32 thoughts on “TIDBIT: CHINA WANTS TO RUN THE W.H.O.”

  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    I got the impression that Cyna already controls the WHO??? IMO, we need to kick the UN out of the US!!

  2. Bet they do. From a clandestinely leveraged position to a billionaires dream of officialdom and control.

  3. I can picture China passing its plans under the table to the WHO while WHO is shaking their head “no”.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Or, shaking them down for more money;
      and, some international SOP structural adjustments.
      To play on whose wagging who[se] tail?

  4. What a fricking nightmare.
    Let us track everyone, since we are so good at tracking our own populace.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Dark humor is one of my vices.
    Thus this China Urges W.H.O. To Let It Run Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System; is very dark and humorous. First, who is it that assumes the global power to issue vaccine passports? Two, who is it that says this virus requires a passport? Three, who the hell made W.H.O. boss man?
    Answer to all the above? Hell, if I know who.
    It appears that China wants to be the global mirror in which we can see our dark selves reflected. Matter of fact, if the Playboy reader were to merely look at the pictures; instead of reading the article, he would see mankind’s colorful souls reflected – in a Foot Reflexology Chart. Call it, the scientism of the soul.
    Tick the, caring about mankind’s soul, box off
    Why the Chinese, even have regime-change-approved ‘experts’.
    This Little Red Book Passport is all about “sharing”.
    Tick the required sharing box off.
    While you at it, since there is no mention on how “they” acquired this global power of telling the world what to do, and when to do it; just tick the box off that says China W.H.O.?, is the new regime change devil in charge. And check off the box: the devil is in the details.
    This is all about “checks”, with absolutely no a care in the world about?
    “And balances”.
    China does slyly mention, that this is all really about operating systems’ passports; by referencing the clouds, aka servers.
    The article then adds some required words like; ethics and unfairness and inequity and more; ticking off those faux boxes of real concerns.
    The Chines version launce through a Red China social network, We Chat. Facebook is not far behind.
    Red China wants dibs on the QR code.
    Reason they get that; is because they have the highest number of proven individuals who have been classified as untrustworthy[read still human] ; 13.49 million, and counting.
    Oh!, and many of these untrustworthies; were, Devil forbid, “dishonest”.
    You know, speaking “truth” to power.

    1. Marco Fredriks

      For us the majority the real powers still hide behind the concept of souvereign nation states. It is China this, Russia that, United Stated there, The Middle East how etc etc etc. In reality these powers dont need the nationstates and drive the corporate agendas in full force.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        You might call China the guinea pig corporation that is going to be exporting this draconian social-credit block-chain surveillance-technocracy worldwide.
        But your right; they’re connected through corporate links;
        except, when it comes to: who rules the satellites and sea lanes.

        1. Carroll Quigley had much to say on this topic in Tragedy and Hope. My thought is the enmity displayed on the seas, on land and in space, is carefully orchestrated by what he would call The Network. The balance of power between Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania are and will be maintained for the benefit of the Self-Proclaimed Masters of the Universe (SPMOTU).
          For that last, I forget to whom I should attribute credit, but it’s one of the clever posters on Giza.

      2. As in Texas lifting face mask requirement and corporation chains and global international companies still allowed to keep face masks requirement on store entrances? No shirt, no shoes, no mask, NO service.

      3. Whops…. As in Texas lifting face mask requirement and corporation chains and global international companies still allowed to keep face masks requirement on store entrances? No shirt, no shoes, no mask, NO service.

  6. Soros had said straight : “china must lead the NWO”.
    But he also added that the chinese decision to make its leader president for life upset him very much, and that this had to change, because there are “other ambitious” younger leaders that he and his psychopaths friends would like to see at China’s presidency. I always felt the Chinese want to rule the world alone and get rid of the super rich NWO activists, the most dispensable people on the planet.
    It appears that in China they do not allow super rich to become rich enough to buy the state, like it happened in our privatized countries.

    1. The Western globalists thought they could forever use China: as a testing ground for their social engineering schemes; as a means of deindustrializing the West and suppressing its middle class; as a new model society for the rest of the world to emulate, replacing Western democracy as an ideal.

      However, these narcissistic–and, it turns out, profoundly stupid–Western globalists forgot they were dealing with a culture that has endured for 5,000 years; that sees itself as the epitome of human civilization; that, unlike the West, still has the will to survive and grow in power; that has a score to settle with the West (remember all those British tea-and-opium shenanigans?); and that’s run by a political party that doesn’t even pretend to have morals or ethics. I think China may have outmaneuvered them.

    2. The Party wants it all – locks – stocks – and barrels and the remaining upright simian types servicing the Party members by their command.

  7. Let me get this straight — Corvid will kill us, vaccinations will kill us, the mutated virus will definitely kill us, climate change will kill us, chemtrails will help them kill us, 5G will kill us, GMOs will eventually kill us, transhuman injectables will make us wish we were dead, there could be a big old nasty asteroid coming this way that will probably kill us … that is if the aliens don’t kill us first or we don’t kill each other – oh wait, we’re already doing that (never mind) … so alcohol, tobacco, pot, psilocybin mushrooms and dying from old age are beginning to sound pretty good about now– right?


  8. Given the mounting health problems (and it’s still early) of those that have acquiesced to the injection, it would sadly appear that this sector of society will not be physically capable of ‘doing’ for themselves. What good is a ‘passport’ of any kind under those circumstances?

    1. Before the injected succumb, according to Geert Vanden Bossche, they’re going to be shedding more virulent mutations that will take out the healthy uninjected as well. Of course, all this is predicated on the whole virus theory being true, which is still up in the air, germ-versus-terrain and all that.
      It’s difficult to figure out what is fear-inducing misinformation, and what should actually be factored in to one’s considerations…

      1. Acorn, there is more than “germ versus terrain” : there is Human pure WILL versus leaned powerlessness.
        If we see ourselves as just vessels into which malevolent entities can pour poisons with the unlimited power to harm us, we are doomed by an EPIDEMIC OF BELIEF.

        1. When you look up Beauchamp (or Béchamp, whatever) Terrain Theory, Wikipedia says terrain theory is “an obsolete medical theory stating that germs are not the cause of infectious disease”, which would immediately make any thinking person suspect there most be something to this Beauchamp guy and terrain theory. All I know is I keep my “terrain” as healthy as I can in this sub-optimal environment.

      2. “It’s difficult to figure out what is fear-inducing misinformation, and what should actually be factored in to one’s considerations…”

        Traumatize the world with relentless FUD, and you can “manufacture consent” for nearly anything. “It works the same way in any country”, or planet, and so on.

  9. Since these so-called international institutions are being hollowed out and collapsing before our very eyes, it is not surprising that various parties are squabbling over the wreckage. What use that wreckage may be is hard to say – could involve data, which is a currency not so subject to inflation…

    1. One of the things that drive the Party is retrieving as much data as possible in an effort to out compute the computers of other capable nation states or first world countries. Some view it as a golden bucket of gold bigger than any others under their control. Nearly an obsession used as a Party motivator.

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