February 4, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Scientists are now claiming that it is possible to erase information without the loss of energy:

  Information Erasure POssible without Loss of Energy?

What intrigued me here are the obvious implications of these assertions - made by reputable scientists in a paper published for the Royal Society - for the second law of thermodynamics. What emerges from the article is that the scientists in question appear to be thinking in terms of open systems, i.e., of systems that, while closed in the 3-space of current reality, might in fact be open systems to hyper-dimensional realities and systems, enabling energy transfers between the two in apparent violation of the second law.

The whole approach is reminiscent, again, of some of the statements of Russian astrophycist Nikolai Kozyrev specifically with regard to the second law. In effect, some of these statements said if entropy is true, where is it? The fact that there are observers at all is an argument of a certain kind of an-entropic process (see my The Philosophers' Stone, pp. 151-192). While neither Kozyrev nor the scientists responsible for this article were arguing against the second law as such, he was questioning its utility to explain such coupling between systems in two different space-time configurations. If such soupling occurred or were possible, anomalous energy might be recorded or observed at rate greater than unity in theif coefficient of performance.

The article thus raises an even more interesting though purely philosophical possibility, and that is the creation of information without energy might be possible, a view that would accord somewhat well with very ancient views of the physical medium, while certainlyconflicting - mightily so! - with those of conemporary physics. If these scientists are correct, then the implications of their paper - and any experiments they might successfully confect - will be rather profound. It is a story worth watching!