January 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well now there is another fracture within the broad UFO community, this time within the so-called "exopolitics" community, between one of its principal exponents, Alfred Lambremont Webre, and Michael Salla.

Expolitics Founder Blocked when Exposing Flawed ET Research, Mars Gatekeeping

Although I've never been terribly interested in the field, I have to admit that my reaction to this piece of news is rather personal, and requires the telling of a personal anecdote.

While at a UFO conference in 2009, I met an exponent of "exopolitics" whose book booth happened to be right next to mine. I had, of course, been invited to speak about the historical and technological implications of the Nazi Bell project. As I was unpacking my books and laying them out for display, this individual asked me if it weren't possible for the Nazis to have - you guessed it - acquired all their technology from a crashed and recovered UFO and back-engineered it. The individual then went on to cite the alleged case of a crash in the Black Forest in 1933 (or the Harz Mountains in 1936...take your pick!), neither of which have much substantiation other than the usual spate of "witnesses" coming forth to tell their stories long after the events in question. One wonders why, within UFOlogy, such stories are accepted without much further investigation when they involve tails of crashed extraterrestrial debris, and are to be avoided like the plague when they are about hidden research that was conducted under the Nazi regime.

By this juncture, having been treated to this line of "non-argument" so many times that I was blue in the face (and usually from people that hadn't bothered to read any of my research, and who were only familiar with the usual Hannebu and Vril saucer nonsense so often alluded to by those who have "researched" the Nazi saucer story), I rather pointedly told this individual to do the research first, to exhaust all possibilities of historical and terrestrial rationalizations of the science, and then and only then to entertain notions of an ET influence on Nazi research.

I had then, rightly or wrongly, the impression that this individual wished very much either to "bring me on board" the exopolitics bandwagon, and to render the whole Nazi story and all its vast implications for the field, "safe" once again, or to implant the "meme" of reverse engineering of the whole enterprise.

I wasn't buying then, and I'm not buying now, and the posted article only reinforces my impressions.