1. Robert Barricklow

    I see this much pretty much standard fare in the power games that have plagued mankind for God knows how long.
    Recently it’s been the power of issuing the reserve currency dollars by the private banking cartel. The Zionist got their fingers in that pie along w/the deep state via the Japanese gold.
    Also are the people in positions of power who are made pawns by various tools w/in the puppet master’s black bag of magick tricks. Epstein was one such piece in play and simply removed, to position more control over the ever-changing power board.
    Those in control of the money or religion or whatever power mechanisms used will always want to control information. Usually the intelligence apparatus is fashioned by them across the globalized board. They control all sides w/the money or whatever tool is required[Epstein?].

    Loved this information-rich article.
    Can’t wait for the subsequent promised upcoming pieces.

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