cosmic war


April 4, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Again, as yesterday, I want to share some quotations from Nick Redfern's fascinating book, Final Events, for I believe these quotations perfectly encapsulate what I mean by "Apocalypse Theater." Consider these disturbing passages:

"Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) said: 'There's an eschatology obsessed version of Christianity... that is trying to make American foreign policy coterminous with their Biblical worldview,' and added that there is: '...improper pressure within the military command structure to make members join them.'

"The MMRF(sic) also learned that, in 2007, an evangelical group called Operation Stand Up was preparing to mail 'freedom packages' to soldiers in Iraq as part of an Army program. Along with socks and snacks, the packages were set to include copies of an apocalyptic video game title 'Left Behind: Eternal Forces.' Only when the details of the plan were publicized by those who saw such actions as fundaemtnally wrong did the Pentagon grudgingly announce that the operation would be shelved." (p. 224)

Then consider this passage, where one of Redfern's whistleblowers, given the name Robert Manners in his book, states the following:

"In February 2010," writes Redfern, "I asked Robert Manners why the U.S. military was apprently being indoctrinated into an army of literal Christian soldiers with a solid acceptance of End-Times scenarios." (p. 224)

Manners' answer was shocking, both to Redfern and to this author:

"''re missing the point. The whole point of creating an army of God has less to do with the Middle East and more to do with preparing the troops for the day they come home, when religious fascism - the New World Order, the hologram things we told you about - comes right here, to the U.S....

"'Can you imagine the entire country... policed and controlled by the U.S. military, an army totally convinced and believed that what they're doing is according to what God wants and that will save the U.S. from a satanic threat? That's the crux of what's going on; indoctrinate the troops today for when they're needed here tomorrow. I call it Biblical Big-Brother.... That's the plan: save the country by keeping it under a religious iron-fist and enforcing Christianity on everyone."(p. 225)

Imagine, in other words, Cromwell's England, or Calvin's Geneva, but run by Fred Phelps, Tammy Bakker, Rod Parsley, and Benny Hinn and backed by tanks, helicopters, and automatic weapons. It is an insane apocalypse, to be sure, one scarcely conceivable to a rational mind.

But there is something else that Redfern notes, and that is, that this circle of Fundamentalist Obersturmbahnfuehreren in the Pentagon also believes in "helping the Second Coming along a bit" by orchestrating the events of their own version of the apocalypse; in other words, to compel Christ to return, and, if He will not, to hoax it.

Behind this, I suspect, there is something more sinister, but that is a topic for more lengthy and private analysis. But one can pull back the veil a bit on that as well, in the following clues: physical medium, consciousness, group multiplier effects... There is a group, as Redfern avers, that knows how this weird mix of science, ritual, and magic works, and they're working it. Whatever one makes of these allegations, Redfern's whistleblowers do point out one significant all-important thing: this religion is morally sick, schizophrenic, and bankrupt, for there are actually people who, in embracing it, and in order to have their viewpoint (they'll say, "the Bible")  proven "true," actually wish for the wholesale slaughter and suffering their own doctrine says will happen, to occur.