10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM SEPT 23 2021”

  1. The most diabolically sinister part is their plan to bribe the masses into accepting the digital surveillance coupon, via offering universal basic income. In case the Great Unwashed might balk at the idea, Signor Globalogna has planned to financially ruin them, eradicate their jobs, and generally make their life as anxious, miserable, and unpredictable as possible first (oh, the scamdemic that just keeps on giving!!). Make them starve, then offer the digital bread.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Depends upon if they want “the money show” to move on?
    Or, just stop it dead in its tracks?;
    by not passing the bill to funs the government?
    In other words, is Congress going to default come 10/01/2021?

    Are these kinds of bills being laid out
    for a 9/11 economic slow-demolition in-progre$$?
    Or, a quick, game over[default]?
    Or, somewhere in between.

    Is there a Lincoln in the House?
    Someone who’ll mention the U.S. Constitution;
    for the U.S. government to issue its own currency.

    What, according to Benjamin Franklin[in his autobiography],
    was The Primary Reason for The American revolution?

    Or, is the illusionary, paid in full, U.S. government
    a privately owned subsidiary of the hidden system of finance?
    Clowns In America?
    Or, co-owned by Nazi International and/or, the CIA?

    Is that proverbial, kicking-the-can-down-the-road…
    Game Over?

    What’s your cold-ass calculations?
    Because, I don’t see any human Calvary mounting up.
    But, then; spontaneous action is something “they” are not prepared for;
    especially triggers that fire simultaneously all around the globe.

    Look out, Helter-Skelter
    She’s coming down fast
    Yes she is
    Yes she is
    Coming down fast

    [the term “Helter Skelter”,
    first coined in the 1500s[at the height of the first enclosure]
    from a word used to describe
    “disorderly haste or confusion”.
    Heleter and Skelter mean nothing apart from one another,
    but put together they simply mean “chaos”.
    The enclosure was a basic device of original wealth accumulation,
    which created a population of workers
    free from any means of production
    and thus, in time; compelled to work for a wage.
    Today, once again, the enclosures are a common denominator of the proletarian experience across the globe; being uprooted from
    their lands, jobs, their homes through wars, famines[weather warfare],
    plague[manufactured covid1984], IMF devaluation, and the new technologies. The newly technocratically enclosed guinea pigs/lab rats.
    There’s also, almost a desire to erase childhood itself,
    as a non productive state. The erasure of childhood is also proceeding apace of the smart phone technologies rewiring the toddler’s minds.

    The relation between perception & reality?
    Not the full spectrum of truth.

    For the time being
    we can expect one’s mental health security
    to remain under attack.

    Helter Skelter
    She’s coming down fast.

  3. Anybody remembers the tv series Max Headroom and the credit sticks. It was a prescient series from the last century. It touched on many issues that are even more pertinent today than it was first aired.

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