Many readers at this site or listeners to my interviews have sent me emails about the story linked below, regarding the possible "medical and genetic" activities of Aushwitz's "Doctor of Death," Joseph Mengele:

The article, based on the research of Latin American journalist Jorge Camarasa, indicates that the doctor of death did indeed continue his medical experiments - on children - in Latin America, based in part on work he did at Chile's notorious Nazi compound, Cologna Dignidad. This confirms a suspicion I've long held about the abduction of children in Latin America, and Nazi activities there.

But the article signifies something else, and something vitally important, something, indeed, that I attempted to stress in my most recent book, Nazi International: that is, that the postwar Nazis were not merely tiny enclaves of war criminals huddled, panic-stricken, together in tiny enclaves in Latin America and elsewhere. They were, on the contrary, highly organized, well-funded, had their own intelligence and security apparatus, and most importantly, were conducting and continuing the lines of research they had begun during the war. While my books have concentrated on the physics aspect of this wartime and postwar research, the possibility that Mengele continued his own research lends a gruesome reality to the Boys from Brazil scenario. It highlights, too, the possible connection of that research to their wartime Bell project and their postwar research in the same physics, for as I indicate in The Philosophers' Stone, the medical component of the Bell project was represented by none other than Dr. Hubertus Strughold, later a highly placed physician within NASA helping to pioneer space medicine. As I also indictae, Strughold's role in the Bell project was to investigate ways of limiting its deadly field effects on humans, so we may assume that his research in Nazi Germany involved "experimentation" on living human subjects.

While Mengele's role in this is obscure at best - indeed, he may have had no role at all - his interest in twins would certainly be of value to an ongoing Bell project and certainly of keen genetic interest in any Nazi racial experimentation in its own right. But for Menegele to have accomplished all this - and the article gives a hint of the sheer scale of this project - he would have to have had five things: (1) lots of financial backing, (2) research facilities and laboratory equipment, (3) lots of security to maintain the project's secrecy, (4) a "supply" of willing or unwilling human subjects, and finally (5) the ability to move fairly freely between one postwar Nazi enclave and another.  We know who provided the finances (Martin Bormann), and we know who probably provided the security (Heinrich Mueller), and we know also who probably provided the administrative oversight of these postwar projects (Hans Kammler).

All this is indeed an indicator that we have but scratched the surface of the scale and scope of the Nazi International's postwar activities and research. But the known indications are enough to cause anxiety to the most sober and calm mind. If one accepts the hypothesis of Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara in their book Dark Mission, that by the time of the Apollo moon landings, the Paperclip Nazis have gained a dominant influence in NASA mission planning, and couple this with the research I present in Nazi International and now with this new article courtesy of the British media and Jorge Camarasa, then we have the following arresting list of postwar Nazi activities: (1) medical and genetic experimentation with the obvious implication of maniupating aspects of the human genetic code, (2) significant Nazi influence inside of NASA, (3) Nazi organization of and participation in postwar terrorist activities, (4) Nazi complicity in the overthrow of Egyptian King Farouk and the installation of Gamal Abdul Nasser in that country,  and then  subsequent Nazi involvement even in Nasser's alliance with the Soviet Union, (5) Nazi training of the militaries, paramilitary cells, and intelligence services in the Middle East, (6) (Neo-?) Nazi participation in the collapse of the Iron curtain in Eastern Europe and the reunification of Germany, (7) Nazi participation in the founding of the Bilderberg group under SS officer and former IG Farben vice president, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, (8  thus, Nazi involvement in the creation of the European Economic Union and the political union of Europe itself, (9) Nazi intelligence penetration of the West and of the Soviet Union, and manipulation of both blocs' policies, via the military intelligence organization of General Reinhardc Gehlen, and finally (10) ongoing Nazi research in the exotic physics represented by the Bell, research conducted in Argentina, and, we may safely assume, elsewhere, after Richter's fusion project was shut down.

The folly of American policy - and for that matter, of Soviet policy - planners in the immediate post-war period, with their mutual focus on the other's intentions, and their own race to secure their empires, would, on this accounting, seem to be evident even to the most die-hard defenders of their decisions, for the long-term consequences of those decisions are still with us, evident now in the innocence of twin children in Brazil.

There is an ominous parallel between this postwar Nazi diaspora and a similar phenomenon, earlier in German history, that must also be mentioned. When the Bavarian government in the 18th century discovered the real goals and activities of Adam Weishaupt's "Bavarian Illuminati," they of course shut his lodges down. But this had the effect only of dispering his cells throughout the rest of the numerous principalities and duchies and free city states that then comprised "Germany," which itself was nothing more than, really, a region on a map rather than a country in its own right. The result of that dispersal is, as is well known to students of the murkier aspects of European political history, the known involvement of such descendents of Weishaupt's original organization in the revolutions of 1848 and, some would go so far as to see in the "Illuminati diaspora" an influence on the rise of socialist doctrine in the 19th century as well.  With the end of World War Two, then, we have a similar, though much more corrodinated and organized and well-financed dispersal of Nazism throughout Latin America, the Middle East, and a significant and influential penetration of it into sensitive government agencies in North America and the Communist bloc (after all, for a period of time, the Arab desk of the Soviet Foreign Ministry was in the hands of a "former" Nazi).  All this puts Martin Bormann's selection of a place where he bought a house into a rather interesting perspective from which to view his postwar Strategic Evacuation Plan, for as I indicate in SS Brotherhood of the Bell,  he bought it in Ingolstadt, the birthplace of Weishaupt's Illuminati.

....keep that dial right here.....and sleep well!

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Gary Hunter on February 13, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    An interesting “nugget” exists in the form of an alleged deathbed confession by E. Howard Hunt, as reported by Hunt’s son. He claims that what the Watergate burglars were after at the namesake hotel were papers in a safe that implicated Richard Nixon as the leader of a group of international assasins called th “‘Operation 40 Group”, which conducted the failed Bay of Pigs (ironically well named) missioin and the sadly successful JFK assasination. I will assume they probably assasinated Allende as well. There seems to be a clear connection between Bush Sr., Nixon, and activities that would seem to reflect Nazi values. I pointed the Good Dr. Farrell to an article by Don Nicoloff that implicated Prescott and George the 41st Bush as having original identities as George Scerff Sr.(Prescott) and George Scherff Jr. (41) as being Nazi spies and thieves of Tesla’s work. It is well known and documented that Prescott Bush was indicted by the Feds for laundering money and actively supporting the Nazi cause. Dr. Farrell dismissed the article primarily on photographic grounds, that photos provided by Otto Skorzeny showing the aforementioned group in the company of high-ranking Nazis did not match other photos. My own personal take is that although there are, in fact photographic discrepancies, there is an awful lot of meat to the story of the Bush family having Nazi connections. I think the source of this conflict may be artifacts of disinformation. Artful disinformation operates not by hiding sensitive info, but by disseminating it in multiple forms with known falsities to confuse and discourage research(ers). E. Howard Hunt seems fairly well documented as one of the “bums” rounded up by Dallas cops from the adjacent Missouri Pacific rail yard behind the infamous book depository. Hunt seemed to try to finger LBJ as the principal. I tend to see LBJ as the host of the local “venue” where he had the connections to make it happen. Add to this the Mary Morman photo, shot from the other side of the street as Abraham Zapruder, enhanced and depicted in “Dark Mission”, showing what appears to be a uniformed indivdual with a telescopically sighted rifle in the “grassy knoll” and you have a very dark picture (excuse the pun). I would like to see Joseph Farrel dissect Don Nicoloff’s treatise and separate the wheat from the chaff. Nicoloff has copious footnotes on his geneaology research. Rather than try to say one individual is right and the other wrong, I think there is a story here screaming to told accurately

  2. ericswan on December 29, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Way up top, I linked to a Scribd copy of Hitler’s second book. That link was scuttled before I finished reading the book. On other blogs I mentioned that I didn’t think Mein Kampf was written by the same author and my intuition is partly supported by the fact that Hess was the co-author while the pair were in prison.

    As for the Eisenhauer issue, the interesting bit for me is that aliens met with him on two occasions and that a one billion year agreement had been struck to allow an exchange of technology for human body parts. As it turns out, the planet is being terraformed and it is mostly not for human occupation. Think chemtrails, climate change, Gulf of Mexico underwater bases?????

  3. eyeswideshut on December 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    It’s hard to place Eisenhauer as a infiltrator from Austria as the President of the United States who warned against the Military Industrial Complex at the end of his term. The name Eisenhauer does not come up in any documents relating to Skull and Bones, Trialaterial Comission, CFR, Bilderburg group. I have not read the book by Nicoloff, and will look for it, but does he place Eisenhauer anywhere near the aforementioned?

  4. ericswan on November 5, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    The recent research into Dwight D. Eisenhauer by Don Nicoloff indicates that Eisenhauer was an infiltrator from Austria and that his birth in Tyler, Texas was faked. The address given for his family was found to be a “safe house” for Nazi infiltrators.

    If you follow the thread to my initial posting, you will note the Bush is a Nazi youth infiltrator and that his “father” came to the U.S. to spy on Nikolai Tesla with the name George Schreff s. Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer and connected to the same banking family the Warburgs as was Eisenhauer. The Nixon connection was one of millions of dollars supplied to his California political campaigns by sources unknown.

  5. Will Carr on October 26, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    You are suggesting that Strughold and Mengele were both involved in mind control. Beyond the twins’ study’s genetics information value, the anectodal accounts of the mental telepathy between twins would have been a significant basis for Nazi interest and later CIA interest in finding out what the Nazis knew about this aspect of mind control analysis.

    Out of Auschwitz came Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl who argued that Freud and Adler were misdirected in their work and that the real quest of humankind is the quest for meaning. Those who survived were those who found meaning in their hellish existence. This is to place fear of death as an essential catalyst for meaning. While people like Bonhoeffer, Niemoller and the White Rose youth believed that fear of death is NOT sufficient meaning to accept whatever comes.

    Why would the Operation Paperclip scientists be taken to Texas? What are the connections of Texas oilman Koch of Winkler-Koch Engineering…also from Kansas City Missouri and major supporters of the Republican Tea Party movement..who built for William Rhodes Davis, Hitler’s Texas based oil man, Hitler’s German refineries. W H Davis was father of California’s ex-Governor, Gray Davis. How does that inform the Enron debacle in Texas and California? Did the German Bund that found allies in Charles Lindberg, Henry Firestone, Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, Joseph P Kennedy and others see Texas as a good place to hide their cache for the exploitation of the American people for profit?

    We should expect to find a significant connection between Texas and Allen Dulles with corresponding tiest to the Bushes, LBJ, NASA, the American oil companies. So are there such connection running through Texas? I feel stupid for even raising the question and dumbfounded that people have not done more to explore this topic.

  6. catty on February 28, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I guess what I don’t understand about possible post war Nazi operations is the results of their influence?

    Why would Nazis allow Germany to be overrun by Turks? For that matter why would Nazis allow European birthrates to go below replacement level? Why would the Bilderberg types insist on open borders for Europe and The US? Why would Europe have laws that put people in jail for denying the Holocaust? Why would the US be so pro-Israel if Nazis have so much influence in the power structure?

    I have more questions but lets start with these.

  7. Arend Lammertink on March 31, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    “SS officer and former IG Farben vice president, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands”

    “Our” Prince Bernhard was a whole lot, but as far as I know, he never was anything like vice president for IG Farben. He worked for its espionage department (NW 7). See for example:

    “At the outbreak o£ war in 1939 VOWI employees were ordered into the Wehrmacht but in fact continued to perform the same work as when nominally under I.G. Farben. One of the more prominent of these Farben intelligence workers in N.W. 7 was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who joined Farben in the early 1930s after completion of an 18-month period of service in the black-uniformed S.S.”

    He did found the Bilderberg-group, though, together with Joseph Retinger (IIRC), more or less the founder of the EU.

    He also founded WWF and sold some paintings back in 1988 together with Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, in order to fund a “private project” for the WWF, known as “operation lock”, which purpose was to oppose the ANC in South Africa. An interesting read about how those “wild parks” are really a Nazi-like system for the exploitation of Africa’s resources, see this shocking EIR report:

    For some other insights in the role of Europe’s royals in WW-II, see:

  8. Greg on February 24, 2009 at 7:50 am

  9. al on February 22, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    South America this, and that.

    Why don’t you focus on what the U.S. did – they brought in hundreds of nazi scum and their families, under Opration Paperclip.

    We’ve got the same thing now. Now 2 genrations of nazi science and government influence, has got us in the terrible problems we have today, in teh U.S.

    The absolute HUBRIS of the nazi mentality, that they, the aryans, are better than Humans on Earth.

    Thus the manipulation, corruption, the take over of property, the toxic vaccinations not only here but in odther parts of the world, GM seeds that contain no DNA nucleus, the nanotechnology, designer viruses like AIDS, and ebola, etc., computer chipping, fluoride, Bailout Packages, Anti-Hate Bills, and so many other things, to control Humans, and kills us off.

    Connect the dots for the Clueless, eh?

  10. Cecilia on January 26, 2009 at 12:05 am

    Do a search on Walter Storch.

    For instance, here’s a sample:

  11. rick dubov on January 25, 2009 at 6:51 am

    dear mr. swan
    come now must you take such an agressive and frankly quite boresome tone towards dr. farrell? abd furthermore his view of ww2 history is quite original and hardly academic. i would call it very insightful. but dear boy you must remeber this above all things…in the prescence of a fine intelligence of integrity you should comport youself differently…you dont want to come off like the swarms of brutarians that surround us do you?

  12. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on January 24, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Dear Mr. Swan:

    I posted this because it contains interesting information. I should state that I do NOT subscribe to the view that Hitler was in this country, nor that Mueller was. THey may have been, but it will take more than one or two anecdotal stories to sway me to that opinion.

    As for your comments about me, I will let them speak for themselves.

    Joseph F.

  13. ericswan on January 24, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    The link provided above is to a copy of the book. I’m not a Nazi or even a sympathizer. I’m not an American or a propagandist either. When I linked you to the Mueller book, you were appreciative (at least I thought so) but when I linked you to the, which states that Hitler died in the U.S. in 2004, I, apparently had pierced your information bubble. You will recall that I linked Lyne’s comments to seeing Hitler on the street many years ago.

    The point I am making in the above post is that you wear the rose coloured glasses not me. Your views on the conflict of the second world war are academic which in my view are self interested. In short, my reading of your Mengele article could just be my prejudice toward Americans who carry on human experimentation with no less callous bedside manner.

    Listen to Orion’s testimony on Mengele. He was in the U.S. doing work for your government and may in fact still be active.

    Orion says he contacted Rosenbaum in that interview.

    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1995 (202) 616-2771
    TDD (202) 514-1888


    WASHINGTON, D.C.– Eli Rosenbaum has been named director of
    the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Jo Ann Harris,
    Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division,
    announced today.
    OSI is the unit of the Criminal Division that identifies and
    takes legal action against those who participated in prosecutive
    activities of the Nazi regime during World War II. ”
    OSI’s outstanding work has led to the successful
    deportations of many such individuals from the United States,”
    Harris said.
    At the same time Harris also announced the appointment of
    Ronnie L. Edelman, a career Justice Department attorney, as
    Principal Deputy at OSI.
    A native of New York, Rosenbaum, 39, came to the Department
    through the Honors Program after his graduation from Harvard Law
    School in 1980. He was a trial attorney with OSI from 1980 to
    1984, In 1984, Rosenbaum left the Department to work as a
    corporate litigator with a New York law firm and then as general
    counsel for the World Jewish Congress. He later returned to OSI
    in 1988 where he was appointed as Principal Deputy Director.
    Edelman, who received her law degree from New York
    University in Buffalo in 1979, also was an Honors Program
    attorney when she joined the Department. Initially she was
    assigned to the Fraud Section. There she moved up through the
    ranks, serving as Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Institutional
    Fraud Branch, and as Acting Chief of the Government Regulatory
    Branch. In 1982 she joined OSI and was named Deputy Director in
    charge of litigation in 1990.
    “Ronnie and Eli are a tremendous pair who have dedicated
    extraordinary efforts to further OSI’s mission,” Harris said.
    “They represent the highest degree of professionalism and
    integrity and I am grateful that they will continue to provide
    OSI with their exceptional leadership.”
    In 1994, OSI filed seven new cases, the highest yearly total
    in the last decade. To date, some 42 persons have been removed
    from the United States and 50 have been stripped of their
    # # # #

    Further on Rosenbaum and his family…

    “Rosenbaum’s son, Eli, told how his father, who came from Dresden, Germany, was among the first American troops to enter Dachau.

    The elder Rosenbaum, who served in the psychological warfare branch of the Allied forces, had orders to report what he found in the concentration camp.

    “My father’s orders hang in my office in Washington,” said Eli, the director of the Office of Special Investigations for the Justice Department, charged with pursuing Nazi war criminals.

    One snowy day Eli was driving his father on the New York Thruway. He asked him what did he find in Dachau.

    His father reflected for a while. He opened his mouth. Only silence came out.

    “To this day he did not answer,” Eli said.”

    In Orion’s interview above, he claims the OSI may have attempted a drive by shooting immediately following his complaint about Nazis in America………………

    I wrote Walter Storch, the author of Muller’s American diary and inquired on his take of your article. This was his response…………………..

    The CIA was interested in a number of loony projects, such as using microwaves to control people (it cooked them), ‘Remote Viewing’ or out of body experiences and a project to breed the ‘perfect agent.’ Ergo, they supported Mengle in South America, encouraged his genetic experiments and protected him. Because Walter Rauff had been friendly with Allan Dulles in ’45,(Walter ran the SD in Milan and surrendered SS troops to Dulles) he, too, was protected in South America. Heinrich Müller died in 1983 and is now buried at the Catholic cemetary in Oakland, California. He worked for the Swiss intelligence (Masson) after the war and from 1948 on, worked under Colonel James Critchfield of the CIA’s Gehlen Org up at Pullach. Because of his expertise on Soviet intelligence, M. was brought to the United States. I have a lovely 8 x 10 official U.S. Signal Corps photo of Mueller, wearing the uniform of a full colonel in the U.S. General Staff (liver patch and all) in the Oval Office with President Truman and Walter Smith, head of the CIA. Nicely marked on the reverse. Also, His CIA pass complete with picture and his California driver’s license, also with picture, W.

    From: ericswan
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: year of the oxen free..eric swan
    Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 04:20:31 -0800

  14. Joseph F on January 24, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    Dear Mr. Swan:

    I am familiar that such a book exists, but have not read it. But, come on! Because I haven’t read one book I “don’t have a handle on Nazism?” Have YOU read every book? Every document? Every newspaper article? If not, would it be fair for me to state “I’m not sure you have a handle on Nazism”? I do not assume that you don’t just because you haven’t read what I’ve read. Please extend to me the same courtesy. If there’s something specific in that book that you wish to draw attention to, then by all means, share it please.

    Thanks once again for visiting,
    Joseph F

  15. ericswan on January 24, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Happy New Year Farrell. I’m not sure you have a handle on nazism. Are you familiar with Hitler’s “other” book?

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