I had originally decided to title today's blog "A Bankster Miscellany" given the three apparently different subject matters I intended to blog about. They are, I strongly suspect, related, as such things tend to be in the modern bankstering system and the rampant "financialization of everything" in an age when everything is being financialized and weaponized (and little, by comparison, is actually being produced). We'd  much rather sell  "crop insurance" and bundle policies upon policies in tranches of "food, weather, and mortgage"  derivatives rather than grow real potatoes or corn. In other words, we all know, at some basic level, that the size of the financial economy is all out of proportion to that of the actual productive economy. And as I averred in a blog last week, these bundles of bundles and tranches of tranches that comprise the derivatives problem are a problem precisely because just who owns what, and who has custodianship, is a veritable hall of mirrored blips on computer screens, which blips can be altered at the push of a button.

So here are today's bankstering stories, courtesy of V.T., W.G., and M.D. (the first being simply an image, and note, that MIT is now admitting what Catherine Fitts, I, and others were saying at the outset of the crypto-currency craze):


Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked

In  yet more confirmation of Catherine Austin Fitts' thesis that no cyber-system is secure, we have this:

Hackers are using AI to crack passwords: How to choose better passwords to keep them out

And finally, we have this:

Why is there so much military interest in the moon?

Now what does all this mean?  There are, I suspect, many plausible scenarios that one could construct from such a seemingly disconnected group of stories. Here is one such scenario, and in constructing it I presuppose that the above stories are all related.

Way back in my book Babylon's Banksters I pointed out the observation of Edward R. Dewey, the founder of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, that there are essentially only two ways to expand an economy: one can expand it through financialization, which ultimately proves to be self-defeating since one only inflates a currency, or via production, which ultimately means - as he put it - "going outside the bottle", or recognizing that all economic systems are open systems. The clear implication of the latter and of his studies of cycles generally was that eventually, the economic activity of humans would have to expand beyond this planet. And this is where we arrive at derivatives, the space race, crypto-currencies and blockchains, hacking, and the rising use of cash. For many years I've been arguing that there is one, and really only one, way to salvage the financial system of the globe, flooded as it is with derivatives that sum to several multiples of the entire planet's gross domestic product: one must literally produce one's way out of it, by going out and snagging those resources on asteroids (resources, which, I have also argued, were decades ago and somewhat covertly, collateralized). Either that, or else one must claim to have done so and thereby prop up a fraudulent system with an even more massive fraud, or, one may do a bit of both, the latter two options being a space-age version of kicking the proverbial can a bit further down the road, or in this case, a bit further into space.  With that perspective in view, we can fairly easily guess the phases of this scheme to back all the paper with something tangible: first, the resources closest to hand (the Moon), then the resources further away (the asteroids) which will need a port of entry (Mars).

In the high octane speculation which follows, I am only speculating on the nature of an interplanetary trading system that is still reliant on electromagnetic communications systems and the limits imposed within them by the velocity of light. The system changes yet again and with even more dramatic consequences when one assumes either the existence of superlimunal methods of communication, or of transport of goods, or both. What I am attempting to show in such speculation is that if there was a growth of "econo-physics" in the 1980s and 1990s as physicists applied the types of analysis typical to quantum mechanics to financial markets, there is a kind of "physico-economics" or "physico-finance" implied by macrosystems of interplanetary trade that necessitates careful rethinking of standard currency and financial instruments.

In short, to make such an interplanetary economy work, however, one has to have an entirely new type of financial system, one that (1) enables rapid financial clearing in an interplanetary system that, conversely, (2) operates at a comparative snail's pace in the actual transport of real resources and goods. It is this extreme dichotomy of the speed of financial clearing and transfer versus the speed of real resource transport that I believe the blockchain system was originally designed to solve: an allegedly secure system able to clear quickly and, as it were, at the speed of light. Imagining such a system in place to handle clearing between the Earth and Mars, for example, highlights the difficulty, for current publicly known standard electromagnetics communications systems would take anywhere from about 10 to 20 minutes to travel from Earth to Mars depending on their relative positions, not to mention return signal time. After all, it takes 8  minutes, thereabouts, for light (and hence any signals) to travel one way between the Earth and the Sun. Given this time delay, any price fluctuations between negotiators on Earth and those on Mars are going to occur much more slowly than they do between negotiators on this planet.  (In making this observation, I am assuming, for the sake of the argument, the various scenarios that different space agencies have been promoting in recent years: interplanetary travel and asteroid mining by means of chemical or nuclear rockets, and so on.) By parity of reasoning from this lag time phenomenon, there is thus greater stability and much less volatility in the system over time, and room for (here it comes) means and methods of the physical transfer of media of exchange and bills of credit based upon that physical transfer because of that comparative slowness, stability, and lack of volatility. (Of course, conversely, if one wants to follow the "fraud" line of exploitation of such a system, one could use that "lag time" between physical transfer and financial clearing to great effect in a manner similar to the way that banks use the float, or used to use the period of checks clearing, to their advantage).

In short, in such a system, over time, and paradoxically, as the system grows in physical and temporal extent, the speed of transaction within the macrosystem slows. In turn and as a result of this, the use of actual physical media of exchange could potentially grow over time, while on a local level, speed of transaction (and hence the phenomena that we've seen emerge in the last few decades of algorithmic trading centers being located as close as possible to the networks and markets they trade on) would grow.  Within an interplanetary system, the danger would arise that financialization could rapidly outstrip physical transference of resources and production, and thus, the easiest way to put a "governor" on the system to check that possibility would be via the actual physical exchange of physical  media of exchangei. It would become - again very paradoxically - almost the only and necessary way to do so.

What all of this seems to imply is that the nature of  "cash" and "money" and "currency" is going to change, because crypto-currency and digital currency in general has been revealed to be anything but secure, and stable enough to support such a system of interplanetary trade. The time needed for the execution and clearing of a transaction between planet A and planet B will now become an important factor in the calculation of price, risk, and value, and these in turn will be much more closely tied to the physical transference of goods and resources ("transaction" here meaning the total transaction, the financial clearing AND the delivery of goods). We are looking at a weird kind of synthesis of "cold hard cash" or actual physical bills of credit, and an electronic clearing system, one which has but few precedents in monetary and legal history(though there are some prescient clues).  I hope, at some point, to outline those clues because they will, I suspect, play some sort of role in how this interplanetary system might function.

Of course, the other side of these musings is the transference of goods and resources. What happens if a technology is invented to allow the transference of goods to occur at the same speed as the financial clearing? What if, in other words, one had a technology that allowed the teleportation of such goods and services, and in amounts that would be profitable? Doing so would be, again, stablizing over time, though the volatility of the overall macro system would increase due to shorter lag times between financial transfer and the physical transfer of goods.

All of this to say that, perhaps. if these speculations be true or even close approximations to the type of thinking currently taking place in various "deep states" and "breakaway civilizations or societies," then we have, perhaps, yet more reasons that so many states within the USA are passing state resolutions about bullion and against Central Bank Digital Currencies, at the same time more and more countries want to buy bullion, and go to the Moon.

There is a prediction that comes out of all of this, and that prediction concerns what will now become a deep and far-reaching examination of what constitutes money and currency. There are few clues in human history, because the situation is new... unless, of course, you have been busy reading people like Zechariah Sitchin, whose antiquities business was located in Rockefeller Center....

...gee... fancy that...

...See you on the flip side...



Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Sandygirl on December 15, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    I wondered why the GDP includes finance as a product. Physical cash can be used to start a fire. Trees have more value as they can make quite a few things.
    And now we have digital money that again has no true value, I can’t hold it or even see it. It’s all so fake. My reality is slipping away.

  2. marcos toledo on December 14, 2023 at 5:40 pm

    Our elites’ wet dream is to turn Earth into a planetary Opium Den so they can smoke their brains out.

  3. anakephalaiosis on December 14, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    1. The merchant class, and their occult trickery, ought to be studied, through the ancient Assyrian lense, because, that is where the “divine right of kings” doctrine originates.

    2. When the proto-Scythians adapted this flawed doctrine, by popular demand, under stewardship of Samuel, then the tribal power balance went to hell, in a handbasket.

    3. Later, Elijah’s revisionary attempt, to find a counterbalance, produced a split narrative, which today can be observed, as Judeo-Christianity vs. Scythio-Christianity.

    4. Jesuit-Freemasonry uses king Solomon’s reign, as a secret claim to power, based on the Assyrian doctrine, and, as a justification, for Jewry, to infiltrate European royalty.

    5. Zechariah Sitchin represents damage control, by obscuring origin, because somewhere along the Assyrian timeline, merchants began transforming trade, into imperial landgrab. (cf. Eckart Frahm)

    6. In that sense, cryptocurrency can be traced back, to an occult practice, as the source of origin, behind the Assyrian empire, and, which is countered by Scythio-Christianity.

    7. Identifying cryptocurrency, as a derivative of a doctrine, that originated in ancient Assyria, is recognising the imperial shape-shifting, as occultism, by conjurers of cheap tricks.

    • anakephalaiosis on December 14, 2023 at 5:12 pm

      BTW, secularisation of Elohim-Yahweh – as a cultural trope, representing logic and reason – is the merchant class’ worst nightmare, because it can only operate, in an environment of superstition.

      Elijah, whose name is a contraction of Elohim-Yahweh, is an adon (chief), which, in myth, becomes Odin, with two brothers, Will and Woe, who correlate with Elohim-Yahweh, as logic and reason.

      In Norway, the Jewish king Harald shakes hand, with the Jewish piano player, Zelensky, because international finance needs to milk the cow, of the “divine right of kings” doctrine.

      Last Halloween, I got disgracefully manhandled, by local NATO uniforms in Norway, for daring to be Scythian Odin, while saying my Cossack speech. That’s not fair!

      • Law6 on December 27, 2023 at 6:46 pm

        Sorta sounds like what Brics want to do with commodities…

  4. Marco Fredriks on December 14, 2023 at 10:55 am

    off tpoic but I know we are all interested: Kilometers of Japanese coastline covered with washed-up sardines and mackerel

  5. johnycomelately on December 13, 2023 at 9:07 pm

    Some posit there was a time before the moon and that it was part of a nebiru/nemisis system. If that speculation is true there could be all sorts of goodies buried below the surface.

    Could be a race to find a Flash Gordon death ray.

    I wonder what would be the price of an interstellar artefact.

  6. Idonotknow on December 13, 2023 at 6:38 pm

    Do you have a web site anakephalaiosis?

    • anakephalaiosis on December 14, 2023 at 6:57 am

      Fraggles are planets, which is Elohim, and Cantus plays music of gathering, which is Yahweh:

      The banning of Yahweh, by the Herod dynasty, is preventing Cantus from playing the pipe.

      Music, caught between Assyrian and Roman clutches of ironclad empires, bolsters resistance.


      When Assyrian eagle of transgression,
      moved against trenched position,
      Isaacs and brass band
      made last stand,
      in new musical composition.

      Melody had never been heard before,
      as God’s angel on dance floor,
      and she swept plain
      like falling rain,
      in sword of fire, guarding door.

      Such was Melody’s song of freedom,
      breaking chains of thralldom,
      that music was heard
      by eagle bird,
      in Assyrian crumbly kingdom.

      While hanging, on a tree, Odin has no web site, only a hanging party in a swing state, where votes sprout greensleeves:

  7. Robert Barricklow on December 13, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    So true!
    The financialization of everything;
    along with its brother, privatization – and sister, digitization.
    It’s just about a mathematical given – weaponize it, no matter what it is.
    The real economy; has, for example – real food.
    The financialized economy has digitized food – virtual, in other words.
    That where “they” are taking “your future” – into virtual reality.
    Lucky you won’t have to concern yourself
    with the mundane joys and sorrows of real life.
    Your only worry will be….? Dying on the virtual reality vine
    – because you didn’t leave your virtual worlds, for the real world
    – to feed your real body.

    Expand the economy by a bait & switch.
    Switch the can being kicked down the road;
    for an asteroid chalk-full of precious and rare Earth metals.
    Discovery been made.
    Now, all “they” have to do; is get there.
    And that asteroid can; will be kicked from one side of the galaxy,
    to the other end of the galaxy.

    I can see it now,
    An alien race enters our solar system and return to their home.
    When asked what the Earth’s solar system’s economy is based upon;
    the alien race says, “Their economies are based on fraud”.

    I can also imagine two space programs:
    A horse and buggy one based upon enforced science
    – like the speed of light, is the limit for communications.

    Perhaps some alien cultures will have economies based upon energy?
    But, I have to say my favorite, would be…
    Economies based upon the living. Not, rocks, as in Earth’s economies.

  8. ExternalObserver on December 13, 2023 at 12:35 pm

    Greeting Dr. Farrell. You mention time often in your article, and the aphorism “Time is money” comes to mind, and how lost time equates to lost money.
    However, the equation time = money seems to be missing a component, and I think that component is value.
    Time or the timing of a transaction appears to be a bigger problem for speculative traders, than parties involved in a trade who actually need the goods and their use value.
    This leads me to a statement I heard only from a few crypto/digital currency proponents. They have called it the “use case” of digital currency and almost implies the properties of both money and actual goods.
    At first, I thought the equation should read, Money x Time = Value, but since value is subjective to the user I think value has to be determined by its use case.
    Money x Time = Value / use case

    • ExternalObserver on December 13, 2023 at 1:06 pm

      Sorry for spamming the thread, I hit a button and it closed my comment.

      In that thought, Digital currency is trying to mimic the use cases of goods, without having any substance on its own, while being a variable contract, like cash.
      A Fiat currency on steroids if you will.

      • Joseph P. Farrell on December 13, 2023 at 8:51 pm

        I think there is merit in these thoughts, but by way of indicating the deep thinking that is needed to address these issues.

        • ExternalObserver on December 13, 2023 at 9:50 pm

          Thank you for your kind reply, I am about ten years behind, and still trying to digest the information I heard in your interviews on the byte show “Cultural Transitions”
          Is there a reading list, in addition to your books, on the forum somewhere, to help me catch up?

        • ExternalObserver on December 13, 2023 at 9:54 pm

          Let me rephrase my previous reply, which one of your books would be a good entry point to start.

  9. InfiniteRUs on December 13, 2023 at 10:59 am

    As for the treaty not to weaponize the Moon; when has the US ever not broken a treaty? Investment into crypto is diverting money that would be going into gold and silver right now as a safe haven from doing so. This keeps the price of those two commodities from shooting up to the Moon. I suspect that is one reason crypto is allowed to exist. As everything crashes the people in the know will be buying up all the real physical assets on the cheap while all the suckers waste their remaining wealth buying into the crypto quick return diversion. Huge swaths of the insider elite’s outsider competition could then be wiped out financially over night by some future planned infrastructure hacks.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on December 13, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      I think again there is great merit in this scenario about cryptos…but I think ultimately their utility for such a purpose will eventually end…. I think to a certain extent it’s already happening.

      • rohat77 on December 15, 2023 at 4:51 am

        Knowing the DIFFERENCE between “crypto currencies” and Bitcoin is vital. Yes, VITAL. (See Webster’s for definition).
        It is very disappointing that Dr. Farrell makes very little effort to distinguish between the two. Probably because he doesn’t know the difference between Blockchain, “crypto” and Bitcoin. Much like someone who wants to buy real gold gets swindled into buying gold PLATED tungsten.
        Anyway, know how to discern what you value. Someone who makes a living engaging in “high octane” speculation continuously is not doing enough boots on the ground research. Meaning, face to face engagement and experimentation with the subject/technology discussed.

        • anakephalaiosis on December 15, 2023 at 8:35 am

          Gambling is calculating the odds, and a 51% attack is a possible way, to break the Bitcoin casino.

          Gambling addiction is not about odds. It’s about being obsessed, with the thrill of the game.

          The Star Trek’s away team found a way, to escape the casino, by playing along with pulp fiction.

          When an epistemological attack is possible, then the Matrix can be hacked, in Plato’s cave allegory.

        • InfiniteRUs on December 15, 2023 at 12:48 pm

          And what happens to Bitcoin if all it’s servers get taken down by cyber attacks or physical destruction? If a major war takes down all the infrastructure for Bitcoin? Or if it is legislated away over night? I know a few people making lots of money investing in crypto instead of the riskier stock market. I warned them this boom was (in my opinion) intentional to sucker in huge investors to divert them from buying up real physical assets. Then if I was waging financial warfare with these wealthy outsider competing groups of upper middle class investors I could eliminate them financial at my leasure.

  10. anakephalaiosis on December 13, 2023 at 10:27 am

    1. Ea is the Akkadian river spirit, and is attested in Old English, and in modern language, as simply earth, which is derived from Ea+ord, and means Ea’s origin, because water pours from wellsprings.

    2. Scandinavian gods, the Aesir, are derived from Ea, which means, that the Scythians were known by rivers, because Don and Dnieper provided geographical protection, against Assyrian onslaught.

    3. Ancient flood cultures had their Euphrates and Tigris, whereas some obstinate river rats, moonshining up north, and resisting Assyrian tyranny, had a couple of rivers to match, which is sending messages, by the middle finger.

    4. Vanir, in Old Norse, means habits, and that would be the habitual city rats, in Jerusalem, who were kindred, to the river rats up north, and together they made trading truce with Britain, and drank skull of Mímir.

    5. Imperial proposition is based on the “divine right of kings” doctrine, that Zechariah Sitchin is boosting, by a typical six million mythology, because Jew royalty in Europe will face deadly backlash, when exposed.

    6. The surviving Assyrian oligarchy set up a new empire, in Babylon, and was expanding business, into Athens and Rome, so Daniel, being a scribe, and privy to correspondence abroad, could easily prophecise empire bubbles.

    7. Akkadian Ea features prominently, in the topological metaphor of landscape suffixes, which, in Old English tongue, is about creating abstractions, and anchoring them into the landscape.

    8. Assyrian loyalists, who today feature a stolen identity, can’t afford Elohim-Yahweh being secularised, as a cultural trope, representing the idea of logic and reason, by the scales, because chutzpah will come undone, when exposed.

    9. The Scythians were – of course – extremely familiar, with Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, because they were quite industrious, about spinning their own myths of invincibility, and drinking skull cups, to that effect.

    10. The Last Supper is a warning, to the Assyrian loyalists, who were engaging in cultural warfare, attempting to thwart the proto-Scythian descent, and, that a skull cup might just come, right back at them.

    I bring sword, not peace. Matthew 10:34.

    • anakephalaiosis on December 13, 2023 at 10:49 am


      Dry was Assyrian military plan,
      to sober up wine man,
      so grapeless be
      his captivity,
      in faraway mare-milk land.

      At first there was frustration,
      in empty drink situation,
      until booze angel
      did miracle,
      in mare-milk fermentation.

      Arisen from mare-milk brewery,
      galloped skilled archery,
      in drinking game
      taking aim,
      at Assyrian boring tyranny.

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