March 16, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

You just can't make this stuff up folks. Amid all the hype about the China-Wuhan-corona virus plandemic, with school closures, "event cancelling" and "non-socializing," it appears that you can now add the entire planet Earth to your quarantine list, as authorities on Mars - pun intended - are urging flights to that planet be cancelled until further notice according to this story shared by J.E. (and yes, a big thank you to J.E.; and no, folks, I'm not violating my "no more Chinese corona virus plandemic stories," as I'm filing this one under "space"):

European Space Agency postpones mission to Mars amid coronavirus outbreak and testing problems

Here's the crux of it:

A European mission to Mars has been postponed, in part because of the spread of coronavirus.

The ExoMars mission had been scheduled to launch this summer, in the hope of establishing whether there had ever been life on the red planet.

But problems including issues related to coronavirus had led it to be pushed back to 2022, according to the Russian and European space agencies.

A number of tests are still required before the launch in July, officials said. Those would not be able to happen in time to ensure that the mission could be successful, they said.

While those further tests would have been required anyway, the spread of coronavirus "compromised" the final phase of activities ahead of the launch, the space agencies said.

It was unclear whether the coronavirus would have caused the mission to be delayed without those other problems, officials said.

And at the very end of the article, there's this:

The star of the mission will be the rover, named Rosalind Franklin, will drill two meters into the Martian surface in the hope of finding out whether life ever existed on the planet.

There you have it: until further notice, all trips to Mars are cancelled, due to the virus problem. Of course, all of this is perfectly reasonable and rational: space probes undergo massive amounts of precautions precisely to make them as sterile as possible, so as not to introduce micro-organisms from Earth into other planetary environments, and of course, the Apollo astronauts underwent a period of quarantine to ensure they had brought anything back from "there" to "here."

So I get it. It's perfectly normal and merely a precaution. Nothing to see here, move along.

But waaaiiiitttt a minute!

I don't know about you, but it seems to me something doesn't quite pass the smell test here. If you have been following all those Chicken Little the-sky-is-falling-any-minute-now stories out there about this plandemic, you'll be aware that there are those "informative" articles about how long the virus can live on various surfaces and in certain conditions: cloth, metal, cold, heat, and so on. The last time I checked, it wasn't too long on any of those things. I therefore have to wonder how it would fare in deep space, since none of the articles on the plandemic that I've seen mention anything about that.

And that presents us with a number of interpretive problems: (1) is the article telling us the truth? And if so, does that mean the virus is much more robust than we've been told? or (2) Is the article more of the media-driven hype and hysteria, and the virus is not robust enough to survive several months in the cold of deep space to deposit itself on Mars (presumably in that drill they want to drill into the surface of Mars with: "we went, we drilled, and we found corona virus."  Or worse, they already went, already drilled and already found it, and brought it back in a kind of "Project Scoop"  from Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain. Frankly, I'm surprised we've not heard that one yet given all the theories being bandied about.)

So now it's time to crawl out onto the end of the High Octane Speculation Twig. When I refer to "media hype" and "plandemic," I am not trying to belittle any suffering caused by the virus, nor am I trying to suggest that the story isn't real with real victims. I'm merely trying to draw attention to how much attention the story is being given, and how much air it's sucking from the room. And, yes, I do not believe its outbreak was coincidental nor unplanned. Nor am I alone in that; already there are various theories and hypotheses about what the "objective(s)" is or are, and in my opinion, there are many. At the very least, it strikes me as being rather like a magician's trick of directing attention "over here" while he does something "over there" right in front of our eyes, but we do not notice it because our attention is directed "over here".

It therefore strikes me as extremely odd, to say the least, that one of its effects has been to shut down space probes...

... almost as if there was a quarantine zone around the Earth, and almost as if someone was intent upon enforcing it for the moment...

See you on the flip side...