July 6, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you're a regular reader here, you'll recall that last week I wrote a series of blogs based, as usual, on various articles that people sent me. The theme of those blogs was more or less two-fold: we may be watching (1) the breakup of the Shanghai accords and the so-called BRICS nations, along with the slow-down and possible end to China's One Belt One Road initiative, and (2) the emergence, possibly, of a new geopolitical reality that I called the Quadruple Entente, consisting of the USA, India, Japan, and possibly over the long term, Russia. Two factors were uppermost in my mind that indicated something like that may be happening: the India-China border clashes which resulted in casualties on both side, and the Fauci-Lieber-Baal Gates virus scamdemic, which in the hands of the political right, has been used as a crisis of opportunity to "blame China." I don't entirely dismiss the idea either, for in the run-up to the virus plandemic there were clear indicators that China was up to something in the biowarfare field concerning corona viruses; witness the expulsion of two Chinese spies from the Canadian laboratory in Winnepeg, Manitoba.

No sooner had I posted the blog than US Secretary of State indicated that America would dispatch troops to India to aid in the defense of that country. Color me skeptical on that one, as India is perfectly capable of defending itself, but that's the story anyway. Prior to that, the USA had indicated its intentions to re-open its massive Cold War era naval base in Subic Bay, the Philippines, and Japan indicated it would help foot the bill, which may be an indicator(and I strongly suspect it is) that Japan will have its own military and naval presence on the base.

So I have to wonder if we are watching an actual covert hot war. If ever there was a time for a potential enemy - China in this case - to wage such a war, it would be now with the emergence of rioting, "alternative shopping" (looting), and wholesale assaults on history and historical monuments, always a classic sign of revolutionary activity. And inside China, as we know, there is massive flooding in the Yangste basin and its tributaries, leading to concerns about the Three Gorges Dam. We'll get back to that.

But consider this story which was shared by many people (and thanks to all of you who brought it to my attention): Notice that the first article is dated 1996(!), while the second is dated 2020, which may indicate that hidden caches of arms may have been deposited in this country for some time.

U.S. Seizes Assault Arms as Smuggling by China Is Probed

New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento – Block 174

The second article is breathtaking in its allegations, and I leave it to the readers to make up their own minds about it; it sounds like the stuff of a bad Hollyweird "B" movie: a traitorous governor stockpiling foreign weapons in his state, laundering money, and so on. But, given that the same governor has now told churches that they can't sing or chant - by what authority I don't know (time for a writ quo warranto?) - nothing, really, would surprise me any more, and we've certainly watched the rise of a very radical Marxist element in his political party, and far from being marginalized by that party's leadership, they have become its leadership. For those of us familiar with the Eastern Orthodox tradition, we've seen this sort of revolutionary "virtue signaling" before. When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, who had become a nun, was literally thrown down a deep well, where she continued to chant until she died, with the Bolsheviks tossing hand grenades down the shaft to silence her and her companions. Today she is commemorated as one of the many "New Martyrs" - people who lost their lives to the Bolsheviks - by the Russian Orthodox Church. Needless to say, hearing the voice of Lenin and his Cheka from an American state governor is a bit disconcerting.

In Portland, Oregon, rioters recently attacked the Federal building there. To everyone's surprise, armed soldiers appear from the building, brandishing weapons, and quickly subdued one of the rioters, arrested him, and took him into federal custody:

Portland police, feds make 10 arrests in federal courthouse attack, riot

My point in raising the Portland story - which was passed to me by K.M. - is not only because of its intrinsic interest, but also to throw a different light on the

On and on I could go, but I suspect the readers "get the idea." There's an element of organization to all of this - witness the stockpiled bricks suddenly appearing in various cities - that belies the narratives of spontaneity.

Turning to China, last week I also included a "tidbit" blog about China's Three Gorges Dam showing distinctive signs that it's beginning to fail in the wake of unprecedented rains and flooding in that country. In that blog I suggested we may be looking at a potential Communist Chinese "Chernobyl". But now the question has to be asked, are the floods in China really spontaneous "acts of nature", or is Mother Nature being helped along by some very human weather modification technology? That such technology exists is certain, though the propatainment media will never acknowledge it. It's a wild "conspiracy theory." Of course, those are the same people that gave us the "magic bullet," and now the "magic virus" that can be stopped by wearing face masks, and only attacks certain segments of the population when it's politically convenient.

In this case, however, the propatainment media would do well to recall a story from 2018, and the Chinese government's own announcement that it was turning vast tracts of Tibet into a weather modification technology to - here it comes - combat draught and make rain:

China is building massive weather modification system to make more rain

China’s Mind-Blowing Weather Modification, Geoengineering, & ELF Transmitter Projects!

The intriguing thing to note here is that such electromagnetic methods of weather modification also include the ability to steer weather systems by modification of the ionosphere. And once one has said "electromagnetic methods of weather modification," one has also admitted the possibility that one such system, say, China's, can be tapped into by another such system, say, the United States', in a kind of electromagnetic weather war, to damp, or exacerbate, the effects of one system by the other.

And there's always the possibility of "non-state actors" entering this fray:

Rothschilds, And The Geoengineering Empire

So, is the flooding in China - and the pressures on the Three Gorges Dam - the result of miscalculation by the Chinese "weather modification" technocrats? Or has it been caused by another player with the technology and will to do so? Or is it, as I outlined above, a weather modification program that was tapped into and exacerbated by another player? My argument here is a version of what I've argued before about weather modification, and how to detect its possible use: when such "natural events" occur in political contexts, there is a chance and possibility that one is looking at technology, and not just "pure nature." In this case, Mr. Xi's government is lashing out wildly in all directions; the last thing it needs is massive flooding, domestic economic dislocation, and potentially the failure of the world's largest hydro-electric dam.

Thus to put it country simple: when one considers all these factors - the gun running, the galloping Marxism of Gavin Gruesome and his party, the organization evident in the rioting in the USA, the suspicious details around the corona virus scamdemic, the Indo-Chinese border clashes, the sudden Indo-American "friendliness", the conveniently timed flooding in China - then yes, it looks to me like we're witnessing a full-scale covert warfare.  China wants to run globalism, and Mr. Globaloney wants to run China, and there are two world leaders who don't buy into the whole globalist dogma of the "nation-state-is-dead." One of them is in Moscow, and the other is in Swampington, D.C.

See you on the flip side...