February 24, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well well... look who has been implicated in the Arab world for looking Egypt's antiquities during the uprisings in Cairo:

Hawass Implicated in Museum Looting

I find it very interesting that the article seems to focus on a number of things:

1) the creation of vast fraudulent antiquities projects requiring large funding, that resulted in nothing;

2) covert DNA testing on mummies, with pre-conceived results that were rejected by some Egyptians involved;

3) the theft of antiquities seems to have been an on-going affair under Hawass' "reign" as Egypt's antiquities Tsar;

4) there appears to be a covert American and (predictably enough) Israeli involvement behind all these operations;

5) previous attempts to bring the pattern of antiquities thefts were stone-walled by Hawass.

All of these allegations are disturbing, to say the least, but they do also tend to confirm - if indeed they are true - the suspicions of many in the alternative research community that something peculiar and very suspicious has been going on in Egyptian antiquities since the reignof Hawass, and more recently, the building of a wall around the Giza compound.  This is a story definitely worth watching.