September 25, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been having problems remembering things, it may not be because you're getting older, but rather because you're being more radiated, or worse, perhaps even the deliberate target of mind manipulation technology.

That may sound like we've already leaped off the end of the high octane speculation twig before we even got to today's article, an article which, in one of those occasional ironies, was shared by S.S. (All I can say is, I can assure the readers that S.S. is not a Nazi, nor a member of that infamous organization. S.S. just happen to be his or her initials.) But this article by David Grossman in Popular Mechanics is, quite literally, an eye-opener:

Government Accidentally Releases Documents on "Psycho-Electric" Weapons

Now, as fascinating as the article is, it's the accompanying diagram at the top of the article which caught my interest. Look closely:

pyscho electric weapon

There are a few things here that really caught my eye, especially since I've not only written a book about them (Microcosm and Medium), but have blogged about them. There are the claims that psycho-electric weapons my be able to: (1) remotely read and broadcast thoughts, (2) control dreams, (3) induce memory blanking, (4) induce erroneous actions, (5) induce waking "visions" (6) induce hypnotic trance remotely without the subject's knowing it, and (7) induction of excessive activity or energy, or conversely, sudden "drop-in-your-tracks" sleep, a phenomenon I've experience in the past few years and which I blogged about just this week.

Here comes the high octane speculation, however, and it's occasioned by the above list, and simply by watching the news lately, and the complete hysteria that seems to have gripped much of the western world, and the lack of any really good reason for it. We can cut to the core of the problem posed by these technologies by asking a simple series of questions: (1) have the mind-manipulators themselves fallen victim to their own technologies? Or (2) worse: are there unintended consequences of the use of those technologies, or even worse, are such psycho-electric consequences being accidentally induced by the random combinations of the increasing electro-magnetic pollution of the environment? (3) If the latter, are these acting in concert with the deliberate use of soft and hard mind manipulation technologies? (4) Could this deliberate, or accidental combination, of factors activate the kind of over-the-top narcissistic and tyrannical behaviors of state or provincial governors we've seen in response to the covid planscamdemic?  (5) Are we watching the emergence both of a deliberate technology, and accidental consequence of a combination of factors, all contributing to the emergence of a "strong delusion" that is, in light-bearer fashion, breaking down society? and finally, (6) is the recent emergence of a movement to cast aspersions on the West's classical music heritage, which has emerged in conjunction with a shutdown of orchestras and even the Metropolitan Opera, really designed to keep people from experiencing the coherence of that music that might restore rational coherence?

I really do wonder if we're witnessing not only a full-scale psycho-electric  epistemological warfare, but perhaps to a certain extent an accidental and non-intended consequence of our own technology, working in conjunction with each other.

See you on the flip side...