June 21, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The insanity of the American military-industrial-intelligence complex marches on, and this one I found to be almost comical for its patently obvious assault on what, supposedly, is a constitutionally recognized right of Americans, namely, freedom of (or for that matter, from), religion:

Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Used to Modify Human Behavior

One notes that the individual speaking in the video is referencing a certain codon or sequence, that seems to influence "fundamentalist" religious behavior. Of course, this is, as the introduction to the video puts it, "Dark science," or as I prefer to call it, false alchemy.

Alchemy aims not only at the transformation of base matter into gold, but the transformation of man himself, which is here self-evidently in view. Notably the speaker references Afghanistan, and thus, the scenario he is implying - none too subtly - is rather obvious: American "aid" in the form of "vaccines" could conceivably be used to "Inoculate against Islam." Of course, one can easily see where this nonsense will end up (besides making the Muslim world even less likely to ever trust the American government again): what about other behaviors that might in the future be deemed unacceptable? What about the desire for too many children? The desire for coffee or caffeine (it's a drug after all)? The desire to be Christian, or, for that matter, atheist or agnostic?

I actually fear inoculations against atheism and agnosticism far more than that against Christianity for a simple reason: the goofy eschatological views espoused by most American forms of "Christianity" play quite nicely into America's larger geopolitical goals and outlook; atheism and agnosticism, not to mention more traditional forms of Christianity, or Judaism, do not. The "Islam vaccine" is thus as much bad news for traditional Christian denominations, Orthodox Judaism, atheists, or agnostics. All the rest - the Rapturists, the "megaministries" - can relax: you're still part of the Pentagon's chosen people, just so long as your behavior and thoughts are "acceptable" to them.

What does all this portend? I am reminded of the collapse of Nazi Germany in the final months of World War Two; as the Soviet and Allied Armies closed in, having manufactured enemies out of virtually every nature and culture and people in the world, the Nazi empire was scrambling in a mad activity to bring scientific wonders and achievements to production. They did achieve a great deal, but in the end, all their science and technological wizardry could not save them. We are watching the acts of mad, insane people, desperate to save their Empire.