June 22, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we're still on the subject of covert warfare by means of the plausible deniability that mother nature provides, consider this disturbing news:

Germany’s superbug is weaponized with Bubonic Plague DNA

Yes, you read that correctly: (1)it's resistant to eight standard antibiotics that would be used to treat against ecoli infection; (2) it is a chimerical combination of various components of naturally occurring ecoli; (3) it also contains bubonic plague, which makes the germ particularly "spreadable" and virulent; and of course (4) it had to have been made in a laboratory, or at least, based on the information reported in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (South German Times).

The article, of course, argues that this is all part of some New World Order biowarfare plot to get rid of a lot of people. But it is here that I must take issue. While I don't put anything past the insane people that attend Bilderberger or Bohemian Grove meetings, I do not think we're looking at the onward triumphal march of the New World Order here, but rather as perhaps one more indicator that the game plan is breaking down, and that there is now severe covert factional infighting going on within the NWO crowd as they draw closer and closer to the "finish line." After all, the basic thrust of the NWO game has been centered around Europe and North America as its power base, and, by racial extension, the white race, i.e., Russia, South America, and the Commonwealth nations of the Pacific. Why then attack Germany?

Well, as I've indicated elsewhere, there are a number of quiet moves Germany has been making that would seem to indicate it is not quite the compliant sock-puppet of London and New York that the elites centered there would want it to be, but by the same token, it is not independent nor free of them either. Germany's refusal to become militarily involved in the Libya-Syria escapade was another little signal.

And that's my point here: this was not an attack, but rather, a signal, a message, one of many that seems to have been sent back and forth in what seems to be an increasingly "hot" covert war that, as I have indicated elsewhere, may have actually begun in earnest on 9/11. If we view that event, the BP oil spill disaster, the Haiti and Chile quakes and more recently the Japan quakes, the weird weather in the midwest (tornadoes, flooding, and drought), the Nebraska Nuclear plant no-fly-over zone, the German ecoli outbreak, China's and Russia's warnings to the US about the middle east, as all perhaps segments or episodes in this covert factional war, then the real question becomes "Why are they keeping such a war quiet?"

My guess - and it is only a guess - is that if this highly speculative scenario contains any grain of truth at all, that it is because there is a hidden player, or players, involved, and that this is the real story.