...This week: China, and five articles with which to connect some dots:

China Caught Smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons Into US


  1. Watched the April 1st Trump for enough time to hear Millie presentation. Did not hear the 6500 number of soldiers mentioned. Just doing due diligence on facts. Maybe I missed something later on?
    I’m new to this forum so want to be sure of my passing on the info I hear. Your presentations are important to me.

  2. On the drugs angle:
    There has been an excellent case made by many that the Deep State is intimately involved in drug farming, processing, and shipping. So, I consider any ‘catches’ as window dressing for the masses. Plus, I consider any governmental pronouncements about ‘maneuvers’ to get smugglers as cover for Deep State geopolitical machinations.

    Around Xi, I remember a quote from Machiavelli telling young princes that they had to get rid of any conscience if they wanted to pursue power. Sad ‘wisdom’…

    Concerning nukes (and shipment thereof), the world is in such a meltdown state that False Flags become easy solutions to distract/manipulate the public. A medium-hot conflict is a time-honored way to focus anger on an Other rather than on one’s own (overt or covert) System. I consider FF nukes to be a real concern…

    (Several authors have noted that – long-ago – Israel may have smuggled-in parts of nukes and assembled them within major cities, as part of a blackmail plan. If this is the case, I could see the ‘planting’ of news that China is distributing nukes as a way to pre-condition the public that any nuke going-off is a Chinese provocation rather than a typical Israeli ‘closet’ operation…)

    There is also the possibility that the increasing anti-Chinese ‘pressure’ is due to the following:

    On the Three Gorges Dam: As an engineer, I always worried about any dam that did not have a prominent ‘forward arch’ built-into the dam structure. Concrete is great in compression, but lousy in extension. A ‘forward arch’ is designed to keep most of the concrete in compression under the water pressure. Contrariwise, a straight structure has all the concrete in extension. If you dramatically over-built the structure, the latter situation does not really matter. If you did not, I would keep an eye on the back side of the dam for extension cracking as the dam fills to the brim… (This is a separate issue from the dam possibly not being properly anchored.)

  3. Those parts can easily be machined by many gun enthusiasts who have all the tools to machine any part they need themselves in their garages. A lot of people seem to be doing this in rural areas. So the fact that China was involved and not one of these word of mouth machinists adds to the weight that China is in league with deep state operatives here in the US. A lot of people are even beginning to set up the ability to make their own brass casings for bullets. This ammo shortage has woken people up and the gun nuts are learning to make everything they need themselves.

    1. I so want a farm and a 3d printer. I should have quit my career and apprenticed myself to Marcin Jakubowski when I was young enough for him to profit from it.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Caught one shipment of assault weapons.
    Just how many & what, may have not been not caught?

    China and US leadership in disarray;
    looking for distractions.
    Meanwhile, the NWO is creating The distraction of Crisis by covid1984 design.

    The global stage is full of magicians; who soon may be having to be pulling rabbits out from wherever they can. This multi-magician juggling-act need only to loose one pin; and it’s out of the frying pan into napalm.

    “Strategy is as much about perception as it is about action”/The Aleph Extraction by Don Morgan.

  5. marcos toledo

    Given what happened to Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. One wonders what the usual suspects have in mind should the Peoples Republic of China suffers the same fate.

    1. It’s a race to the bottom between empires.

      Somehow I imagine China is more resilient than the neurotic, post-industrial West, whose “overseers” have turned on their own debt serfs.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Sounds like the Democratic Party going on here;
    since Trump was elected.
    The Acts of God are making some Chinese dance like hell to avoid having a chair when the music stops.
    [but whose playing God; and whose in charge of the music’s needle?

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