12 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MAY 14 2020”

  1. Apparently, the complainants (those who brought the case) consist of over 1,700 individuals. The court’s published decision [1] doesn’t give their names, instead referring to, for example, “Prof. Dr. L…,” “Mr K…,” etc., and at one point, “1,729 other complainants.”

    Reports in the French press say things like “multiple German plaintiffs, economists, jurists, politicians.” [2] Three specific names do come up in several press reports [3], one of which is particularly interesting:

    – Bernd Lucke, economist, cofounder of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) Party;
    – Peter Gauweiler, former deputy leader of the Bavarian CSU Party;
    – Patrick Adenauer, grandson of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

    [1] https://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/SharedDocs/Entscheidungen/EN/2020/05/rs20200505_2bvr085915en.html

    [2] “plusieurs plaignants allemands, économistes, juristes, politiciens”; https://www.lesechos.fr/finance-marches/marches-financiers/la-cour-constitutionnelle-allemande-lance-un-ultimatum-a-la-bce-1200519

    [3] E.g., https://www.la-croix.com/Economie/Lultimatum-cour-supreme-allemande-Banque-centrale-europeenne-2020-05-05-1201092750

    1. Thanks so much for posting this information. I was unaware of it, but it does confirm my suspicion that to some degree AfD was involved… what intrigues me immensely is Chancellor Adenauer’s grandson… THAT’s a bombshell! Not only is it a bombshell, it’s a clear message to the leadership of the CDU (Mad Madame Merkel), if the grandson of that party’s first postwar leader and first postwar federal Chancellor weighs in…

      1. What does that mean in the context of recent financial leadership’s train accidents and otherwise suicidings?

  2. This is a severe blow to the slavishly pro-“European” i.e. pro-German oligarchies in Italy (and in a smaller country like Ireland); while strenuously resisting Italexit (and Irexit) their policies will be checkmated by Germanexit.

  3. anakephalaiosis

    In Karlsruhe, bolshies get bullet in bowel.

    Defining Charlemagne as slaughterer was silenced, during the war, to appease Catholics.

    Today, returning to the massacre of Verden, AD782, Charlemagne’s price becomes his noose.

    Bolshies are Charlemagne’s papal cohort.

  4. marcos toledo

    Lets face it it is not a pandemic but an econodemic Super Depression planetwide.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Too bad the U.S. restructuring doesn’t have a Supreme Court to strike down this trumped-up[missing in action] covid-19 power grab.
    So is the Federal reserve[private] issuing currency; and not the U.s government[public]; illegal. Where’s the Supreme Court?
    in the Fed’s pocket.
    Is Germany doing a Jesse Jackson-style shakedown
    of the European Union? Going to stick the EU w/the toxic waste[derivatives]?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      ll sovereignty rests w/the member States[w/o the power to issue their own currency?]. In other words; the member State’s sovereignty is an illusion. Oh? Transferred certain rights? Well, kiss those rights goodbye. Like the U.S. citizens giving up certain liberties to the States for safety. Well, kiss those liberties goodbye.
      When it comes to war today; the best results are in the economic warfare theaters. Basically enslaving your enemies under debt bondage[back by bullets/missiles].
      Looks like this is like the U.S,. in that there’s a phase transition happening across the globe coinciding w/the Hitchc*ck Mcguffin[device, covid-19 or cyanide or doesn’t matter] , which is necessary to carry the narrative forward[global power grab].

      1. Robert Barricklow

        De-dollarization is the way to fight this current financial warfare via the global reserve currency.
        But, also the goal of Mr. global; because, the U.S. is in his way.
        Stay Free!

    2. Robert Barricklow

      All the nations need to stop the global power grab by Mr. global and start their engines[economies]. Cause Mr. Global started this; and it’s up to the nation States to stop it. If they don’t; it’s up to the people to get their governments back from Mr. Global; or, lose their liberties as well as their grandchildren’s.
      So, are the States going to break w/the U.S. as well?
      Is that what Mr. global wants?

  6. I might be reading this wrong but the Bundestag has promised the German economy a 750 billion euro stimulus package for the convirus. The exact same amount the ECB planned to stump up as it’s plandemic stimulus package to the EU. I think Germany just sent a very clear message about where it was and wasn’t prepared to spend its money.

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