Babylon's Bankers


January 18, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's something worth pondering. Scroll down the article linked below to the pie-slice diagram of who holds the national debt of the United States:

Who Owns the US National Debt

Note that, if one totals up the amount of debt owned by US government institutions, individual citizens and so on, the largest amount of it remains in American hands. One senses, however, if one looks at that disturbing "Social Security Trust fund" slice of the pie, that one is looking at a vast financial "three card monte" going on, or one of those magic tricks where you're supposed to guess under which cup the little ball is. In this case, the ball - the national debt - could be under any number of these cups, and there are a lot in play.

Look at something else: China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Brazil are the overwhelming foreign owners of American treasury bonds, with the two Oriental powerhouses leading the way...

...makes one wonder, when the Japanese Emperor visited Beijing last year, for a cordial "let's bury the hatchet" discussion, if they weren't talking about burying that hatchet in us...