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Well, according to this article shared by W.B. and many others this week, Antarctica is back in the news once again, and this time it really has me scratching my head, not that I haven't scratched my head before over the goings on down there. I have a special place on my head that might as well be designated "The Antarctica Itch: Scratch Here". This one has me really wondering... and scratching.

Consider it from my favorite point of view:  the point of view of the bizarre list of people who, by virtue of ending up on this list are in some very strange company (each other) associated with a very strange place(Antarctica).  That list - just for the sake of a brief review - includes the following:

1)  Juan Carlos: Job: King of Spain;

2) Ed Aldrin: Job: Apollo Astronaut, 2nd man on the Moon;

3) John "Ketchup" Kerry: Job: Secretary of State;

4) Admiral Richard Byrd: Job: Arctic explorer, head of Operation High Jump and related to Colonel Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository;

5) Tayyip "Ossmanli" Erdogan: Job: current president of Turkey, Ottoman revanchist and would-be sultan, who has been photographed in imperial sultanic robes and who wants The Ottoman Empire, er, Turkey, to have a presence in Antarctica;

6) Reichsmarschall Herman Goering: Job: Founder of the Gestapo and the Luftwaffe, sponsor of the 1938-39 German Antarctic Expedition. The story is that Germany needed lubricants (from all those whales) and that Goering, as head of Germany's four year economic plans, sponsored the expedition for this reason (uh-huh....);

7) Rudolf Hess: Job: Deputy Fuehrer, who had something to do with Antarctica since the subject was brought up after his flight to England in 1941. That's a tangled tail and you'll have to read my book Hess and the Penguins to get the gist.

We could include others associated with the place, like Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and then secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal, who were both intimately involved in the planning of Operation High Jump, Admiral Byrd's expedition to the continent. But anyway, now to this bizarre list we can add the following:

8) "Ernst Stavro" Klaus (von Bloh)Schwab: Job: aspiring Davos and World Economic Forum technocrat, role model for billionaire busybodies, and want-to-be World Dictator:

Did The Global Elite Meet In Antarctica?

Now, this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but behind the humour, it asks the pertinent questions:

What would a bunch of psychopathic super rich elites really be up to in Antarctica? Could they be showing off the highest secret of freemasonry? Did it involve blood sacrifice? Obviously, not being tin foil hat conspiracy theorists, we won’t be entertaining the idea that they’re down there to chat climate change with the Pleiadians.


So why would some of the most heinous and depraved people on the planet be gathering in Antarctica? You can put your life savings on the fact that it wasn’t done for the benefit of mankind or the planet. My guess is it was some lavish satanic ritual in celebration of stage 3 of their evil plan to wipe out life on earth.

If we find out more we’ll let you know.

Indeed, I have to wonder. Consider: it was rumoured that when Ed Aldrin went to Antarctica and saw whatever he saw there, he supposedly tweeted that what he saw was pure evil. He subsequently became sick and had to be evacuated from the continent, and some dispute that the tweet was authentic. Authentic or not, he did say before he went there that he was getting ready to board the plane for "the launch pad," which might imply that the southern continent is a covert launch facility. Who knows? Or Consider John Kerry, who interrupted a world-wide diplomatic junket during the election season of 2016 to take a "detour" to the continent because -  we were told - he was personally interested in climate change and wanted to see it up close and personal. Now, I'm interested in climate change too, but I don't interrupt a diplomatic tour and race to Antarctica in the middle of the tour, which is moreover taking place during a hotly contested election.  Whatever Kerry was doing down there, I suspect it was prearranged, and that it had little to do with climate change, and everything to do with diplomacy.

So the question hovers uneasily in the air, and I cannot help but think of the image in Dante's Inferno, where the devil is encased in ice: "Why would some of the most heinous and depraved people on the planet be gathering in Antarctica?" And given Ed Aldrin's alleged statement about seeing something that was "pure evil", at this juncture I'm even willing to entertain the high octane speculation that "it was some lavish satanic ritual in celebration of stage 3 of their evil plan to wipe out life on earth."

What if it is interplanetary diplomacy or diabolic rituals that are being conducted? The two are not necessarily exclusive...

Who knows? We do know this: the list of people associated with the place gets stranger and stranger, and their interest is not "climate change" (Herman Goering, a climate change fanatic?!?!?).  They all share a basically elitist and fascist world-view. There is something strange going on down there, and the "elite" know (at least in part) what it is, and they're not telling anyone else, and they've seen to it that the entire continent requires special access.

See you on the flip side...



  1. Antarctica is the home of Lucifer. They all go there to pay fealty to Lucifer and receive their marching orders.

  2. I Think this was just another skiing trip with there 15 year old girl friends . Old habits never die

  3. I suspect Ed Aldrin saw some underground installations with some flags with symbols… like swastikas… and golden eagles.

  4. There is well founded speculation that number one in the list was assasinated back in November 2019. In fact, a local newspaper reported his death but quickly retracted. The official spin is that he was given some glorified self-imposed exile in some Middle East safe haven. There have been few pictures of him since late 2019. Some goose chase/smoke screen as to his whereabouts was laid out purely on what looks like a diversion tactic, before the safe haven was even announced. A few pictures display clear photoshop features…very lousy work. One or two pictures looked like some double had been planted and the face was photoshoped. I can think of a few groups of candidates who would have gladly taken on the job “for free”. The tie to some satanic ritual going under in Antarctica falls right into this man’s list of passtimes. His name and the name of a top banker who misteriously passed away in 2017 were connected to one of the darkest episodes in the history of his kingdom: the ritual performed on some young innocent girls kidnapped in Alcasser (Valencia)

  5. Whatever is drawing these people to Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin’s visit tells us it has to do with space, and suggests he and Neil Armstrong may have seen signs of alien life or activity on the moon that warrants him laying eyes on the Antarctica finds for comparison with what he saw on the moon. Kerry’s visit as U.S. Secretary Of State suggests that more than suspect alien artifacts have been found. His trip suggests diplomatic relations with an alien race. Or an Antarctic Nazi colony. If it is Nazis, Aldrin may have been sent to see if the craft and/or artifacts he saw on the moon were like those of the Antarctic Nazis. Aldrin was a West Point grad, Class of ‘51, so he would have memories of the original Nazis and what they did, meaning he would likely consider Nazis then and now as “pure evil.” The many trips by elites without disclosure as to what has been found – “we don’t want people to panic” – may indicate that the aliens and/or Nazis have demonstrated their weapon capabilities, and their ability to kidnap anyone on earth at will, which require eyewitness demonstrations to enough elites for them to go back and inform their colleagues to spread the word that there’s a new boss in town. I’d like to think everything is wonderful and we’re about to enter a golden age of peace, love, mild weather, abundant life on earth, and happiness for all. But when Buss Aldrin says “pure evil,” I’m thinking we need to stay frosty.

  6. Dr. Joseph Ferrell, love your interviews. This is kind of related but I didn’t see an email spot. I’m buying a giftcard to become a member soon. I’ve been reading about your archeology wars theories and I had an odd encounter with a vet. Growing up around vets the strange stories never stopped. This however was about possibly the Baghdad bagging you brought up under dark journalist. Now this vet was a drug using psycho as lots of them seem to be. I’m not even sure what branch of the army he was in. He told me he was ordered to bury crates in Afghanistan. Him and his buddy opened one up cuz they were so heavy. Now this is where it gets strange. When he opened it up, there was nothing inside it. Curious he went to put his hand in it and immediately hit some type of hard object. Somehow it was a solid that was completely invisible. His superior got real mad and said you dont have the security clearance to do that. I only remembered that story when you brought up the Baghdad stuff on Dark Journalist. If he was telling the truth, what could that have been?

  7. Let’s not forget about Linda M. Howe’s two’s who have been down there inside magnificent caverns they cannot explain!!

    Also, Dr. Richard Allan Miller was down there in 1979 & they entered via a submarine. Didn’t the Germans also populate a base there pre WW II?!

    For the Bible Belt Mentality here in the U.S. it is going to be a huge shock when they find out we are not alone in the Universe and never have been!!! 😉

  8. Hello There ,

    I just searched those four twitter accounts that the article points out and all 4 are not found. 3 out of 4 have nothing found when searched for any reference to Antarctica However 1 did and that account belongs to David Schwartz. He has two tweets dated December 2 and December 3 2021
    1st tweet states that he is in Antarctica and won’t be much help and the second tweet simply states in Antarctica all drinking is day drinking.

    There’s something to it all.

    1. Kudos for actually looking for evidence! I’m allergic to Twatter so don’t go there myself – thanks.

  9. If Klowsse Snobs bald head was placed between between the sun and the earth, would we be observing a Loonie Eclipse?

  10. Could there be some vast ultra safe cities deep underground that have been selling to the super elite
    to take refuge in and to live in extremely comfortable surroundings that have cost X,Y,Z Ms.Fitts can fill in the missing figures. This would take place once it appears that sh.. will hit the fan.Pardon the French.Just a mere suggestion…

  11. The Netflix series The Crown showed the Queen’s husband (so add another Nazi to the list) taking a detour in Antarctica where he is seemingly revitalized somehow.

  12. Wouldn’t a Zoom visit be more in line with the technocracy and climate demands of the globalists? Such hypocrisy, my my.

  13. Think Under The Mountain a juvenile science fiction novel I know it via serialization of the novel on Nickolien when it was a children’s cable channel that also broadcast the British original version of The Tomorrow People. I have read Who Goes There which is set in Antarctica I have not At The Mountains Of Madness but nothing really would surprise me about our wicked elites.

  14. These are thoughts on Antarctica on 11/23/2021. if you do listen to the old recordings, (via the link provided on the post), listen to the last journal entry.

    Also, the image, I included, from Artist Patti Loper. May provide insights. I love her work.

    [**Reflecting on Scott’s empirical study of Antarctica.** ](

    These things may have no meaning or they may provide insights. As usual it all depends on our knowledge base! I have no answers. But I trust strong images and intuitions if they feel authentic. if not, if they feel inauthentic, I do not listen.

    You did not mention the troop of mr global’s who visited Antarctica on the last eclipse a couple weeks ago. I found that a unique occurrence. But it may have been an interesting place to observe an eclipse. (Note: just saw others mentioned this…)

    Hopefully we all understand how important it is, to first follow the simplest explanation, then listen to yourself, if you can.

  15. No need to speculate! Just read H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.” He and others like him (R.E. Howard, et al.) were pretty much spot on regarding our distant past. In that book he even predicts (knows?) that there would be large lakes under the ice, which at that time would have seemed insane.

  16. The problem with those supposed tweets attributed to Klaus, Christine et al is that no direct link to the actual tweets were ever provided.
    We are only presented with jpeg simile of the supposed tweets.

    Further digging into the respective timelines and related archives reveals no such tweets as attributed to the authors.
    Klaus does not tweet much. That tweet is not on his current timeline.
    Lagarde’s public schedule suggests she was in Europe somewhere during that solar eclipse.

    Only Brad tweeted live during the solar eclipse from the vessel under an overcast sky.

  17. Special access? . . . Probably for those special access projects (SAP’s) and un-acknowledged special access projects (USAP’s).

  18. Robert Barricklow

    It’s Ed Aldrin’s statement that sticks w/me: “pure evil”.
    For me, that translate literally to: the Devil IS in the details.

  19. my guess on the purpose of the visit – these world leaders need to be shown in person the momentous, shocking, paradigm busting, possibly threatening artifacts and evidence of otherworldly activity in order to develop a unified, coherent and species protecting response to the existence of the technologically superior life forms exploiting humans and other elements of the ecology.

    1. That’s my suspicion too: either something to do with ET presence (now or in the past) or a base where bigwigs go to get their marching orders from whoever has a base down there (ET or human).

  20. Do not want to spoil the fun here, but the original source for this article on the void is a satire account on Twitter. XRP the Standard Productions.

  21. What I would like to know is just what kind of building or venue do they hold these meetings at and where is it on the continent? Is there a “Sheridan Hotel” there just for the elite?

  22. Mr Sophistication

    It’s probably not coincidence that the Sun was darkened over Antarctica on Dec. 4, 2021 during a solar eclipse.

    Obviously some people place special significance on celestial events but without going down there and confirming events first hand or second hand through a journalist it’s not safe to assume anything about the reason for a vist during an eclipse.

    Maybe it has to do with the pyramids alleged to be in Antarctica and lost technology.

    1. Mr Sophistication

      I wrote that in a hurry on a coffee break. Should have written: “… no coincidence that Schwab’s visit was at the same time as a solar eclipse.”

    2. Mr Sophistication

      Hopefully people understand what I meant.

      Also, there are always celestial significant event surrounding any sort of magical ritual; like black mass being on the full moon.

      I personally think it’s more likely that these rare celestial circumstances are more linked to ancient technology similar to the Giza death star hypothesis.

  23. I see Erdogan on the list. Dr. Mehmet Oz, tv dude, is entering the senate primary in Pennsylvania—as a Republican. He lives in NJ, works in NY, raising money in Delaware—his brother-in-law is Ben DuPont. Oz is Turkish. He attended the The American Turkish Society gala at Plaza Hotel & hung out with Marina Abramovic, pics online. “He attended high school in Delaware and Harvard University as a college undergraduate, also playing football there, and served in the Turkish army to maintain his dual citizenship.” STINKS. Jack Posobiec is destroying him on Twitter. — Is every state in the Union up for grabs to foreign governments? It’s gone past the federal level now.

  24. Benjamin Fulford: The coalition fighting to liberate the planet earth from Satanic control scored a major victory last week by seizing de facto control of the UN and the European Central Bank, Mossad and US Space Command (USC) sources say. This is what was behind the visits to Antarctica by World Economic Forum Director Klaus Schwab and EU Central Bank head Christine Lagarde last week.

    1. Here is something along those lines, the “dark crystal” (hidden weapon?) in Antarctica has been destroyed that has been wrecking things here on Earth & our energy is about to change. Looks more to me like there is somebody down there giving orders (who is evil) & it is becoming a little obvious. —Although I have noticed, for the past two years I have been raging over what’s been going on, yet here lately I feel like, whatever, it’s losing steam, let it go….

    2. Hi Sasha-

      I really haven’t placed much stock in B. Fulford before but I can only hope that he’s right this time- is it hope porn?-
      I don’t know-
      but let’s all hope for the best-

      Larry in Germany

    3. I guess paying for information started with the Gutenberg press and advanced to the Internet.
      Authors need to make a living

    4. I can only rev up my hopium for this one by BF. The article states “ On this front, we are getting multiple contacts about a mass meditation on December 21st to promote positive thinking.” December 21st is the winter solstice. This mass meditation is being advertised on FB and GAB too. I’m all in. Thanks for his article. I can’t connect with everything in there but I do need a hit of my hopium here and there:)

  25. I suspect they are scared survivors of what they are currently doing might seek them out after it runs it’s course. If so Antarctica is a short hop from their luxury ranches and bunkers in Argentina, Tazmania, New Zealand, Southern most temperate Islands. Probably got all the super high tech defenses hidden away in secret bases down there. Tech that is way more advanced than what the military is given because they targeted all the government payed militaries as well and they might lead the hunt. Black budget was likely used for private research and developement outside governmental knowledge and oversight.

    1. Makes a lot of sense. All they’d need is a nuclear reactor and a couple fishing trawlers. I hope they like seafood.

      I know nuke waste is banned from Antarctica, but has anyone come across anything about building a nuke plant there?

  26. One of the interpretations, following the “traditionalist” viewpoint of René Guénon and others, based on Vedic lore, is that while the North Pole indicates the archetype of the divine world, and earthly analogue of Mount Meru, the other Pole would indicate its opposite, and signify what followers of Guénon call counter-initiation. I am of course simplifying (J. Godwin and others have written entire books on Polar symbolism). And yes it may have something to do with the Cosmic War, in which neither of the rivals (assuming there were only two…) should necessarily be identified as totally “good” or totally “evil”. Nevertheless, if there are pre-Flood remains or inhabitants “down there” with nefarious applications or leanings, you can be sure that cult-obsessed creatures claiming to govern the planet will want to “exploit” such things to their advantage. Well, good luck with that….

      1. Vatican pedophiles hunt escapees, frozen stiff, amongst penguins. Nowhere to run, from Lolita Express, in the the ice. Pure evil!

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