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April 22, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well well well... I sit here as I am preparing to blog this entry, utterly stunned. Here's why:

Japan Battling Worst Crisis Since World War Two

You'll note this article appears on the online website of the popular German magazine Der Spiegel(The Mirror). Now, the article may seem like a repeat of the stories that immediately began to appear in the aftermath of the disaster. Indeed, this article appeared only two days after the catastrophe. It is at such times, as most people know, that the truth often outs in spite of the best efforts of the controllers to prevent it from doing so.  All manner of conspiracies have been revealed as such by the statements made in the media during and shortly after their occurrence, from the JFK assassination, to Ruby Ridge, to the Oklahoma City bombing, name it.

What caught my attention - nay, arrested it and made me sit here stunned, almost speechless, for quite a few minutes - were these statements toward the end of the Der Spiegel article: "Ten technicians from Germany were engaged in maintenance work at the Fukushima plant during the earthquake on Friday. The reactor they were working on had been turned off for the repairs. None of them were in the plant at the time of Saturday's explosion in No 1 reactor."

Now, place that statement into the context of what some have begun to suspect about those reactors, namely, that Japan was possibly engaged in the independent development of nuclear weapons (and for a technologically sophisticated nation such as Japan, that means they were probably engaged in the development of the "big one," thermonuclear weapons... hydrogen bombs). So what are German technicians doing there? Japan certainly needs no technological nor scientific help from Germany in nuclear matters (nor vice versa). And conveniently, those technicians were absent when the first reactor blew.

Those who know me well know that I've long privately suspected that (West) Germany was an "unannounced" nuclear power, that in addition to its own large reliance on nuclear-generated electrical power, that it had in fact, through surrogates South Africa and Israel, developed and tested nuclear weapons of its own, a claim that the German government, of course, denies to this day. But make no mistake, the technology that produced South Africa's bomb was German (see the New York Times book, The Nuclear Axis: The Secret Collaboration Between West Germany and South Africa, 1978, by Barbara Rogers and Zdenek Cervenka).  We need not mention here, in addition to the Japanese political re-alignment, Germany's own quiet nose-thumbing at the United States (and therefore, to the corporate elite running it) that has been going on since the German reunification, and most recently, with the German attitude to the American role in Libya.

So the German presence here, at that plant, has raised my "suspicion meter" into the "orange zone" and that meter is tilting into the red zone... at the minimum, it adds more grist for the thinking mill, it adds more to that "corroborative political context" argument for the artificial inducement hypothesis... and very disturbing grist at that.