September 14, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was another of those weeks that it was very difficult to select articles to blog about, because there were so many good ones, plus a bunch of articles that were "self-explanatory" that bear mentioning. Here are some of them, and thank you, once again, to all of you who comb the internet and share your discoveries with us!


Plastic surgeon: Sex-change operation ‘utterly unacceptable’ and a form of ‘child abuse’

Here is the transcript of Lord Blackheath's speech in the British House of Lords regarding Brexit and secret deals for an Anglo-French nuclear deterrent. You'll remember Lord Blackheath from my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations talking about the amount of gold in the world.

Lord Blackheath of Brexit bill

And that cargo ship that capsized off the coast of George, we're now being told, was "off balance." Gee? Ya think? Duh!  (Don't you love these explanations that pretend to be explanations and tell us what we already know?):

Experts: Source of imbalance is key to why ship overturned

Epstein updates:

US Assistant Attorney Murdered In 2003 Allegedly Sex Trafficked For Jeffrey Epstein According To Former Epstein Victim



And here's more on that Chinese bonds story I blogged about:

Taiwan says it won’t pay century-old debt to US Taipei is backing US entities to recover money from Beijing, since it took over the railways funded by the bonds

And finally, one of our regular readers and article contributors spotted this interesting government document on weather modification expenditures to then Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker:


And finally an interesting little article on AI:

Machines Are Not Really Learning