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Apropos of today's main blog, here is the full length video on solar forcing, and as you watch this, keep thinking "ionospheric heaters" and "chemtrails":

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    1. Robert Barricklow

      Oh, by the way I finally got a copy of:
      The Esoteric Napoleon by Walter Bosley.

      Loving this book immensely!!!

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Interestingly, the 1803 Jefferson Louisiana’ s Purchase from Napoleon, was brokered by Haiti’s mosquitos. Given her immeasurable impact in shaping the United States including the American revolution victory, as well as Lincoln’s Union victory; the mosquito deserves a place on Mount Rushmore w/her protuberant face somewhere reflecting all the above.
          Napoleon learned from her and used the mosquito at Walcheren. The word has since become a synonym and byword for military blundering. By the time the British called off the expedition in October 1809, after the cost of 8 million pounds, 40% of the British force has been rendered impotent by malaria.
          Napoleon’s use of malaria would be emulated against America by the Nazis in Anzio, Italy, in 1944.

  1. Dutchsinse got me going on Ben’s family’s Hollywood back ground. What gets me real curious about Ben is that as good as he is with all this, he never goes any where near the obvious evidence of geoengineering. Ever. And I’ve asked him about it.

    1. I’m glad you questioned him about it, but it doesn’t surprise me either. It’s enough to make one want to know the real reason to the question, “Why?” For every reason one can anticipate the consequence is always the same. Whatever the mechanism for his silence, the technology is being occulted.

        1. Possibly, but the gaggle of excuses is Olympic in height, if not taller. (Of course, I could say Everest, but there is that occult vibe to Olympic embedded in Greek mythology after all that informs my selection of metaphors.) The number of bovine biscuits in my fields of research have reached such sufficient quantities that I’ve ceased to rank them. It’s all fertilizer–which is why they keep doing it.

        2. Robert Barricklow

          Your dead-on when it comes to myths.
          What started this thread was the purposed myth of Napoleon being the Hitler of his day.
          “The truth has been revealed at last. You know as well we do that it is against Napoleon alone that Europe has declared war”. – Henry Lacoste Chamber of Representatives, June 1815.

          We all know about the current myth of our times, 9/11.
          In fact, as time goes on, the parade of myth hits are going exponentially beyond…
          sky-****ing high!
          Almost everything they write, produce or air is myth bonded, licensed, insured and certified as gospel truths. A circus parade of continuous tragic farces. The Producers has gone-live-in-action 24/7/365 – it’s literally:
          Springtime for Corporatism & Fascism!

  2. Our elites’ wet dream is a permanent mini ice age with a largely starving slave masses serving a self-indulgent parasitical ruling class.

  3. That so many scientists and alarmists continue to ignore solar effects on weather is proof that AGW is not science but a political agenda. Suspicious0bservers has long been reporting on it. Tony Heller’s video blogs use [unmanipulated], simple-to-understand historical weather reports to debunk Thunbergian warming hysteria. This is his latest video: 50 Years Of Failed NASA Climate Forecasts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmMenIpz2RA. And in a letter to the UN, 500 scientists say there is no climate emergency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpVBH-HY5Ow .

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