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April 21, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, to add yet another twist on the "corporautocracy's" ever-expanding quest for more money regardless of the human cost(think I.G. Farben here), consider this one:

Quake, wars, unrest, make evacuation big business

It does make for an interesting scenario, particularly in Japan's case. Consider the contextual argument we've been advancing here for some time, that the earthquake and tsunami were perhaps artificially induced. Consider the argument thus far: (1) Japan's recent elections signaled the end of the pro-American Liberal Democrats in that country, and a definite shift in Japanese foreign policy toward a realignment with Asia (China, South Korea, India, and even Russia); (2)Japan had been quietly pressing the US to move its Okinawa base elsewhere, moves suggesting Japan was even moving toward getting rid of all US bases altogether; (3) This was responded to by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates making statements that could only be interpreted as a threat to Japan, threats that, in my analysis earlier this week, I understood to be threats of force, rather than economic repurcussions; (5) the meltdown of the nuclear reactors in Japan suggested to some that Japan may have been quietly and covertly embarked upon an independent nuclear deterrent of its own, doubtless in response to increasing threats from North Korea, threats that China, South Korea, and Japan have a vested interest in addressing; (6) they doubtless intend to address these issues in their upcoming summit conference in Tokyo, a summit to which the USA has been politely, but in my opinion, very deliberately, excluded.

So, into this picture steps some very nasty earthquake-making technology, wreaking havoc on the whole nation and perhaps sending a message to its government to abandon the policy on which it is embarked. The economic devastation alone takes a serious competitor, for the moment, "out of the picture," and to add insult to injury, in step corporations in the "evacuation business" to rape the economy even further.  It is a nasty scenario, but one that has to be considered, if for nothing else than the sake of thoroughness of examining all alternatives.

The question remains, who would send such messages? Are we looking at a monolithic conspiracy? Or, as I have suggested elsewhere in connection with the Haiti and Chile quakes, are we looking at a fullscale "earthquake war" between various factions with access to this technology?

In my opinion, it is the latter, for the USA is not the only player on the block that possesses this technology; Russia has it, Germany has it, and yes, Japan has it too. And that places the whole "artificial inducement hypothesis" into a very dangerous light, for if the Japanese government suspects that it was hit by such technology, rest assured, they'll be discussing this with China and South Korea at that summit. And they'll also be discussing what to do about it.