June 17, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's more data to add to the scenario that there is real all-out warfare taking place behind the scenes between the various factions and geopolitical powers vying to emerge at the top of the New World Order heap:

IMF hit by \'very major\' cyber security attack

It is to be noted that the article clearly states that the attack on the IMF came prior to Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest, and that it was a sophisticated attack designed to give some unidentified nation-state a virtual presence within the IMF's extensive demographic and financial database.

While false flag operations against one's own institutions are sometimes mounted by various factions, I think we can rule it out in this case, since the IMF represents one of the pillars of post-World War Two American financial power, i.e., it is a pillar of the power of the Anglo-American elite, the banksters. Which leaves the field open for a bit of (high) speculation.

Who would be most likely to want to try to infiltrate the IMF and learn its secrets, and for what purpose? Access to the IMF's confidential files would give the nation-state or faction committing the cyber-breach access to the actual size and structure of various national debts, and more importantly, to the ability of a nation to service them. It would provide virtually limitless blackmail power over what increasingly appears to be a collapsing house of cards of the structure of the Western international financial world.

I have blogged previously about Japan's recent elections, its pro-Asian turn, the recent massive sell-off of US debt securities by China, and China's increasing reluctance to play by rules invented in London and New York. After all, China has had its own long - and bitter - experience with the corporate predators that first imposed a cruel drug trade on that country and its people. And the scars and memories that trade, and the essential rape of China that resulted from it, are bitter, and who can blame the Chinese government or people for that?

Additionally, as I have remarked earlier this week, China's investments in Africa, and in strategically vital Libya, are large, and obviously under pressure if not all-out risk by the current activity of NATO in that nation. My bet is that this cyber attack - as the article points out - is indeed the result of a sophisticated program with nation state backing, and my bet is that we are looking at the "payback" from one or the other of the two great Asian powers. It is yet another sign, to me at least, that the Anglo-American bankster ilk are not having everything go their way, and that they are under assault. It does put Secretary Clinton's office's response to the Reuters story about her becoming the head of the IMF, a response that included the phrase "a bunch of crap", into an interesting persepctive, for Hillary Clinton is respected by the Chinese, and she's a shrewd enough woman to realize she wants to be on the winning, and not the losing side.