Now here's one for the "what next?" category, if we had one. It was spotted by W.M. who kindly sent it along, and I received it just as I was scheduling blogs for the coming week. Normally I do that on Sundays, when I go through all that previous week's assorted emails and articles, gradually narrowing things down to what I want to blog about. Well, this one bumped my originally-planned Wednesday blog to the "honorable mentions", and jumped right to the top.

It seems that Tanzania's President John Magufili pulled a fast one on the World Health Organization:

"We Sent Them Samples Of A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant": Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie

Now, to be sure, the Zero Hedge folks are urging some caution with the story, for Magufili is not without his own questionable actions:

Magufuli has garnered plenty of controversy himself over the past few weeks. He recently requested stockpiles of an 'herbal tea' that has been falsely branded as a COVID-19 cure, and has launched investigations impacting domestic labs and even frontline medical workers as he's claimed the number of positive tests in his country is too high. The reality is that Tanzania doesn't have much of a outbreak: It has recorded only 503 cases and 21 deaths. Though its mortality rate of 4% would suggest that the true number of cases likely numbers in the thousands.

Following the results, Magufuli fired the head of Tanzania's national lab, sparking a political firestorm. Of course, though Magufuli has been criticized for trying to play down the impact of the virus, the government has so far refused to answer questions about where its test kits were manufactured, as Al Jazeera points out. On Thursday, the head of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention rejected claims of faulty tests by Tanzania's president.

The unreliability of COVID-19 tests manufactured in China has been a major problem for the US, and for Europe, as countries and states have been forced to discard PPE purchased in China - often after purchasing it at inflated prices - because only one-third of the masks actually work, and many of the tests have been found to produce positive and negative results more or less at random.

With that on the record, however, here's what Magufili allegedly did:

He played what the local press described as "a trick" on the organization: He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing.

All three samples reportedly tested positive. When the president heard the news, he reportedly confronted the WHO, then kicked the organization out of the country. Though, to be sure, the WHO has yet to comment on the situation.

That would suggest one of two conclusions: either the strain of SARS-CoV-2 running amok in Tanzania is much, much more infectious than scientists understand, or the WHO has been reporting incorrect results either on purpose (as an attempt to bolster its credibility in the face of President Trump's attacks) or via error (yet another indication that the WHO truly is "badly brokem" - as  Vox described it back in 2015).

Most rational people would probably accept the latter scenario as the most accurate one.

Well, you can count me as one of those who thinks WHO is badly broken. The sad news there is, the U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Grahamcracker, thinks it would function a whole lot better with Bill Gates at the helm....

...no, quit laughing! He really said that!

Anyway, I for one think the story is probably true, and that Magufili may be sensing a whole lot more than he's letting on, because it strikes me that there's a not-so-subtle eugenics aspect to the whole Fauci-Lieber-Wuhan virus story, namely, that it seems to have a higher infection and mortality rate among blacks than other populations. And let's face it, with China's influence at the WHO, and with them perhaps therefore providing a great deal of the WHO's tests, and given that China's tests - like pretty much everything else the Chinese Communist party does - are not to be trusted, it wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

And let's hope that other African leaders have sent similar samples to the WHO, and are willing to catch them out. I wouldn't be a bit surprised either, if they already had.

See you on the flip side....

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. oldschool on May 20, 2020 at 3:17 am

    Here’s the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvqeloNqPWE

  2. Aridzonan_13 on May 15, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    If Dr. Von Gate’s vaccines are anything like his Operating Systems. Then I want nuthin to do w/ them. Watching the Blue Screen of Death scroll across my eyes or having to reboot 3 times a day is something I can do without. His agenda is being shoved down everyone’s “Collective Throat”(aka The Borg) as though he’d been appointed NWO Emperor. And please tell me where he got his medical degree?

  3. FeelinGroovy on May 15, 2020 at 3:33 am

    News indicates Tanzania received medical supplies (including test kits) from the Jack Ma and Alibaba Foundations.

  4. Richard on May 14, 2020 at 2:14 am

    Fraud of and by the Party is an old suit just as their continual cyber attacks to find weakness to infiltrate networks to find useful intelligence. That the Party was duped through its poor-quality testing materials is almost amusing if it were not under current circumstances. Positive Papaya says a great deal about the lack of quality control and trust worthiness of the Party. President Magufuli, of Tanzania, after all, holds a doctorate in chemistry and knows a few things about the scientific process (no doubt, a lot more than Mr T of [who]) and, in this case, has proven something of his skill in determining why his data is not supported by the Party’s test kits. The biochemical make up of goat – Papaya – Pheasant, seems a strange grouping to test if not a randomly selected sampling.

    The p[L]andemic investigation is likely to reveal several surprises that even conspiracy theorist’s will find impressive compared to their own investigative talents. One initially suggested that Sept2019 was the start time based on tenuous social media excerpts that have since been censored from connectivity. Dermatologists in Wuhan along with then Dr Li WenLiang and several of his associates had some insights with an increase with unusual pneumonia and rashes affecting the populace in larger numbers then seen before. Perhaps the early days of October2019 were closer as one news agency has found through investigative journalism and inside contacts. The Party is working very hard to suppress as well as discover those who know better than their lies and disinformation treachery.

    There are more than a thousand talented folks in numerous countries with seaport access affected by SARS-CoV-2. Makes one wonder where all that cash came from for the Party to buy up nearly a dozen, or so, ports with the expectation of transforming them into deep water ports (some of them), establishing pavement for off-loading, storage, and transfer to include air cargo (landing and departure) with newly leased aircraft.

    Your typical airliner can be easily made into a fully functional cargo-plane. In fact, current civilian aircraft, although mostly passenger empty these days are not really empty as the cargo hold can be easily transformed into palette carrying freight areas and are. Even the passenger cabin areas can be easily converted when the need arises. They were built with that in mind.

    The Party has been busy covering their tracks and trying to frame their image toward the undeserved savior stance. Given that evidence, people, and propagandized strategies and actions continue to be blatant disinforming representations in the open by the Party, one must ask, “Do they really believe that the rest of the world’s population are as inept as they seem despite reports from their servants serving in place on visas?”

    It seems that “Bat Lady” and her laboratory technician Pups were worse than sloppy and quite ignorant of how limited their scope of plausible deniability was and remains. Their means and ways of addressing consequences to appear coincidental sorely lack right down to the typical daily safety awareness within the laboratory facility. One photo associated with Mr S can easily attest to that failing. His interactivity and documentation have been worked on by Party types with attempts at removing all traces from networks and social media ties.

    As the Party stalls and obstructs one should ask, “How long has it been since the Party started on an unsatisfactory blaming spree while enacting counter measures to obfuscate investigatory attempts?” You know something of the expression, “a bigger shovel only gets you dug in deeper,” or some such saying. It’s best to stop digging and try crawling out of the hole. If into the ‘toss-them-a-rope’ group,’ don’t be the anchor that the other end of the rope is tied. You’re likely to be dragged into the tar-pit, too, by those treacherous types. One question goes begging, “Who’s best at and most resilient in a crisis that has both danger and opportunity as one?”

    At any rate, other looming atmospheric conditions will be problematic as more water vapor is evaporated from unobstructed ocean surfaces. Late season snowstorms, early cyclonic patterns will require resources made ready for land fall cyclonic activities. One can already picture the Party preparing to move into its predatory positions of shoreline land grabs and other nefarious takeovers looking for weakness, but will they continually fail to see their own.

    Now, what would a randomized test group of further randomized tests serve such a regime, anyway, if not to further spread disease from a known source – contaminated test kits? You know, like the ones that President Magufuli, seems to have uncovered with his own nefarious means of discovery. Or, was it something done toward directing blame for payment?

  5. Rick Dubov on May 14, 2020 at 1:24 am

    Well to get to the heart of the matter, Dr. Andrew Kaufman analyzed the first four papers out of Wuhan that claimed they isolated and purified the virus, yet the skipped more than one of the essential steps in the process. To say their “proof” of isolation was shoddy, would be kind. Then as you know, the test is not made to detect any virus. It is strictly a genetic research too. So we have a completely worthless “viral isolation” and a test which is completely worthless as well.

  6. Joe A. on May 13, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    Funny,I know someone who had the test done at two separate locations an hour apart.One was negative and the other positive.Go figure…..

  7. Pierre on May 13, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    I wish Gates would come to my place to fix my Linux machine, which won’t suspend, like Gates & Coy have the US Constitution.
    Jim Stone today postulating that the Covid test, which get right up your nose, are inserting the vaccine style tracking devices.
    @RB the cattle ranchers like is gone, like the wind.
    ♫Drones on the Range, Where The Deer and the Antelope Play♫ (stolen from smokingmirrors.com commenter circa around 8 years ago)
    I think very much these days of Sohlzenytsyn’s comment in Gulag Archipelago about if the Russiand only knew what was coming, via the Cheka, if they only grabbed the kitchen knife when that knock on the door came, or sneaked outside to let their tyres down, to delay the enslaught, there might have been a chance. It was that or wait 80 years (depending upon one’s subscription to the Perestroika Deception idea).

  8. Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Now the States will be sending out the Gestapo,
    whose euphemism is “contact tracer”.
    When Fascism comes, it blitzkrieg fast & nasty; and dressed in red, white and blue – all to protect you, of course.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:31 pm


      • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:52 pm

        It’s getting wierd

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:35 pm

      I’ve posted 4 complete comments; all the same.
      each went “poof”
      Only one wird “test” took.
      So L’m taking the 5th here. I went to a new broser. Couldn’t sign in till the third try.
      But, I persistant, to the point to where you can say I mad.
      [in everry of the word]
      you see after i posted the above I read an sarticle from

    • Robert Barricklow on May 14, 2020 at 12:20 am

      I’m being thrown under the moderator bus.
      Seems a Senator from Delaware with the first name of Chris has a race slur nom de plume for a last name.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 14, 2020 at 12:23 am

      So I’ll get around that.
      No since counting, as the numbers will change as fast as the covid-19 deaths/tests. The State senator from Delaware, you know the one w/that racey last name; seems he proposed legislation last week that would expand…

    • Robert Barricklow on May 14, 2020 at 12:33 am

      Good, now for the racey stuff.
      He proposed legislation that would expand the 50 States Gestapo Agents. Oops! I forgot, it was to expand national service programs by creating 750,000 positions. Including Medical Stasi Agents. Oops! I forgot again. Including 300,000 public health jobs identified by SS State officials. Oops! Typo. Identified by state officials as needed for contact tracing.
      Seems the Homeland Security boys like the TSA were doing too much contract tracing on their own. They seemed to enjoy the contact sports as a job, and thus a whole new gestapo, I mean whole new police, I mean whole new bureaucracy was need.

      • OrigensChild on May 14, 2020 at 8:13 am

        By this do you mean HR6666? If you haven’t read it, you should. This small slice of bovine excrement needs to be delivered to their odious door by freight car–one huge load at a time. I reserve the right of citizen veto regardless of what Congress thinks.

        • Robert Barricklow on May 14, 2020 at 11:48 am

          They love to use that 6 in multiple ways, don’t they. Holocaust manufactured numbers for 6 million; as if gypsies and other ilk were just filler to buff out the occult results. There’s been many genocides; none is prime; all are signs of man’s inhumanity to man[engineered in naked ape’s past?].
          Yes, I’ve heard about it? No I haven’t read it.
          I prefer many genres; but, horror isn’t one of them.
          Smooth sailing isn’t in the forecast.
          Rather rough seas ahead.
          Storm troopers on the horizon?

          • Robert Barricklow on May 14, 2020 at 12:18 pm

            Interesting word, Storm Troopers.
            Originally “shock troops” and/or shove troops/just got a telemarketing call; another kind of infiltration, as these storm troops were also trained in infiltration. Today, they have “good” citizens lining up to be snitches. “They” so do love their snitches. The snitches paid for intelligence is Holly gospel. Truth be damned!
            Here we are again; turning those historical, day by day.
            All this to say, perhaps that storm is not on the horizon; but, here, present and accounted for?
            We’re in it.
            No choice.
            Julius Caesar’s die has been cast; the Rubicon has been crossed.

  9. marcos toledo on May 13, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Trust the Gates and WHO brings to mind an episode of the old Lost In Space tv series about a merchant who sets of storms so he can sell overprice goods to his victims. I would sooner deal a commandant of an extermination camp of the NAZIs the Gates make those villains look respectable.

  10. Annie on May 13, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    I was very impressed with the intelligence and bravery of the Tanzanian President. I was shocked that the leader of a country would make such a bold move. Even though I have doubts about the validity of the tests I was still shocked at the results of the tests.

  11. OrigensChild on May 13, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    With respect to the story, thank you for the link. I heard this story recently through an anecdotal source. Now I have the actual reference. Splendid!

  12. OrigensChild on May 13, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Dr. Farrell, you said: “Well, you can count me as one of those who thinks WHO is badly broken. The sad news there is, the U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Grahamcracker, thinks it would function a whole lot better with Bill Gates at the helm….

    …no, quit laughing! He really said that!”

    ROFLMHO. It’s true. He said that. And, I’m sure he’s regretting saying that. Someone had to explain to him that Gates is not the savior of the WHO–but one of several of it’s main benefactors. Indeed, his office has probably been told that the only one whose word has relevance right now regarding vaccinations is Robert Kennedy. Of this, I am sure.

    • Don B on May 13, 2020 at 8:05 pm

      I saw that and almost swallowed my cigar.

  13. Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:32 am

    Just in from NY City: 200+ Muslims found shot dead near a large undisclosed industrial park.
    Autopsies revealed this has been the worst case of mass covid19 deaths so far this year.
    [excuse the sarcasm; but not only has race been politized for God knows how long, but covid19 is not far behind in scope, and depth of its inhumanity.
    The tests are sheer magician tricks
    of Bullwinkle out-of-my-hat stats.

  14. Roger on May 13, 2020 at 11:04 am

    Too many in our government and pentagon are going along with this. I suspect they are scared of those who are behind this, because they know what else they have and will do if they don’t get their way. This proves there are no more checks or ballances and those who care about survival might be smart to do some serious prepping and planning for the worst. Sounds like they are going to force vaccinate us and want a civil war. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/138-million-u-s-government-contract-will-accelerate-production-of-500-million-pre-filled-covid-19-vaccine-injection-devices

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:47 am

      Also under DOD[Department of War/on the people].
      Spear headed by DOD’s Joint Action Task Force[JATF].
      The cattle are being rounded up
      into the Covi19 corral for slaughter.

      Move ’em in, move ’em out
      Don’t try to understand them
      Just rope, throw and brand[stab] ’em.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 12:16 pm

      Not looking to good.
      As Daffy Duck would say,
      Eaaasy stomach! Easy.

      Then there’s this I looked at this am:

      Cattle rancher warns about the meat your buying
      [agenda 2030]

      Doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to see
      the O.K. Corral is just up ahead a piece.

  15. WalkingDead on May 13, 2020 at 9:12 am

    One needs simply to follow the money to discover all the usual suspects behind this “pandemic”. The number of agenda’s being forwarded is staggering and tyranny has left the shadows and is now on open display.
    If this is to be the “new normal”, I want no part of it.

    • Billy Bob on May 13, 2020 at 11:52 am

      Forget new normal…it’s the “new abnormal”. At least that phrase triggers thoughts of what was or is normal.

  16. DanaThomas on May 13, 2020 at 8:06 am

    Carry me back to old Tanzinny!
    Now Doctor WHO is so forlorn!

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 11:57 am

      Whistle me up a memory.
      Whistle me back where I want to be
      Whistle me a tune that will carry me
      To Tombstone Territory

      If your past has run afoul of the law
      It’s a handy place to be
      But your future’s just as good as your draw
      In Tombstone Territory.

      [today’s turned into Western Black/White TV series]

    • Robert Barricklow on May 13, 2020 at 12:02 pm

      Jesus, It’s getting bad
      when all my references
      are coming from the idiot box.
      Even, Dr. WHO!

  17. anakephalaiosis on May 13, 2020 at 5:26 am

    When the gin ladies are looking for a brawl, the Dubliners write a poem:


    Heathcliff made stand
    with his rock band,
    when fantasy
    cast spell on land.

    Rock-n-roll band: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/23qjngdea50ycqp/rock-band.jpg

    • Katie B on May 13, 2020 at 7:28 am

      If you’ve got something to say to me, Greg Hallett, have the nads to be direct and PM me.

      • LSM on May 13, 2020 at 3:33 pm

        Hi Katie,

        how do you know that anek etc. is Greg Hallett?- please inform!- would interest me greatly-

        of course I’m more than aware of Hallett; have read his very compelling “Hitler Was a British Agent” and have listened to several of his interviews on FetzerRadio-

        again, please inform-

        Larry in Germany

        • anakephalaiosis on May 14, 2020 at 2:55 am

          Position of criticism against Charlemagne was abandoned, during the war, not to offend Catholics. Today things are different.

          Ryne-Stafas were used for decoration, since their true significance was forgotten. Today, Ryne-Stafas reveal Druidry, that bypasses all political thinking.

          Ryne-Stafas make papacy and monarchy superfluous, by explaining origin of Cyning, as bred mediator between clans.

          German and Scandinavian etymologies point to Britain, as Druidic source of origin, defining original Christianity as British.

        • Loxie Lou Davie on May 14, 2020 at 7:28 am

          Hey, Larry….is that you, my friend?? How are things going???

          • LSM on May 16, 2020 at 11:24 am

            Foxie, is that you, Loxie?

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