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Many thanks to all of you who shared articles this week to M.D., V.T., C.V., S.D., T.S., E.G., and P.S.J.


INTERNET CABLE CUTTING: This past week I blogged about the case of the underwater cutting of Norwegian cables. M.D. spotted this story, and did yeoman's work gathering various stories about internet cable cutting from around the globe, and shared  all of them.  This is quite a compendium, so our thanks to M.D. for all this excellent research:

Tabloids Raise Row Over Russian ‘Spy Ship’ With Undersea Cable-Cutting Capability Near UK Waters

How Hackers of Submarine Cables May Be Held Liable Under the Law of the Sea

Undersea cable cut near Egypt slows down Internet in Africa, Middle East, South Asia

Undersea cable cut knocks out Tonga’s internet

Russian intelligence agents reportedly went to Ireland to inspect undersea cables, and it's reigniting fears they could cut them and take entire countries offline

Sri Lankan Internet services restored after cable cut

Major Perth to Singapore Submarine Cable Cut

Undersea cable cut affects 50% of Pakistan's internet traffic

Submarine Cable Cut Disrupts Internet Services in Pakistan [Update]

Epic net outage in Africa as FOUR undersea cables chopped

Forget Nuclear Weapons, Cutting Undersea Cables Could Decisively End A War

Entire country taken offline for two days after undersea internet cable cut


How Fanatics Took Over the World

Revealed: Bodyguard survivor of Princess Diana crash has rebuilt his life and is now AstraZeneca's global head of security

Black holes could be space-time portals

In "Unwelcome Surprise" To Dutch, Shell To Ditch Dual Share Structure, Move Tax Base To UK, Drop "Royal Dutch" From Name

Thyssenkrupp Pursues IPO of $5.7 Billion Hydrogen Unit

Australia Sends SOS to the World




  1. International law and submarine cables: in the essay the “right to privacy” is a central point. But who do they think they’re kidding? There is no privacy, and the millions of “privacy” forms on and offline are mere sham. Here in Italy there has been yet another laughable instance of this: somebody has discovered that any so-called “green pass” that has ever been created can be downloaded from “emule” .

    1. A few weeks back, I heard stories about people in France having gotten a copy of Macron’s pass and using it to try to get into restaurants, cafés, and so on…

      Between online hacking and offline cable-cutting, will it occur to the evil imbeciles running the world that we — and they — have become just a little too dependent on all things digital??

  2. Robert Barricklow

    The body guard survivor of Princess Di’s murderous crash
    is now AstraZeneca’s head of global security.
    Read: MI5, is job security at its finest!
    Pay is great!
    Qualifications are simple: Blood In!/Blood Out!

  3. impressive list of happenstances. sure these r purely ‘co’-incidences for the children.
    how many books do u have doc? just in case scenario?
    i am trying to imagine a hollywood script when nukesubs r watching over the wires as a wolfpack over the prey. (what was their name again?) their should be underwater jedis as well, who cut the cables in the name of the resistance, trying to break the backbone of the empire, but skynet already went to the moon… then came back the old gods and what followed is already written hundred times in the prophecies.
    from one of my favourites to tighten up:

    “25 And the Lord spake unto the Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying ‘Where is the flaming sword that was given unto thee?’
    26 And the Angel said, ‘I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where, forget my own head next.’
    27 And the Lord did not ask him again.”
    ― Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

    about AUSTRALIA. they just starting to do the same at our brothers-in-law (thats how we call the austrians -aussies! hey :-O). searching for people without jab on the street. ‘this is what it is’ as that crackhead womenlike rat said. open ur eyes. playing in the cinema next to u!

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