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Hi everyone! Well it's been a busy summer to be sure. In spite of my best intentions to be posting more articles and so on, the crush of research has been just to much to do so. In addition to a book at Feral House due out next spring, I am now writing yet another book which I also hope to have out next spring. The research for this has been intense and revealing, and it promises to be another eye-opener!

For those interested, I have two scheduled talk show appearances coming up in July 2008, with an appearance on Richard Syrett's show in early July in Toronto. This will be my second time on with Mr. Syrett. Also, I have another appearance on Jly 24th with Paranormal Radio and Jack Harris. This will be my first time there and I'm looking forward to it! For those who haven't heard of this show, here's their own blurb:


Paranormal Radio made its way on the airwaves back in early 1992 in upper Wisconsin. The late night talk radio program could be found on 104.1FM and would start at midnight and would extend all the way until 5AM in the morning.   Topics of discussion were things of the strange and unusual. Topics such as UFO sightings, Alien abductions, haunting and even demon possession.  The program started out small, but within a year, Paranormal Radio had a impressive following.  By taking live calls from anyone and everyone with a story to tell, Jack managed to include his listeners into each and every discussion, making them in fact own the shows on many occasions.  In fact it became so popular that audio recordings were made and they channeled down the pipe of the underground to Pirate radio stations all over the country.



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