7 thoughts on “TIDBITS: 3D PRINTED STEAKS”

  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    I recall reading a few months ago about a man who had been to some Highly Top Secret Meeting & he said they DID have 3-D printed meals!!! We have to assume there are many “far out” things that go on in the Black Projects World!

  2. Robert Barricklow

    My immediate thought/ more fake-outs.
    To Tell the Truth episodes are being writ large clean across the 21st Century landscape. But will, the real 21st century; Please stand-up, and be accounted for?

    I don’t know whether to call this a no-meat movement;
    [as in female?]
    or, simply a feminism movement,
    w/vegies that sizzle w/estrogen?

    Why don’t they just cut to the chase and
    plug us into the Borg machine energized by electricity.
    Let’s just skip the lab meat for the lab rats phase.

    What do you know.
    Impossible Foods makes the Impossible Burger;
    aka Burger Queen.
    Beyond Meat makes the Beyond Burger[popular in Canada]

    No doubt beaucoup proprietary properties that would turn anybody’s stomach upside-down, if truth be known, an actual factor in the 21st Century eating experience.
    Time is a big factor in 3D printing.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Haste makes paste.
      Looks like; Believe It, Or Not, episodes are also in store for 21st Century experiences. Yes its steak! Well, it looks like it. It taste like it[if your imagination has been fried, that is]
      Software updates? Or, is that corporate-speak for
      company bank account updates?

      This probably ties right into Black Rock’s: Climate change will reshape finance meme being spread out globally like the manure it is.

      If you believe the scribblers, U.S. restaurants sales of plant-based meat grew by 400% last year, combine those w/supermarket sales, and its 1 billion in 2019 spent by lab rats.

      White Rabbit

    2. Robert Barricklow

      the combined value of the U.S. meat packing companies is about 200 billion. They had legislatures ban vegies from using words like “meat” or “burger, etc.
      But behind the scenes the big meat companies are developing their own plant-based foods.

      They’re following Bugs Bunny’s strategy:
      “If you can’t beat them,
      join them.”

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