November 5, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past few years, if you've been paying attention to Antartica, you've seen a lot of highly strange stuff happening down there, and normally this would be the place where I review that high strangeness. That review would also normally rehearse all the highly strange people associated with the polar continent, a cast that includes former Secretary of State John Kerry, Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering and Admiral Richard Byrd and... well, you get the idea. An odd lot to be sure, and I don't think they were all simply interested in "climate change".  Besides, climate change wasn't a "thing" in Hess's, Goering's, or Byrd's day, but even if it were, I doubt any of them would have bought it for a minute.  They may have been obsessive compulsives about things like world domination and such, but they weren't stupid.

But today I want to rehearse a rather different list of high strangeness, a list that concerns not the strange people associated with the frozen continent, but the strange stuff associated with it.

Over the past few years, we've seen stories on the internet about Google maps suppressing strange things in satellite photos of the place, to octopuses with fourteen tentacles and checking in at around thirty feet long (or was it?... so hard to see down there) battling Russian scientists in the sub-surface Lake Vostok. Fortunately  - according to the story - the Russian scientists prevailed over the octopus (which I more accurately renamed a quattuoropus), which they had nicknamed "Wehrmacht", and hauled the creature through the very narrow bore hole, crated it up, and sent it back to Mr. Putin, where it is currently undergoing interrogation in the Lubyanka, after which, we are assured, it will be on display in the Gum department store.   But back to those Google satellite photos. If the satellite photos that some allege were real, and of real stuff in Antarctica that google maps was hiding "in the open", then you can add stuff that looks like the skeletons of very large and serpent-like creatures to the list, not to mention a few photos of stuff that looks like buildings and installations of some sort. Perhaps the strangest one of all was one that was real (if the Powers That Be weren't having a bit of fun that is) was the picture of the perfectly rectangular iceberg that had supposedly broken off from the ice shelf of the continent.

Sure... uh huh... whatever you say.

Well, now you can add "installation of some sort" to the list, according to this fun article spotted by N. (thanks N!  This one is a corker):

Antarctica bombshell: Satellite snapped 400ft ‘manmade’ formation in 'untouched' region

Now as you might have guessed, this sets off my high octane speculation motor. But before we get to that, just a reminder about our normal methodology: on this website, we simply assume that the story is true, and speculate on what the implications might be.  In doing so, we're assuming that the propatainment media would never lie. After all, they've been completely forthcoming and transparent regarding just about everything, from the  JFK assassination, to Waco, Ruby Ridge, the OKC bombing, 9/11, the covid planscamdemic, the trustworthiness of vaccines and GMOs, and Deutsche Bank's, BCCI's, the Bank of International Settlements, and the Federal Reserve's integrity as financial institutions, to the complete integrity of modern papal conclaves, and so so much more.

(And yes, for you graduates of an Amairukuhn Quackademy, that was sarcasm, and no, it's not spelled sourkazm... look it up in a dictio...oh nevermind.)

So according to the article which is breathtakingly and suspiciously short, we're supposed to believe this "thing" - whatever it is - is miles from Nowhere and Anyone, and is somewhere in Eastern Antarctica (c'mon, you can say it, Neuschwabenland), that it looks "man-made", even though it might just be due to weird effects of blowing snow which just happened to blow in such a way that it made neat little rectilinear boxes on the surface of Antarctica, around what appears to be ice melt.

Sure... uh huh... whatever you say.

And, oh, that it's just now showing up on satellite photos...

...or they're just now releasing those satellite photos...

...or they made it all up as yet another distraction...

See you on the flip side...