Tidbits of Conspiracy News


February 22, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

There were lots of honorable mentions this week, so a word of thanks once again to all of you who contributed articles and stories to consider! The articles I blog about are all from what people send along, helping to make this a "community driven" website. Thank you!

Economic fallout from the corona virus story as Australia's Qantas airline cuts services in Asia:

Qantas slashes flights to Asia as it warns coronavirus outbreak could cost it $150 million

The Malaysia Air Flight 370 murder-suicide theory is making its rounds... again:

Tony Abbott sensationally reveals the Malaysian government 'at the highest levels' told him the MH370 tragedy was a 'mass-murder suicide' by the pilot - but search teams were kept in the dark

Another species of unknown humans in human DNA?

Scientists Find a Mysterious 'Ghost Lineage' In the DNA of West Africans

Israeli rabbi claims to be in touch with "the Messiah":

Israel’s Top Rabbi: “I’m Currently in Discussions With the Messiah Himself”

And in Ireland...

Sinn Fein's Victory Is Ireland's "Brexit Moment" When Left-Out Voters Turn On The Elite

Geopolitical implications of corona story:

The Geopolitical Consequences of the Coronavirus Outbreak