code word's significance in this hidden system of finance, I proposed the idea that the "gold backed bearer bonds" of the bearer bonds scandals might in fact be indicating bonds backed not by gold bullion, but by drugs. The extension of the meaning would suggest that human trafficking itself becomes a means of the collateralization of such black securities instruments.

Putting all this together, we have an intriguing picture:

1) Epstein's teaching stint at Dalton appears to have been arranged (by the father of the current US Attorney General);

2) Epstein's short stint and resignation at Bear Sterns is shrouded in mystery: no one really knows with any certainty how well (or poorly) he did there, but apparently he did well enough to become a limited partner;

3) Epstein's reasons for resigning from Bear Sterns are unclear, as are the ultimate sources and details of how he made his money. These ambiguities suggest the possibility that perhaps some of that money was simply directly seeded to him by his intelligence backers, and laundered via combination with actual trading activity and perhaps some "creative accounting." And finally, lest we forget:

4) The prosecutor of Epstein's "sweetheart deal" state prosecution of Florida, who subsequently became the Trump Administration's Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, (and who, incidentally, recently resigned his post), indicated that he was told Epstein was "untouchable" precisely because he was "intelligence."

Admittedly, this is a very high overview - a "Cliff Notes resume" - of the labyrinthine spider's web of connections and anomalies surrounding Epstein. But from it we may draw some implications and high octane speculations, at the head of which we must note one very important point: to conduct such an operation would require both funding, and major intelligence backing. In short, the Epstein Affair confirms something that I've been arguing for some time with respect to these stories of human trafficking and sex rings, from the Franklin Scandal, to the Penn State scandal (remember that one?), to the Jimmy Saville scandal and the perpetual rumors of similar rings operating in Britain, and ensnaring prominent British politicians all the way back to the late Prime Minister Edward Heath: such incidents are not isolated, nor possible, without major networking, intelligence backing, and the penetration of affected people into law enforcement, media, and politics to ensure that the narrative can be controlled when this or that local component of the wider network is exposed. Or to put it differently, the Epstein Affair might eventually expose Ariadne's threads of connections to those other trafficking and sex-ring stories.

This implication has an immediate corollary. The sheer number of connections of the "high and mighty" and "rich and powerful" to Epstein also suggests that whatever faction is currently behind his arrest, that faction is relatively powerful vis-a-vis the power implied by Epstein's network and its probable intelligence backers. That corollary, almost like a mathematical proof, carries with it further implications, or "lemmas", for it means firstly that the case against him is now relatively secure, and that we have not seen the full "dossier" compiled against Epstein.

And with that point, we come to the high octane speculation component: what is the motivation of his arrest, and who is really behind it? There is of course the idea, prevalent in several alternative media sites, that this is one more stage in the "Mafia-style factional warfare" going on between the "Trump faction" and the "Hillary faction." That certainly is possible, but there are other possibilities for the "who" and the "why". Given the possibilities that Epstein's network represents the participation of elements of American, British, and Israeli intelligence, the possibility arises that we're looking not at another contest between the "Hillary faction" and the "Trump faction," but rather that there is another player on the field entirely that is putting pressure on Epstein in order to redraw the boundaries and spheres of influence within the network that he represents; another player that is, perhaps, leveraging Epstein either to demand a "seat at the table" or an "increase of its own influence" at the expense of the other players - the putative American, British, and Israeli components - at the table. (Such a scenario, indeed, puts the connections of James Comey and William Barr to Epstein into a very different light.) In that scenario, everyone previously connected to him has reason for concern, in case he starts "singing like a canary."

There is a point not to be missed here about all these competing scenarios and speculations (from the "theater of distraction" scenario, which for all the above reasons I do not at present entertain nor believe, to the "Trump vs. Hillary factions" scenario, to my own "new and unknown player at the table" scenario): as more is revealed in the coming weeks and months, one or another other those scenarios will tend to be confirmed.

And thus, the Epstein Affair is not merely a distraction; it lies, in my opinion, at the epicenter of the seismic rearrangement of the deep state(s) of the world, and the relationships of power within them/it.

See you on the flip side...