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Oh, speaking of Ernst Stavro Klaus von Blohschwab, this is a good article about his famdamnly that I've posted before, but it's worth posting again (thanks to Z.S.).  With connections and a background like this, you'd almost think he is related to the Bushes:

Schwab Family Values

3 thoughts on “TIDBIT: GUESS WHO IN NYC ON 9/11”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    I think the building of the 4th Reich is out of Klaus Schlwab’s hands.
    [yes he’s a moral slob]
    In fact, it’s been out of human hands for far too long.

    How long?

    AI; or, what in the hell’s actually behind “it”?


    I don’t know; but “it” sure as hell ain’t human.
    Although, it does quack & walk like a duck; and, it even makes quackcines!

  2. Klaus Schwab makes John Gotti look respectable in comparison at least Gotti was a Mob Boss. I doubt Lucifer himself would want to associate himself with Klaus but on the other hand, he has Klaus soul bought and paid for already his ever willing tool.

  3. He sure likes his front row seat! But in a private box of course. It wouldn’t do for him to mix and mingle with low life cullables (did I just coin a term?) such as us.

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