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April 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Sometimes ya just gotta love it. While browsing the internet this week for interesting news, I came across this item about scientists trying to make controlled fusion work as a source of electrical energy:

Overturned Scientific Explanation may be good news for nuclear fusion

What I really loved about this was that the original 1936 findings of British physicists was in part re-affirmed, but that boron played a role in the contemporary scientists' thinking about nuclear fusion.

Well, it played a role in the fusion thinking of none other than Dr. Ronald Richter, too. You remember him? The Nazi physicist in Argentina trying to produce nuclear fusion for Juan Peron in the early 1950s? Of course, Richter was roundly and publicly denounced by the scientific establishment for his claims, while secretly the USAF and Atomic Energy Commissions were investigating the man, and coming to a whole spectrum of conclusions about him, from "he's nuts and a complete fraud" to "he's a mad genius working in the 1970s".  One reason, no doubt, that Richter was so roundly and publicly denounced was his claim that his experiments were really designed to test mechanisms for tapping into the zero point energy.(See my Nazi International, chapters 9 & 10).

In his endless statements to the USAF, however, Richter emphasizes how adding boron to his plasma soups increased the energy of his reactions.  Well, so here we are, almost exactly sixty years later, and now we're being told more or less the same thing. It really sort of makes one wonder, not only what the good Dr. Richter was really up to down there, but also, what the American Black Projects "community" did with it....