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This week's honorable mentions are worth your attention. Thanks to T.B., N.S., E.O., S.I., M.W., M.D., S.D., and V.T. for this week's articles.

Hypothesis: The electrical properties of coronavirus

Cracking Landlocked Wyoming, Kraken Wins First Crypto Bank Charter In U.S. History

Majority of Respondents Support Chimeric Animal Research: Survey

Putin: Globalization ‘Has Not Benefited US Middle Class’

2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents


The SEC Is Making Deutsche's CEO Personally Responsible For Bank's Crimes

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Deep State is Working With “Deep Church” to Transform Catholic Church into Spiritual Arm of New World Order



  1. Doc, was reading Tower of Babel Moment again yesterday. Beautiful few hours in the warm sun. Beg pardon for not finishing it yet. Odd way I approach something like this: I read and reread with just a few pages more each time I approach it. It’s slow. Makes me feel like the grocking is more profound.

    At any rate: Ran across the page 65 and Ruhlen’s comparative analyses on the root “KAMA”. Saw some of the words from Tungus families on kamala and thought about how Barry Sortaro’s name got jacked around before his selection. Kamala’s got some odd meanings:
    to press or clasp…..?

    1. I’ve only seen this twitter link today. Thanks for sharing.

      No wonder Boris Johnson is in praise of Bill Gates.

      Never in the history of our species – not since the Almighty felled the Tower of Babel – has the human race been so obsessed with one single topic of conversation.

      And so the UK supports the efforts of the World Health Organisation and of my friend, Tedros, to explore the aetiology of the disease, because however great the need for reform, the WHO, the World Health Organization, is still the one body that marshals humanity against the legions of disease. ( Oh please…)

      That is why we in the UK – global Britain – are one of the biggest global funders of that organisation, contributing £340 million over the next 4 years, that’s an increase of 30%.

      And as we now send our medical detectives to interview the witnesses and the suspects – bats, the pangolins, whoever – we should have enough humility to acknowledge that alarm bells were ringing before this calamity struck.

      In the last 20 years, there have been 8 outbreaks of a lethal virus, any of which could have escalated into a pandemic. Bill Gates sounded the alert in 2015, 5 years ago he gave that amazing prediction – almost every word of which has come true.
      But even as we strive for a vaccine, we must never cut corners, slim down the trials or sacrifice safety to speed. Because it would be an absolute tragedy if in our eagerness, we were to boost the nutjobs – the anti vaxxers, dangerous obsessives who campaign against the whole concept of vaccination and who would risk further millions of lives…….

      At the end of Sept, the UK gov closed an online consultation on Covid vaccine. They wanted the public’s opinion on what their plans were.
      In short :
      The gov is prepared to distribute an unlicensed Covid19 vaccine, in many cases vaccinations will be given by non healthcare people, and they are changing established protocols in order to do so.

      They also plan to ease restrictions on advertising this vaccine to change public perception of this unlicensed product.
      They have also put measures in place to absolve manufacturers of any civil liability of any adverse consequences to the public, by the use of this unlicensed product.
      They say : ‘This will help to give companies willing to cooperate in the sort of mass vaccination programme under consideration for COVID-19, or mass distribution of treatments in other situations, some assurance that they will not be exposed inappropriately to civil liability.’

      There is also an epetition 323442 to which the gov has responded:
      We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to do the right thing for their own health, and for the benefit of the wider community. There are currently no plans to introduce a Covid-19 vaccine in a way that penalises those who do not take up the vaccine. However, the Government will carefully consider all options to improve vaccination rates, should that be necessary……They don’t specify what the last sentence means.

      So in his speech above which Boris gave to the United Nations General Assembly 26 Sep 2020, he gave ‘contradictory’ information regarding the process of this vaccine and the manner in which they are preparing to deliver it.

      So much going on, so much needs investigating.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    A cursory glance at the headlines shows your long standing prediction about the Catholicism being chosen a the NWO religion, has apparently come to pass?

    1. Loved the SJW paper last month. Will get through the rest asap. Meanwhile, I looked at his updates list. He’s been busy. More to read:


      I doubt he’s seen the interview Rappoport did with Tom Renz on CAF’s site last week. Am forwarding a link to him now.

      Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up – Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz

    2. Mathis’ work seems like a lot of good information mixed in with some deliberate misdirection. The Kennedy assassination was faked?

      I’d like to hear your thoughts.

      1. His crazy ideas usually have legs. I suggest you read it – even though it is long. You might enjoy the paper he did more on

        11 pages vs 87?
        shorter and um maybe sweeter. Like I wrote, the most surprising think I find about Miles is that these narratives have legs. Usually longer and stronger legs than the official narratives we get sold our whole lives.

      2. Evan B., I treat Mathis as a good educator on how to “think differently” about things. I started reading him starting from his early articles on forward, to get a ‘feel’ on him. You can see his ‘evolution’ from minor conspiracy thinking to the world is not as we believe it is over a huge number of articles. He has actually done the work to back-up his assertions.

        On the good side, Mathis is massively original in his thinking. You can almost feel your brain growing in unaccustomed directions while going What? That said, it is better to start slow in accustoming yourself to his point-of-view, rather than jumping-in with an article like the Kennedy (non)assassination one. The brain can go ’tilt’ and just rebel.

        On the other hand, Mathis states that we never went to the Moon and that thermonuclear weapons do not work. Big red flags. (It could be that he has said these things to stay alive, labeled as a fringe ‘nut case’. He is dabbling in very dangerous territory with some of his articles.)

        All in all, I approach Mathis with caution but with respect…

        1. Thanks to the both of you, I’ll spend some more time with him. I was looking into his ‘bona fides’ and he seemed to be part of that section of the internet where everyone is calling everyone else a shill.

    3. Great article! I swallowed my apprehension and forwarded it to my know-it-all brother-in-law who believes everything he hears on TV and reads in Newsweek. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And on the Wyoming crypto bank article… Funny how the central banksters’ major annual get-together is held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    1. I have friend who worked for the IMF for 35 years in countries all over the world and canoed the Amazon, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro among a few of his adventures. He says every year he just goes out to Wyoming to hike but after I belittled him for a few years, he admitted going to the meetings but slept out in the woods. Yeah. He retired 10-12 years ago and came back after being out of country for 35 years and promptly bought 300 acres in Southern Illinois and it will go to the state as a refuge when he dies. He’s a far out lefty but a good friend.

      1. Well-to-do people going to Wyoming every year just to hike… I’d be a little skeptical too. On the crypto thing, I’m wondering if it’s more than coincidence that the crypto bank is in the very state where the central bankers hold one of their most important annual meetups. Kind of like ticket machines in Switzerland, in sight of the Bank for International Settlements, accepting Bitcoin. And people still think crypto is going to free them from central banks!

  4. The Putin quotes get to the heart of what the Dem Party failed to recognize in 2016, and still can’t: that they’re capable of blindness and error… No, Trump wasn’t elected because he spoke to a huge bloc of Americans long since abandoned by the Dems–the white working and non-millionaire middle class. It wasn’t because the Dem front-runner openly proclaimed some of these very people “deplorable.” Nope. Since the Dems couldn’t possibly have gotten it wrong, it must have been foreign collusion.

    1. Yep, the wasscally wussian is single handed responsible for the resulting TDS and four years of open sedition/treason by sore losers and their complicit MSM. No doubt, he convinced the CCP to release “the virus” upon the Earth, sent in special forces to murder people of color, and initiate anarchy in the streets as an added measure in order to rid himself of his arch enemy.

    2. When disconnected from God’s ‘cloud’ of multifaceted wisdom, all you have left is artificial intelligence / hive mind swarming .. “but test & prove all things (until you can recognize) what is good, (to that) hold fast ..

    3. As an old Hippie and a life-long Dem (it was 1967 after all when I began to vote…)–I became a Trump Patriot in 2017, after I listened to a few Republicans long enough to see the light. I now have not ONE of my Dem friends who will speak to me. No conversation. They just can’t be wrong, can they? The world’s biggest secret is yes, they can and are.

      1. My experience is similar. I’m an Independent who used to align more with the left. But IMO the left has gone certifiably insane and become anti-Constitutional. With my friends (nearly all Dems), I’ve decided simply not to talk politics. Those I know are reasonable enough that that’s not a problem. I don’t like letting politics come between friends–makes me feel like I’m giving in to “divide and conquer” tactics.

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