There was a movie about World War Two I saw when I was growing up titled Is Paris Burning? It dealt with the period of the war between the Allied amphibious landings in Normandy in June of 1944, and their liberation of Paris some weeks later in August of 1944. The Nazi Fuehrer (or we might as well Anglicize that and call him the Nazi Furor) had decreed in one of his typical fits of megalomaniacal nuttery that, if he couldn't have Paris, no one could have it, and had ordered the entire city to be rigged for demolition... never mind the civilians. The Nazi Furor had already done a similar "treatment" to Warsaw in the path of the advancing Soviet armies, bringing up his still considerable artillery park of heavy (and super-heavy) guns and proceeding to level the city with them. Thus there was no doubt that Der Furor was in deadly earnest when he ordered the same fate for Paris.  Some of the movie consists of scenes of a clearly nutz Furor phoning the commanding German General, Dietrich von Choltiltz (played, incidentally, by German actor Gert Frobe, whom you'll remember for his much more famous role playing the villain Auric Gioldfinger in the James Bond film of that name with Sean Connery). Von Choltiltz manages to delay the execution of the order until the Allied tanks arrive and Paris is liberated.

I mention all of this because this time of year is when we're normally watching out of control fires burning down California. This year however, the masters of weather manipulation and disaster capitalism have decided to inflict an atmospheric river on California, and dump lots of rain on a state where mud-slide resisting shubbery has already been burnt off in many acres, and where nutty state policies regarding reservoir construction can do the rest.  The fires have been moved to Texas.

That brings us back to the movie. Somewhere in Europe I am imagining a Neo-Nazi, perhaps dressed in a brown or black robe, with a bald head, heavy German accent, thick glasses, and a white cat, taking time out from his busy schedule of arranging conferences of billionaire busybodies and writing books on stakeholder capitalism and great resets, and otherwise plotting world domination, and phoning his minions and demanding to know if -  in fulfillment of his latest diabolical plot - Texas is burning. "Ja, mein Furor!" comes the response.

Now if that sounds entirely far-fetched, permit me to indulge in my typical high octance speculation on the basis of an article that many of you sent to me (and again, our deep and profound gratitude to all of you sharing articles).  There is speculation in this article to be sure, that I am going to echo, elaborate, and add to. Here's the article:

OPERATION TORCH TEXAS: Panhandle residents need to be warned before it’s too late!

After a passing reference to another set of extremely suspicious fires in Maui, the article begins with a series of disturbing pictures of the extent of the fires and devastation.

It then suggests that the fires are retaliation for Texas and its governor standing up to the invasion of the country and the agenda of Mr. Globalooney.  I have no problem whatsoever believing that the outbreak of fires in the Texas panhandle is not "coincidental" or that it has been an event probably planned and initiated by the likes of Der Furor and his heel-clicking lackeys and minions. We've seen the playbook before: the suspicious fires in California along the planned high speed rail route and other planned "developments". Similar "transactions" have been uncovered for Maui. During the "mostly peaceful" riots in Minneapolis, Catherine Austin Fitts uncovered inconvenient correspondences beyween the burned out businesses and the "opportunity zones" being touted by the Trump administration. It's straight out of the old Rockefailure playbook: if you can't buy out the competition, send in the thugs, beat them up, burn them out and buy them out for pennies on the dollar.

But Texas does have the feel of "punishment" to it, especially as there are many in that state who have already loudly voiced support for a "Texit" from the increasingly dysfunctional and out of control "Union."  More importantly, the Governor of that State, Mr. Abbott, has recently ordered the construction of a military base near the major point of entry to the state for the state's military (and yes, Texas does have its own military).

In short, what you're looking at, on this view, is an act of war, to be added to the other act of war being allowed on the international border.

But there is something very disturbing in this, that as far as I can tell, has not been mentioned in any of the media coverage of the story, and it is strongly suggested by the following screenshot from the article:

Now why is that screenshot and the implied affected area of the fires significant? While there are hundreds if not thousands of affected farmers and ranchers, not to mention the population center of Amarillo which this author has been through on many occasions on interstate 40, there's something else in that region, in fact, to the north of Amarillo, very close to the area shown on the image with the flame coming up from the affected region, and that something is well-known to the Texans in the area...

...the Pantex plant.

If you don't know what the Pantex plant is, it is an assembly (and disassembly) plant for the U.S.A.'s nuclear weapons. (Q.v. Pantex plant )

In other words, the plant forms a crucial component in the logistical support infrastructure for the manufacture of nuclear weapons (and, incidentlly, for their retirement).

This unpleasant fact must be factored into any high octane speculative scenario of why the wildfires in the Texas panhandle were started. It raises the stakes considerably that the fires were deliberately started. But by whom, and why? If Texas were to secede from the dysfunctional Union, the Pantex facility would give the state a jump start towards a nuclear deterrent of its own. It would be similar to the arsenals in Alabama and Virginia that fell under the control of the Confederacy during the southern secession of 1861. Are the fires therefore a "safeguard preventative measure" to create an "accident" or "act of nature" to deprive the state of that possibility, and is the blame therefore to be ascribed to domestic players? Or are the fires a warning, or a strike, to denude the state from that potential acquisition? Are the players behind the move international(ist) in nature? Have they taken measure of the state and concluded that at this  juncture a separation is inevitable, and is the strike preventative against that possibility?  Or is the concern not Texas at all, but the USA and the nutty people running it? As they increasingly notch up war hysteria with Russia including talk of nuclear weapons, what if, at the last minute, you don't have any nuclear weapons to put on those drones, because the plant making them is closed "on account of an emergency"?  Or is the goal simply to burn down the plant and loft contaminating radioactive materials into the soil and air, a possibility given Mr. Globalooney's other genocidal projects (remember the quackcines)?

The point of my high octane speculations by now should be clear: the nearby presence of the Pantex plant makes a strong case for the argument that these fires are not accidental, and that their are much deeper agendas possibly in play, because I for one simply cannot wrap my mind around the idea of "coincidence" in this case. We have abundant evidence that the "leadership" class of the west is a criminally and murderously insane cabal. It's as simple as that.

See you on the flip side...



Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Terminal Tom on March 5, 2024 at 1:29 pm

    “This year however, the masters of weather manipulation and disaster capitalism have decided to inflict an atmospheric river on California”

    I hope you are not serious

    There are some malleable types here…..

  2. enki-nike on March 5, 2024 at 10:33 am

    A rare 5.3 magnitude earthquake jolted west Texas on November 8, 2023.

  3. Michael UK on March 5, 2024 at 8:28 am

    Here in the UK, we regularly have outbreaks of wildfires during heatwaves and drought. Arsonists have been caught on camera setting fire to heathland, moors and woodland. Same in France, Spain and Greece. Alway seems to be carried out for maximum effect when high winds and tinderbox dry.
    Also property, warehouses, industrial estates and barns are sometimes set on fire when the new owner wants to demolish it after having planning permission refused by the authorities. Once the ground has been razed, the owner can then reapply for planning consent.
    It is a shame no one has been caught in the act on CCTV cameras / dashboards in Texas.
    Some cattle ranchers and landowners around the town of Canadian have said the fire was started by a downed electric pylon / pole.
    I hope State officials uncover the truth.

  4. anakephalaiosis on March 5, 2024 at 7:59 am

    There are many versions of Odin:

    1. There is a modern Marvel Odin, brought to the big screen, in Hollywood, based on a carton character.

    2. There is a national romantic Odin, based on revival of mediaeval literature, in the 19th century.

    3. There is a mediaeval Viking Odin, based on the Younger Futhark, which is a psyop, by the Vatican.

    4. There is Scythian Odin, who entered Europe, and settled in Scandinavia, who is shamanistic.

    5. There is a Crimean Odin, who is the head of the resistance movement, against the Assyrian empire.

    6. There is a Samarian Odin, who is the political critique, against the patriarchal blessing in Jerusalem.

    7. There is an Elijah’s Odin (Adon), who is a specific solution, to a specific problem, which is philosophical.

    When I say, that I am Odin, then I am positioning myself, inside the oldest tradition, which is inducing identity, based on original function.

    It is any man’s game, to choose his own path in life, and it has always been considered virtuous, to align oneself with one’s forefathers.

    It is science fiction in reverse, when an induced myth is designed, specifically, to affect politics, creating a weapon against the Ori, which emasculates pretenders.

    In Texas, tyrannical terror, by inferno, is induced, by those, who don’t want to surrender stolen power.

    • anakephalaiosis on March 5, 2024 at 8:32 am

      BTW, I just happen, to be of patriarchal stock from Denmark, where Odin is last known, to have kicked the bucket. Go figure!

      Today, I accuse the Labour Party in Norway, for having carried out genocide, in Scandinavia, against their Nordic neighbours.

      I also accuse the Labour Party in Norway, for presently carrying out systemic genocide, against Slavs, in the Ukraine.

      Odin is a political tool, and Thor Heyerdahl is the prophet, in Odin’s drinking cup.

  5. Richard on March 4, 2024 at 10:24 pm

    In one’s view, not a rabbit hole to be digging deeper into. Then again, maybe, as this satellite portrayal shows some peculiar start places and times. Note how that cold front plows through the area. Time index at lower left of screen.


    El Nino and La Nina are in their transition phases for dry spells creeping into the mix.
    Given the weather, especially, winds-temperature-low dew points & humidity, and recent drought spell that has been waning (but not enough), the panhandle region has had a few red-flag warnings as well as has a lot of hardy dry grasses and shrubbery around. The fire, actually multiple fires, get really hot with the winds. Something the area is known for.
    What little precipitation there was a couple of weeks prior, roughly 0.25 of an inch hasn’t made much of a dent over all as the winds and low dew points dry the area up pretty fast. The good news is that there is no major current draught in that area according to the US Draught Monitor. Those that had the rain cloud over them might have had some relief.
    One area of fires, the Windy Deuce Fire, has a recreational area like Lake Merideth in the vicinity. The way some of the terrain rolls into gullies, creeks, and streams, also makes for temporary recreation areas off road where there are access roads. Fire starts could easily be from careless lit cigarette-tossers passing through and not thinking about the consequences of their small smolderings.
    There’re a few other possibilities about how the fires got started but they’re tied to sensitive political and people issues traversing the state. Best to have surveillance data in hand to mention specifics about those before stirring the stew pot on any panhandle campground. Fire investigations remain in focus but not complete as a swathe of data points need to be collected and collated.
    For now, Pantex remains south of the fires and close enough to Amarillo, TX, should there be need for rapid response teams. The winds continue 10mph out of the northerly direction for Pantex, which is not good, probably because of a low-pressure system passing through the area or, at least, trying to. The winds have varied.
    Those fires seem to have started outside of large city limits. Smokehouse Creek is way out there and a ways away from major highways even though major highways are now involved.

  6. marcos toledo on March 4, 2024 at 6:39 pm

    The West has always been stupid and childish as for the leaders there is a point where stupidity does become insanity and the West passed that point ages ago.

  7. rohat77 on March 4, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    That part of Texas also has big underground aquifers and water resources. I think it was T. Boone Pickens that bought a bunch of land in this area of the country for it’s WATER resources. Just thought I’d mention it.

  8. Robert Barricklow on March 4, 2024 at 12:24 pm

    I was once stationed in Paris Texas.
    Not long; a few months…
    and then ordered to Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok.
    Haven’t read blog; but initial reaction is the covert war being raged worldwide using fires as a weapon. Of course, other Godlike weapons are also being used in this hidden warfare; seemingly against any people, manifesting free will. [To today’s blog…]

    In picking on Texas, they’re hitting an American cultural icon, “Remember The Alamo!”
    A rally cry heard throughout the world; symbolizing Independent Sovereignty, Courage, and dare I say… Revenge. In fact, a rather spiritual symbolism; which, when your drill it down…, is really plasma that exists all around us. Perhaps, a stretch…, but many spiritual experiences reported throughout human history are really encounters with plasma phenomena or plasma entities.

    That the fires are near the ammo[nuclear] is no accident.
    The Masters of the Universe have declared My Way[slavery], or the Highway[to slavery].
    A typical monopolized binary choice. In other words, no choice = no free will.

    And, plasmas are in this; whether “they” want them to be, or not to be.
    Not a question, nor a binary choice.

  9. anakephalaiosis on March 4, 2024 at 8:01 am

    The Vatican announcing marriage – after engagement since 1717 – between the Roman Catholic Church and Jesuit-Freemasonry, means, that (1) Freemasons can now openly confess, to their Jesuit handler, and (2) Jewish double agents, on European thrones, can now publicly prostrate, by kissing the papal toe.

    The Vatican burning Europe, on purpose, during the European wars of religion – by using Jesuits, as agents, double agents, and triple agents – allowed the Vatican, to instigate, maintain and prolong an inferno, in Europe, for the purpose of populating North America, with a steady stream of European refugees.

    The Vatican pyrotechnics is therefore an established fact, which is ideologically confirmed, in the promise of fire and brimstone, carried out at the stake, when heathens were cleansed for the afterlife, in the papal barbecue, by mission and crusade, in expansion of imperial infallibility – in a divine autism.

    Today, Pope Nero Caligula Nosferatu wants to burn all his provinces, and firefighters are busy, in Russia and Texas, to prevent the papal pestilence, from burning down the house.

    • anakephalaiosis on March 4, 2024 at 3:30 pm

      BTW, the wicked Norway is a plague, upon all neighbouring countries, and the world record legal purge, in Norway, after WWII, is not about the war itself.

      It is about making Norway, into a safe zone, for international Jewish finance, by creating a divided nation, instigating a low-intensive civil war, that prioritises infighting.

      As long, as Norwegians are preoccupied, by infighting, they overlook the fact, that international Jewish finance is in control, of the highest position in their society.

      When infighting doesn’t work anymore, then plagues, disguised, as natural disasters, are brought in, by the Vatican playbook.

      • anakephalaiosis on March 4, 2024 at 3:51 pm

        BTW, it is a disease-ridden Norway, with a sick Labour Party – as pasient zero – that spreads monstrosity, to the Ukraine.

        It is precisely, what has happened in Scandinavia, since 1962, when Norway began infesting the other Nordic countries.

        Norway is the bringer of a cursed plague, and its Labour Party seeks, to infiltrate all positions of power, to prevent exposure.

        In America, such a troll is called a swamp.

        • anakephalaiosis on March 4, 2024 at 4:17 pm

          BTW, when a Norwegian bard, like Stig Sæterbakken, commits suicide in Norway, then Odin is called upon, which is the ultimative weapon, in disease control.

          Establishing Samaria in Crimea, is creating an antidote, because the Ori plague was quelled, during the Scythian century, when Merlin popped a Stargate.

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