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  1. Johnny Gat is retiring. At least for awhile. His research explains much that is inexplicable without his point of view. Dugan, Spencer, David Duke and all the alt-right and Antifa as Putin puppets is so much more clarified. Putin’s outlawed nationalists inside Russia while funding them outside Russia? Except in Ukraine?

    Makes one feel bad for Europe if not everyone else. This does not bode well.

    This also clarifies how RT is so much more accurate about USSA domestic politics than all other USSA media while so inaccurate about Russian domestic politics and most of Russia’s international politics. It does seem that Putin, Trump, Boris, Bibi, Macron, Merkl and just about anyone else are rolling along with a second wave of Bolshevism.

    www bit chute com/video/eBkizFMueSKt/
    Vigilante Intelligence

    www bit chute com/video/SOV2tdrWkWRE/

    www bit chute com/video/imcW6PBUpqCn/?list=notifications&randomize=false

  2. Doc and all, I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet. Caught a couple moments tonight. This kid at Vigilante Intelligence is one of the most well researched on youtube I’ve seen in years. Might be worth a couple long looks. Have a good holidays.

    1. Will Vladimir Putin save the world?
      Part 1 and part 2 are separate links. Will see if i can find them tomorrow.

      Vigilante Intelligence

  3. The Moon as a base, you say. . . Always been a fan of “Space 1999,” a British Sci-Fi TV series that aired back in the mid-70’s. Now, . . . if they name it “Moon Base Alpha” there might be copyright claims to negotiate, but other than the Moon as a base, efforts of getting there by those nations mentioned one might assume that they’ll have put forth a percentage of their GDP towards their sovereign preservation, at least.

    One is not mystified by that step forward by Russia, China, or India given that their latitudes seem to have been asteroid bullseyes a number of times. If they can divert those supersized rocks that’s a good thing so long as they divert them far enough away and not onto another, say, western hemispheric longitude on the relative latitude. Don’t need another Yucatan drop any time soon. It’s a matter of aligning most of those moving longitudes and latitudes of Earth, Moon, and even Mars. That’s a lot of moving meridians to keep track of while implementing a defensive maneuver against troublesome super space rocks. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to take a look around while there, either. You know, take in a different camera view of one’s backyard. Say Hello to the local folk.

  4. I believe that there are a few ‘currents’ flowing under this Russian news announcement: First, Trump has been ‘commanded’ by the PTB to ramp-up military rhetoric. Threats and sanctions everywhere. This has got to have repercussions in other nations, including moving to protect “high ground” and resources. Second, China has been pouring money into developing a sizeable space program. Unlike the fits and starts of the American space program, China appears to be seriously heading-out into space – including the Moon. A ‘land rush’ mentality is the result. Third, with the rise of reusable rockets, the Russian space program is soon going to be restricted to an also-ran position. Russia needs something big and splashy in space to recover their image and mojo. Shake and stir…

    (On the good side, Russia is probably the preeminent country for space-based nuclear power. The Green movement has so cowed Western authorities concerning launching safe nuclear-powered “batteries” that even logical uses of those have been abandoned. Russia may turn out to be the ‘go to’ nation to deliver nuclear-powered “batteries” for space and Moon uses…)

  5. Robert Barricklow

    One wonders about those Doctor Von Braun prophesies. From whence it came? In what context?
    Ancient prophesies? Ancient text? Or, a fresh script? A relic? Spoken from some animated death’s head? I mean, this script has been, and is being played out.
    Is this an astrological-like vinyl record, recorded; and now playing?
    Then, along comes an artificial satellite into this space opera being set-up. Certainly military in scope and design. Yet, there is that “otherness” that lurks as a hidden-in-plain-sight backdrop to this opera.
    Now add some next generation + autonomous AI robots to the plot; and we certainly will have some Chinese interesting times when this space opera curtain rises from cold to hot.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      This asteroid doomsday also reminds one of those previous extinction “events”. Of course, they were either by chance; or were they purposed?
      I mean, is there “an intelligence body” that runs the galaxy? Are there experiments on developing other intelligences on different planes of existence/awareness/access to the metaphor?
      Unlimited possibilities/experiments on going?

      Does this body also enforce quarantines?
      Would “they” interfere w/an asteroid before it targeted Earth? Or, conversely would they target certain planets/civilizations?


      1. RB, in certain remote corners of the internet, the words Reptilian and Pleiadian mean something. Within that mindset, consider the Earth of 65 million years ago: Reptile dominated. Then, the Earth post-impact: Mammalian dominated. Connect the dots…

        1. Robert Barricklow

          I never subscribed to the reptilian genre of speculation. The other, I don’t know much of anything.
          Your certainly more versed in this area than myself, or many others.
          Although, I entertain the aspect of higher dimensional beings in a variety of speculation scenarios.

        2. If anyone/thing is going to survive an asteroid you would think that reptiles would have a better chance since they live underground in caves and rocks. Goshawks posted a Jim Stone post showing pictures of a large fortress where the windows look like snake eyes.
          This video is about the UK Supreme court building and shows a snake eyes where they sit. At 2:05 in, it shows the Vatican Hall with snake eyes above the audience. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oORBasYMIEg&t=251s
          I found this little booklet a few years ago at our welcome center. Short synopsis.
          The Hopi Indian Snake Dance is a 9 day ritual ceremony where the rattle snakes are given a message to give to the spider woman and earth spirits who dwell underground near the “sipapu”; the entrance to the Underworld from which all life first emerged.
          Legend of the Hopi snake dance – A Hopi lad wanted to see where the waters went during a flash flood. He dug out a hollow log for a canoe and rode it down river, where he found the snake people. He married the old chiefs daughter and brought his bride back to his own village. Their first children turned out to be snake/humans and he chased them away. Eventually they had human children which are the original snake clan.
          Creation legends – the creator first destroyed the earth with fire and with water another time. The creator told them to live underground with the ants.
          Creation by thought was common to many Native American mythologies. The scared Hopi tablets were given to them by various deities and were told the creators would return in the future to help humankind.
          We have symbolism and artifacts worldwide giving us hints of time past. Who are we?

          1. Be warned. It’s is beautiful and horrific. It requires focus and stamina. I would not eat watching it. Afternoon viewing might work best. I think an american buddhist monk made it. If u find meditating too depressing u might wanna pass.

      2. Robert Barricklow

        The there is that through the looking glass Star Trek; that obfuscates civilizations developing technologies. The opposite, if you will, of the prime directive.
        “They” make sure that certain technologies are not developed? They keep their neighbors dumbed-down. Guess it runs in the family, so to speak.

  6. I never finish The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress but I did read cover to cover Earthlight where the Moon is used as a battle platform. Nothing like finding a new place to play a deadly game of chicken.

  7. The Only thing that gives me a headache is the Moon…………..Isaac Newton !!!!!!!!
    Or what did he know and when did he know it ??

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