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June 5, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

You all remember those birds that dropped dead from the sky a while back in Arkansas, right? And then there was a story somewhat earlier from Tennessee (two years or so as I recall) where birds did the same thing. Then the dead fish, and so on. Speculation immediately began that it had something to do with HAARP-like technologies and in the case of the dead birds I'm willing to entertain the idea. Well, consider this short article:

Mystery Disease Kills 300 Sheep within an Hour

Of course this could be a disease and that, indeed, is what the Saudi ministry of agriculture suspects... but if indeed a disease then it's a very serious pathogen indeed to be causing a death within a mere hour. In the comments to the article, one notes the replay of the "apocalypse theater" motif: the sheep were "raptured," God - or Allah - is punishing man for our sins, expect the end, etc etc.

But there were a few voices of reason: the independent farmer is a threat to the elite agenda to control food supplies, and one brave soul suggested that perhaps this too was the product, not of biology, but of a technology of low frequency sound waves.

True enough, it could, and that once again raises the whole specter of the possibility of using such technologies - animal- (or human-) zapping technologies, weather manipulation, earthquake creation - in a kind of set-piece apocalypse theater. The plain fact of the matter is that such technologies exist, and if they exist, we should start considering all possibilities. Put into the hands of wicked people willing to use them, and into the hands of people willing to manipulate (or even create) apocalyptic and eschatological religious expectations, and one can envision any number of nightmarish scenarios.

Remember that meme: the use of such technologies in conjunction with psychological warfare and social engineering operations, for it is a powerful combination, and one that, I am quite certain, we will be hearing more and more about....