This unusual story was shared by W.W., who has our gratitude for bringing it to our attention. The story itself is, on its surface (and to invoke a bit of a pun), simple enough. It's what is lurking beneath the surface that is intriguing. In this case, the story consists not of an article, but of a PDF file from the Congressional Research Service which was posted on March 18, 2024, but whose contents date back a bit, and whose contents contain some juicy details for high octane speculation.

Here's the report:

U.S. Interest in Seabed Mining in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction: Brief Background and Recent Developments

As regular readers of my books and of this website's blogs, or even for those who may have attended the two Secret Space Program conferences I spoke at in San Matteo, CA in 2014 or Bastrop, TX in 2015, I have been arguing for a rather complex association of ideas, which complex may be roughly summarized as follows: (1) that since the end of World War Two, the United States government established a hidden system of finance in order to (2) provide a steady source of money for a vast secret research project dwarfing the Manhattan Project, which project would require massive funding over many years to (3) develop technologies that could emulate the performance characteristics of UFOs, which the power elite had concluded posed a potential national security threat; and (4) that this effort was successful regarding the technologies, but (5) the hidden system of finance grew to such size and extent that it became international and engulfed the financial system of the West, and (6) that this system relied on clever financialization of all sorts of nonsense (the weather, plagues, pandemics, &c), the use of other kinds of deliberate fraud, and of course the tried and true method of massive re-hypothecation of assets and reserves, the invention of credit default swaps and derivatives, and so on; and that (7) this fraud grew so large that the only way to balance the books was to collateralize outer space and the assets in it, and go out and grab them (or at least, claim to have done so).

As a result of this complex of concepts and arguments, I have been advancing the idea that all those stories which have appeared in recent years regarding the tremendous mineral wealth available on "nearby" asteroids and moons on our own solar system (there for the taking, we had but to go out and mine them), was the public acknowledgement in a round-about (and typically duplicitous banksters') way of acknowledging that the only way to save the system was to expand its base of real assets and production: mere financialization could no longer generate the instruments needed to sustain the system: it had already generated too many.

What this article suggests, right from the outset, is that a similar process of reasoning may be behind the move to mine the seabeds and access the real assets  available there:

In 1980, Congress passed the Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources Act (DSHMRA; P.L. 96-283) as an interim measure to allow U.S. citizens to proceed with seabed mining activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) until an international regime was in place (i.e., the  United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea [UNCLOS]). DSHMRA established a framework for authorizing U.S. citizens (e.g., companies and other  entities) to explore for and recover minerals from the seabed in ABNJ. In general, exploration means the at-sea  observation and evaluation of seabed mineral resources and the taking of the resource as needed to design and test mining equipment, and commercial recovery (or exploitation) means the actual at-sea mining and processing of seabed minerals for the primary purpose of marketing or  commercial use (30 U.S.C. §1403). Congress authorized the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to issue exploration licenses and commercial recovery permits to U.S. citizens for seabed mining activities in ABNJ (30 U.S.C. §1412).

The reader might be thinking "OK, that seems straightforward enough, but what has all that to do with space, UFOs, and secret systems of finance?"

This is where I think it gets very interesting, and where the details become very suggestive, almost inviting some high octane speculation. Later in the article, mention is made of some well-known defense contractors that were given such licenses to go explore and mine the ocean bed:

To date, USA-1 and USA-4 remain the only active exploration licenses issued by NOAA pursuant to DSHMRA. Lockheed Martin currently holds both  exploration licenses; it became the sole holder of these licenses by different means. In  1993, Kennecott Consortium relinquished USA-4 to NOAA (58 Federal Register 33933, June 22, 1993). Ocean Minerals Company, the consortium including Lockheed Martin, applied for USA-4 (58 Federal Register 34782, June 29, 1993) and was issued the license by NOAA in 1994 (59 Federal Register 66942, December 28, 1994). In 1995, Cyprus Minerals withdrew from Ocean  Minerals Company, leaving Lockheed Martin as the sole company overseeing USA-1 and USA-4.

Lockheed-Martian(as Catherin Fitts likes to call it)? Ocean-mining? What is a space-company, defense contractor, and very likely participant in the any western "Secret Space Program" doing on the ocean floor? We'll get back to that, but in the meantime, as you're pondering that little revelation, ponder this one:

Recent actions taken by Lockheed Martin suggest the company may be divesting from seabed mining. On March 16, 2023, a Norwegian company (Loke Marine Minerals) acquired 100% of UK Seabed Resources, a subsidiary of the United Kingdom-based arm of Lockheed Martin. This acquisition also included the transfer of UK Seabed Resources’ two ISA-issued exploration contracts for polymetallic nodules in the CCZ to Loke Marine Minerals. To extend USA-1 and USA-4 beyond June 2, 2027, Lockheed Martin would need to submit an extension request to NOAA at least six months prior to the expiration date. NOAA communicated to the Congressional Research Service that if Lockheed Martin does not request an extension, the agency would consider USA-1 and USA-4 lapsed and relinquished.


. In addition, in a December 7, 2023, letter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, 31 Members expressed concern over potential pressure from China on the ISA to adopt regulations for the exploitation of mineral resources in ABNJ. They called on DOD to work with allies to “ensure that China does not seize unfettered control of deep-sea assets.”

Perhaps I am simply overly skeptical, but a Norwegian company named Loke Marine Minerals sounds a bit like Lockheed-Martin, and I wouldn't be at all surprised that the former is but a cleverly-disguised subsidiary of the latter.

But whatever the case may be in that instance, I find it difficult to believe that Lockheed-Martian would simply abandon its deep-sea efforts, particularly when, as the paper points out, China's involvement in deep sea mining ventures transforms the whole issue into one of national security and defense.

Or to put all this differently: the Earth's oceans are now part and parcel of the space race for the mineral assets needed to prop up the financial system and economy of whichever bloc is able to develop the technologies to do so. Lockheed-Martian abandoning the race? Leaving the field, or in this case, the sea bed, to China?

Not a chance for a moment of a nanosecond... and now, watch for it: more bonds, collateralized on future mineral wealth to be recouped from the oceans...

... See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Michael UK on March 28, 2024 at 5:36 am

    We know from the many eye witness reports that UFOs travel under water – USO’s. For example, there have been many sightings around the Caspian Sea, Celtic Sea around southern Ireland and in the Western Pacific around the Solomon Islands. It is suspected aliens are mining rare metals and may have bases established under the sea. Note that 71% of the Earth is covered in water. And 96.5% of all the Earth’s water is contained within the oceans and seas as salt water.

  2. DanaThomas on March 28, 2024 at 4:28 am

    The game of rehypothecating unseen and often non-existent items or resources seems to be coming to an end. The BRICS plan to launch a new medium of exchange through bilateral or multilateral treaties between sovereign states will either force private banking cliques to adjust soon and postpone their demise, or resist and go under “with a bang”. As for undersea mining, I wonder who actually has the capabilities – technical and infrastructural. Apart, of course, from crude dragging-or-drilling operations in shallow waters with predictably severe effects on the marine environment for relatively limited gains…

  3. Richard on March 27, 2024 at 10:23 pm

    Seems like a variation on what the Party of the east by going west is up to or what other old colonial land parcels are getting attention. Resourcism has several issues with it for any that engage in it. Is there enough to go around and what’s its value. Few would want to be left behind or fail to act or get run over by behemoths seeking hegemony.
    Old empires may want to have back what was once conquered before but then there’s that matter of holding it and defending it. They come with a high cost. Until then talk is cheap and easy to ponder what might be plundered. Just who this entity actually represents is yet to be determined, no doubt. Waiting for the poles to shift or crustal shifting to take place or the aftermath of a Solar blast or even asteroid to hit might take to long if they happen at all.
    Of course, there is the matter of discovery, too, as in ancient, submerged citadels, structures, and already refined items of manufacturing and such. A history waiting to, once again, attach to the present scheme of things. Or possibly an invasion of some kind this upright simian type is ill equipped to manage.

    • DanaThomas on March 28, 2024 at 4:29 am

      Yes, as you imply this could be a cover for undersea archaeology.

  4. marcos toledo on March 27, 2024 at 6:00 pm

    And speaking of oceans Joseph there are the oceans of the moons of the so-called gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune let alone Pluto. And if you can mine Earth’s oceans you mine those planet’s moon’s oceans.

    • Tim H on March 28, 2024 at 3:50 am

      I wonder who issues those licences?

  5. cobo on March 27, 2024 at 1:02 pm

    The lovely Palki Sharma sheds some additional light on the subject, including that the ISA world authority issues the licenses, USA can’t get one as its not a UNCLOS signee and Chinese don’t play nice.

    India Seeks More Deep-sea Mining Licenses to Edge China

  6. Robert Barricklow on March 27, 2024 at 11:16 am

    I’m looking for the coming: “Nothing” bonds, like…
    The collateralization of scaler energies.
    The collateralization of zero-point energies.
    The collateralization of quantization energies, etc., etc.

  7. rohat77 on March 27, 2024 at 11:14 am

    Well, the Earth is approximately 75% covered in water. Being able to mine beneath the waves would expand humanities resources tremendously. V

    • rohat77 on March 27, 2024 at 11:19 am

      Had an error midway through post and didn’t finish the thought when comment posted… I don’t see a way to delete it and start over, however. Anyway…

  8. InfiniteRUs on March 27, 2024 at 10:12 am

    There is no shortage of any resource on this planet. But those with all the power and wealth don’t like competition being able to crop up. There is a huge fortune sitting on the sea bed and all these treaties, laws, and pseudo claims by powerful interests are all about keeping you and me from being able to rise up to their level and disrupting their market manipulation and control. The so called free market has been enslaved by the powerful few a long time ago.

    • rohat77 on March 27, 2024 at 11:08 am


  9. anakephalaiosis on March 27, 2024 at 8:00 am

    I do spike my tea, with black pepper and cinnamon, which is traditional yoga tea recipe, for calm alertness.

    According to guru Jim Rogers, the latest hedgefund roulette is Indian curry and rice, a masala Klondike, with rope tricks.

    • anakephalaiosis on March 27, 2024 at 8:24 am

      An updated recapitulation, in deep analysis:

      1. At the end of 6th century, the revival of the 2nd Jerusalem – as a mere trading post under Scythian control – did serve, as an ideological midwife, spurring resistance against tyrants, in Greek and Roman spheres, which gave birth to the idea of Democracy and Republic.

      2. The political mission, of the gospel hero, was, to rekindle that idea, which meant counteracting the suppression of the “yearly truce” (Yahweh), which had been enforced, by the tyrannical regime of the Herod dynasty, on behalf of the imperial swamp in Rome, the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

      3. The suppression of Yahweh continued, in the Greek gospel writings, through subtle language manipulation, and, wherever the phrase “Lord thy God” appears in Scripture, it should generally be substituted, with “yearly truce & free will”, which is clearly intended, as a political message.

      4. The politics from Samarian Crimea – which originally is Elijah’s philosophy – became the Scythian mandate of the gospel hero, which has survived, as the ideology, that is contained within the Old English rune poem, which discloses, how “yearly truce & free will” are balanced, at the scales.

      5. The language manipulation – in the Greek gospels – caused the gospel hero, to be transformed, into a Roman idol, which was the imperial counterintelligence at work, preventing revival of Democracy and Republic, by co-opting a resistance movement, into a mind-controlled sectarian cult.

      6. Reviving Jacob’s twelve sons, as twelve ‘probie disciples’, demonstrated – theatrically – the original genesis of the proto-Scythian republic, which meant, that the patriarch blessing was to be equally bestowed, upon a senate of twelve, and, that a dictator ought to be a mere servant, washing the feet of senators!

      7. Since the imperial Ponzi scheme relies, upon the “divine right of kings doctrine”, and, on an imperial idol being worshipped, in a Stockholm syndrome, then the gospel hero had to be ‘promoted’, from being a mere grassroots activist, into becoming idolatry, in the pantheon of divine Hollywood propaganda.

      The runes are an angelic recipe on, how to make rightful dictators, who are capable of stepping aside, and, relinquishing power, by returning to ‘heaven’, when they are no longer needed. Dixi.

      Druidry for Dummies:

      • Tim H on March 28, 2024 at 3:52 am

        Kylie the Kangaroo in Notre Dame
        Ana I like your style, always

        • anakephalaiosis on March 28, 2024 at 9:23 am

          The takeaway, from the Greek gospels, is a twelve-membered senate, being politically manifested, and thereafter, a Scythian mandate, being granted – in one sweep – birthright, citizenship, royal office and ‘death’ certificate, under Roman law, which revives the idea of the Republic. Point made!

          Secretly allied, Pontius Pilate, and the gospel hero, had a common enemy, in the Julio-Claudian dynasty, locally represented, by the Herod dynasty and Caiaphas’ Inquisition, which is why Caiaphas responded in fury, when the ‘aqueduct-building’ governor granted rank and privilege, to the outlawed gospel hero.

          Originally, Roman law is based on the scales, as a principle, derived from Yahweh-Elohim, being translated, as “yearly truce & free will”, which is known in Norse myth, as Odin’s two brothers, who govern in Odin’s absence, as the dual principle of reason and logic (Woe & Will), which balances the scales of law.

          Basically, Lady Justice is Yahweh-Elohim, balancing the scales, which imperial tyranny obviously doesn’t, and whose agenda is to promote “Lord thy God”, instead of reason and logic (Yahweh-Elohim).


          In Samarian Crimea, Aesir dwell,
          with Elijah in Mimir’s well,
          drinking wine of Noah
          in wrath of shoah,
          as Odin casts Scythian spell.

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