May 4, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many people spotted this story and sent it along that I have to talk bout it, so I'll just jump right in:

City demands churches turn over names, addresses, phone numbers!

I wish I could say that I'm shocked, surprised, or appalled.

I am appalled, but not shocked, or surprised. What, really, did we expect to be the end result of a "constitutional process" cooked up by a bunch of 18th century Anglican deists,  New England secularized Calvinists, and freemasons who had been tasked to fix the articles of confederation, and who promptly seized the opportunity to create an entirely different form of government, and for whom the Bill of Rights was just an afterthought, and one forced on them by the anti-federalists? Ponder that one a moment: it's a simple little fact, one that most Americans basically "know", and yet, few are really disturbed about.  Well, it always disturbed me. If those rights were so important to the founding fathers, why weren't they front and center, right from the start, right there in the preamble? I've always maintained that the ordo theologiae or "order of theology," the ordering of concepts, was as important as the concepts themselves. In this case, those important concepts, those "fundamental rights" had to be added as amendments. Ponder the implications of that ordo theologiae for a moment, and let them sink in. They're not good implications. Again, what, really, did we expect when Lyndon Johnson basically forced churches to become 501c3 corporations, and then boasted that he had forever emasculated them?

Don't think that it's just a problem for, and caused by, Democrats. Ponder the following scenario: What would happen if, say, certain churches, on the basis of centuries' old doctrine and understandings of the Incarnation and work of Christ, were suddenly to denounce American foreign policy toward Israel as being incompatible with  that teaching, and that there is no "special theological status" for that nation based upon the conclusions of American evangelicalism's flirtations with dispensational theology? Or to put that point differently: why is it that when one sees Christians in the high places of power in America in association with the other political party, that one does not see any traditional Lutherans, traditional Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Copts, and so on, but sees only those adhering to evangelical dispensationalism and to a form of Protestantism that would have not only been totally unrecognizable to a Luther or a Calvin or a Bishop Andrewes, but denounced by them as a heresy?

No. What really matters is the worship of the genius of Roman American administration. Burn the incense, worship Caesar, and we'll leave you alone. And by the way, turn over your records so we can spy on you more effectively. Not for nothing do some ancient canon laws make it an excommunicable offense to "alienate the property of the church," which - take note - would include her records.

There's a lesson in that, for Rome could only hold its polyglot empire together by dictatorship, and we know how that ended.

So am I surprised by the mayor of Kansas City's sweeping power grab and blatant circumscription of the Bill of Rights? Not at all. They're ammendments, afterthoughts, for these people.

See you on the flip side.